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Human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova Workout and Diet Secrets

Valeria Lukyanova, Human Barbie
Valeria Lukyanova, Human Barbie

She is a successful model, a singer, an actress, a writer, a poet and even a seminar organizer. Her seminars are a way for her to help people find themselves and she really believes in helping people. But, most people don’t know such aspects of her life. They consider her to be the Human Barbie due to her adorable eyes, tiny waist and hefty breasts. Valeria Lukyanova or now Amatue (her new name) is very open hearted about her looks, her efforts to stay fit (or look great) and how people can get to be themselves. Here’s an excerpt of the health secrets spilled by Amatue to Cosmopolitan.

Daily Workouts are a Must

Amatue has acknowledged that she believes in working out on a daily basis. She starts off her day with running for an hour and spending three challenging hours in the gym without even taking a break. That’s not it!! She admits that when she is not working, she exercises for five to six hours. (That’s pretty amazing, isn’t it?)

Workouts are a Part of Her Life

The gorgeous model has admitted that workouts are as necessary for her as brushing her teeth or taking a shower. She considers weightlifting to be an essential part of her day and has made it a part of her lifestyle too.

Valeria Lukyanova Workout

Workouts do “Work”

The stunning lady has admitted that seeing positive results of exercises gives her pleasure. She states that her body thanks her by getting increased in strength because she takes workouts seriously at all times which makes her a happy person.

Veggies are the Best

Lukyanova is a strong supporter of vegetarian food. She advises everyone to stick to vegetables and herbs as they are healthy. She likes vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower the best, and prefers eating these veggies in the form of salad. She has been eating raw foods since years and is a living proof of the fact that raw veggies are the best. The amazing looking lady suggests her fans to eat vegetables to get a long life and beautiful looks.

Valeria Lukyanova diet

Portion Control

The sexy model advises her fans to eat very small portions at a time. It’s clear that she believes that excess of anything could be bad for health.

Her Favorites

Apart from vegetables, Amatue also has strong liking for fruits such as grapefruit and apples. She also has a weakness for nuts, but exercises portion control there as nuts have high calories, which may ruin her attempts to stay fit.

Be a Vegetarian for the Environment

Valeria is a strong supporter of protecting the nature. She says that we all should love nature and should refrain from polluting it. She also wants people to stop eating animals and would love if all her fans turn to vegetarianism.

Control is Vital

The lovely singer also believes in controlling her urges. She cites an example by saying that she has a weakness for ice creams, but if she has a single ice cream, she gets a thick fat layer the next day, so she doesn’t indulge at all.

Fasting is Good, But don’t Starve

The talented model has accepted the fact that she likes to fast sometimes. But, she is totally against starving herself to get great looks as she doesn’t find it reasonable.

Her Looks are Inherited

Some people have claimed that Amatue has had rib removing surgeries. She totally rubbishes it and admits to having breast surgery only. According to her, the secret behind her slim waist is her genes as her mother also has a slim waist.

Valeria Lukyanova hot

Some Tips for Fans

Be Yourself

Valeria has urged her fans to “not copy anyone.” She strongly believes that every person should be himself. Her advice is that it’s cool to be inspired by someone, but blindly copying someone is not logical at all.

Be at Peace

Lukyanova advises her fans to be content with what they have. She believes that people should not be judged for who they are. Valeria insists that everyone should have acceptance and tolerance of any human’s choice. It can be insinuated that she believes that we are all different and amazing in our own way.

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