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How to recover from workouts

Recovery from Workout

Workouts are required to bring your body in shape and catalyze the functioning of all your body organs. However, they are supposed to be done with proper technique having sufficient rest included in it. Workouts lead to tear of muscles and create restlessness in the body, so recovering your body from workouts is very vital.

Here come a few ways, through which you can recover your body from workouts.

Plenty of Water – Human body being composed of 70% of water requires justified amount of water. Especially, if you are doing workouts, a lot of water gets excreted from your body through sweating, which further can cause dehydration.

To compensate the water loss, it’s very essential for you to hydrate the body with sufficient amount of water. To check the hydration level in your body, drink water until your urine is absolutely clear.

Proper Sleep – Proper sleep of eight hours is very crucial for the active functioning of your body and mind. While sleeping, growth hormones are released by pituitary gland, which recover the tissues of your body. Besides keeping a check on your blood pressure, proper sleep also ensures the whole recovery and repairing process of your body.

If you can afford to have daytime nap, just grab the opportunity, since one to two hours of daytime nap post workouts renders your body deep relaxation and accentuates the recovery process.

Workout Diet

Nutritious Diet – Should you want to speed up the recovery process, bank on nutritious and healthy diet. Diet and workouts being directly proportional to each other should be in perfect sync.

The ideal ratio of carbohydrates and proteins in your diet should be 2 to 1. Protein-rich food and carbs help the muscles in recovering swifter. Inculcate protein shakes or smoothies for they boost the process of muscle building in your body. Besides, they keep a check on the release of stress hormone, cortisol, which deters the formation of muscles in your body.

Cool Down – Cool Down your body after intense workouts. Your body temperature, heart beats, and blood circulation soars up while doing workouts. You need to bring the down to normal.

Just as warm up is vital before starting workouts, cool down is also an unavoidable activity, required to be performed post workouts. Stretch your muscles while they are still warm. Stretching enhances the process of recovery and muscles repair.

Sufficient Carbohydrates – Don’t cut down carbohydrates completely from your diet. 150-200 grams of carbohydrates is your body’s daily requirement.

There is a very wrong assumption prominent among people that cutting down carbs from diet stimulates the process of fat burning. However, that’s a complete myth. In fact, lack of carbs in the body adversely affects hormones such as testosterone and thyroid.

Contrast Bathing – Contrast bathing is a traditional method of bestowing relaxation to your body after workouts. Generally, spas utilize this method to relax your body. Store two buckets of water containing hot and cold water. Pour hot water on your body for one minute and then pour cold water for another minute, repeat the process ten times.

Contrast bathing causes contraction and relaxation in the lymph vessels and hence ensures the movement of concentrated fluid in your body. It removes all the soreness and renders great relaxation to your body.

Massage – Take a massage once in a week. It will enhance the circulation of blood in your body. Massage not only gives your body acupressure therapy but also rids tension from the muscles and rejuvenates your body parts. Apart from reducing the stiffness of muscles, massage works as a powerful remedy to recover sore muscles.

Yoga – Yoga meaning join, fetches harmony between your body and mind. Your body gets its commands from brain to perform diverse activities. If both of them are in alignment, your body and mind are bound to get lull from stress. Besides, since tension is released from your mind, your temperament too is likely to grow cheerful.

Take a Break – One break in a week is paramount for it ensures that your body is not under strain. Don’t do intense workouts for that particular day. Let your body calm down at all the levels.

You can engage yourself in light activities such as brisk walking, hiking, swimming, cycling, or light weight exercises. All these activities being high mobility activities ensure equal participation of all your body joints. Besides being fun activities, they will keep your body in motion.

Listen to Music – Listening to music also aids your body muscles in getting relaxation. Music has an incredible capacity of diverting your mind from stressed to relaxed state. Apart from that, music will promptly redirect your attention from the workouts and will bring down your pulse rate and blood pressure.

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