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How Hugh Jackman is Enjoying Giving up the Wolverine Diet and Exercise Plan

Hugh Jackman in the middle of workout at the gym
Hugh Jackman in the middle of workout at the gym

Wolverine is one of the most memorable comic characters that were presented on screen in a flawless manner. While a lot of the credit goes to the filmmakers, the role played by Hugh Jackman is more phenomenal. He revamped his entire diet and exercise plan for many years and has now got the chance to eat and exercise like a normal person. Here we get to know how he is enjoying living beyond the restraining diet and exercise plan.

The Experience

He has been living on a special diet and exercise plan for 17 years, and it did put a damper on things. Though he enjoyed cheat meals occasionally, he didn’t get to live the life he wanted to.

Deserved Indulgence

The talented actor celebrated the end of his Wolverine diet and exercise by having a huge bowl of pasta cooked by celebrity chef Mario Batali. The bowl was actually giant and brought a smile to the star’s face, and he complemented the chef by saying it was the best fricken thing he had ever seen.

Hugh Jackman working out for Wolverine
Hugh Jackman working out for Wolverine

Workout Before X-Men

Before playing the chiseled character in X-Men (2000), the celebrity had not even lifted a single weight in life. He used to work at a gym and made fun of all the guys who were working out in the weight room. He even thought that the guys’ practice of looking into the mirror for two hours at a day was ridiculous.

Missing the Experience

During the New York screening of the X-Men spin-off Logan (2017), he said that he would miss playing the role. He stated that it was like a dream and he felt that in 17 years, he has met every X-Men and Wolverine fan. He loves all the fans and the character from the bottom of his heart.

The Realization

The brown-haired actor says that it was his friend Jerry Seinfeld who made him realize that Logan will be his last film as Wolverine. Seinfeld told Jackman to remember that when you are creating something, it’s vital to not let it dry your creativity. If your creativity is alive, it will propel you to whatever is next.

Last Day

Hugh Jackman and his wife Deborra-Lee Furness
Hugh Jackman and his wife Deborra-Lee Furness

The husband of Deborra-Lee Furness was feeling proud on the last day of filming. He was proud of what the team has done. It made him easier to leave the party. He even felt at peace with the ending as it was the right time.

Last Sequence

While filming, the last scene was at a place which is around 2,743 meters off the ground. He actually fainted during the scene and told the filmmakers that he tripped. But his lie was caught as the entire incident was recorded on the camera.

Dual Happiness

It’s not only the Australian actor who is happy to get away from the pressure of looking slim. When he came home and told his wife that he would end the Wolverine diet and exercise plan, his wife was delighted. She was happy because he would not look better than her anymore. She wants to look good than him which was not possible as long as he looked awesome on and off the set.

No Audition?

In fact, his wife didn’t even want him to play the role of Wolverine and discouraged him from going for the audition. She thought having claws coming out of the hands was ridiculous.

Thankfully, he auditioned for the role and nailed the character quickly. Have a look yourself:

Breaking the Rules

The Sydney-born is feeling great due to his ability to eat whatever he wants now. Sometimes, he wakes up at two in the morning and has breakfast cereal as a meal.

An Achievement

Hugh admits that playing the memorable character for so long and maintaining a good body was a remarkable feat. For the first movie, he thought he could get into shape in just three weeks. The director pushed the shirt off scenes to the end. He even stopped drinking water for about 30 hours before the shoot and ended up losing ten pounds of water weight.

Hugh Jackman tasting good food as seen in June 2015
Hugh Jackman tasting good food as seen in June 2015

Eating Bread without Guilt

Now, the producer is looking forward to eating some bread on a regular basis without any guilt.

Hugh Jackman with his Wolverine diet
Hugh Jackman with his Wolverine diet

Future Hopes

The Tony award winner is hopeful that he will get into a good shape for another role in the future if it becomes necessary. He is happy that at least now, he won’t have to eat steamed chicken and broccoli 6 times a week.

We think you will be great Hugh, no matter what role you play and how you look, won’t you agree?

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