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Hydra Cup Review

Hydra Cup

People are now more focused on building their bodies. Streets are filled with gyms and despite the high membership charges, people are going there. The importance of maintaining a healthy and fit body cannot be stressed more. When you work hard in the gym, you need to have supplements to give you the energy and recover from the workouts faster. Protein shakes and other supplements are popular today. You can now make your protein shake even on the go by using a bottle shaker. A bottle shaker will mix your protein powder well with water and make a smooth shake. 

There are different types of bottle shakers available in the market. When buying one you should consider the quality of the seal, lid, capacity, and materials with which it is made. Try to buy those that are made of environment-friendly materials and food-grade plastic. You have to make sure that the liquid doesn’t leak and the lid snap shut so that you can easily carry it around. Considering all these factors, we have found the Hydra Cup to be one of the best bottle shakers in the market. Here, we are going to review it.


This is a stylish bottle available in different colors including black, pink, lime, blue, and more. It has 2 separate compartments which allow you to make 2 separate drinks in one bottle. You can also put the same drink in both the compartments or put ice on one compartment to keep the drink cool. You can also use one compartment as storage. It has a strainer which ensures that you won’t find any protein chunks in your drink. It has the capacity to hold 28 ounces or 30 ounces of drink, depending on the size of the bottle. There is a hiking loop to attach a carabiner. The bottle has embossed markings on the sides that measure the drinks both in ounces and milliliters. It is one of the best looking and high-quality bottle shakers you will find in the market today.

Build Quality

It is made of BPA-free materials which makes it environment-friendly. It is leak-proof, so you can carry it around without spilling the drink. It has solid lid hinges which ensure that the lid is placed properly. The two compartments make it convenient as you can use one as storage or carry 2 drinks in one bottle. The storage compartments are 100% waterproof. The strainer is of good quality and makes sure that you have lump-free drinks. This bottle has been designed, manufactured, and assembled in the US, so you can rely on the quality. 


You get it in 2 sizes: 28 ounces and 30 ounces. It has 2 separate compartments, so you can make 2 separate drinks of 14 ounces or 15 ounces on each compartment. The size makes it convenient to carry on your backpack pocket or even fits in the cupholder. 


This bottle shaker will make your life very comfortable. You won’t need to carry 2 bottles for your pre-workout and post-workout drinks. You can take both the drinks in one bottle. You can also store protein powder of small snacks in one container. The bottle is easy to hold and carry. You can make your protein shakes comfortably by shaking the bottle a few times. There is a strainer that ensures that your drinks are lump-free. So, you can prepare smooth protein drinks easily with this bottle shaker.

Ease of Use

You can open the lids comfortably and pour your ingredients. After closing the lids, just shake the bottle a few times and get a smooth drink. As the lids are leak-proof, you won’t spill any drink while shaking it.


You can store pre-workout and post-workout drinks in one bottle as there are 2 separate compartments. So, you don’t need to carry 2 separate bottles to carry the 2 drinks. You can stay prepared for any phase of your workout. Preparing protein shakes with this bottle will save you time. The lid is leak-proof, so your drinks won’t spill. So, you can have the drink even on the go. Once you put the ingredients inside the bottle, the dual mixers under the lid mix the drink to the desired consistency. This bottle will help to keep your body in good condition both before and after the workout.


  • It is nice to hold and feels great.
  • It is stylish and comes in different colors.
  • It is made of high-quality environmentally friendly materials which makes it durable.
  • It has 2 compartments that allow you to keep 2 drinks in one bottle or use one as storage. 
  • You can use one of the lids as a protein scoop.
  • It has the capacity to hold 28 ounces or 30 ounces of drinks.
  • It has markings on the sides to measure the drinks both in ounces and milliliters. 
  • It is leak-proof, so the drinks won’t spill while shaking.
  • It is affordable compared to the other bottle shakers available in the market.
  • You can clean the bottle easily.
  • It has a good capacity to hold plenty of drinks. 
  • It is 100% the USA made, so you won’t have to worry about its quality.


  • The shape of the cup makes it difficult to pour the protein powder.
  • If you don’t clean it immediately after drinking the protein shake, it may be hard to clean later as the protein shake will dry.

Final Verdict

This bottle shaker has a unique design that lets you keep 2 separate drinks in 2 compartments. This saves your time and you can be prepared for both your pre-workout and post-workout conditions. As it performs the task of 2 bottles, it provides excellent value for money.

The bottle has a very stylish design and it can fit most cup-holders or backpack pockets. It is made of good quality and environment-friendly materials. So, it won’t break down easily. If you seal the lid correctly, the drinks won’t spill. It is a great bottle to carry to the gym and elsewhere.

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This bottle shaker is made of environmentally friendly materials. It is durable and you can use it to carry two separate drinks in one bottle.Hydra Cup Review