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I Diet – Understand Your Instincts and Melt Weight

Instinct Diet or I Diet

“I Diet” meaning Instinct diet plan is a magnificent weight loss plan crafted by Dr. Susan Roberts who is a professor of Psychology and Nutrition and has specialization in women obesity research. You can melt 15 pounds of weight in the eight weeks diet program without depriving your body or eliminating your beloved food items.

I diet plan offers easier and practical ways to abiding by healthy food items. Nutritional advices, food plans, and recipes recommended by the diet program are totally convincing and easy to follow.

The diet plan is ideal both for vegans and non-vegans. And it will attend varied psychological problems such as stress eating, which unconsciously makes you consume ample amount of unhealthy and unplanned food.

Five Instincts – Affecting Eating Behavior

Dr. Roberts propounded five influencing factor, which affect your eating behavior to a great extent. These five factors are also known as five basic instincts. While keeping you under their control, these factors have you act on their commands. These five instincts are as follows.

  • Hunger – You consume food when the instinct named hunger shows up.
  • Availability of Food – You feel tempted to eat when you have food around you. No matter, whether you are hungry or not, you end up eating food, if you have it available around you.
  • The Variety of Food – You being provided with variety of food items at a single place are likely to taste them once.
  • The Familiarity of Food – When you get to see familiar foods, your tongue naturally starts producing saliva.
  • Calorie-Rich Food – Strange but true…you love consuming high-calorie food items because they are exclusively made to match your taste buds.

Should you learn how to bring these five instincts under your control, you can successfully drop weight and proceed at a really fast pace under the diet plan.

Unlike other diet plans, which keep poking your body to lose weight, the exclusive diet plan will bring your brain under control. And once your brain is in control, you will naturally begin burning calories.

What is I diet?

I diet is not a forceful diet plan. In-fact, it provides you a healthy way to living and consuming food. You can lose drastic weight in eight weeks plan. Unlike other diet plans, I diet plan will keep you full with variety of yummy food items.

The diet plan has a well proportionate blend of high-protein, high-fiber, low-fat, sugar, and low-carb food items, which will not let you feel hungry. Besides that, the diet solution being very practical believes that different people have different bodies and one single strategy cannot be called universal and good enough to provide equal beneficial to all.

The plan is enriched with 125 delicious food recipes having fibrous and nutritious food items as their ingredients. The recipes being simple and convenient to follow will readily make you a fan of the diet program. Not to mention, the incredible recipes are worth sharing with your friends and relatives.

Cause of Obesity

Roberts contends that the wide variety of foods available in front of you is one of the main reasons responsible for instigating you to consume any food item just like that. Easy availability of foods makes it difficult for you to make a choice.

Also, since you feel tempted to gratify your cravings with individual food items rather than the whole meal, your calorie intake elevates.

How to Deal with Your Cravings?

Robert has suggested right ways of dealing with your cravings for high-calorie foods. You can cut the intensity of high-calorie food items by pruning the consumption of high calorie food items and increasing the intake of high fiber food items. For instance, you can consume strawberries and broccoli for one day and go for cauliflower and mango the other day.

At the same time, it might be difficult for you to completely eliminate high-calorie foods from your diet plan. So do consume them but blend them with plenty of low-calorie food items. This will keep check on your unhealthy eating habits.

For instance, begin your meals with ample amount of salad, and then have calorie dense desserts. And don’t forget to have a bowl full of high-fiber fruits or a cup of tea at the end of the meal. Fiber rich food is effective in dealing with your hunger in a very short time.

Work Mechanism of I Diet

Robert’s diet plan has a total duration of eight weeks. In the beginning of the diet plan, initial two weeks are meant for swift weight loss. You are supposed to eat limited diet and food items for two weeks. This step is vital to make sure that your hunger has comes under control.

Calorie consumption limit has been allocated on the basis of your weight, which is as follows.

Below 160 pounds – 1200 calories

Between 160 – 200 pounds – 1600 calories

More than 1600 pounds – 1800 calories

You can have five meals in a day in the initial two weeks and expect to drop 7-10 pounds of weight.

Next step is six week program, also known as “keeping it going Plan”. More variety of food items, low in calorie would be introduced in this step. You will also learn the art of maintaining weight in this step. Users are also recommended to consume calcium, multivitamins, and fish oil supplements while going along with the plan.

Benefits of I diet

  • Hunger pangs being the main reasons responsible for increasing the calorie consumption of your body will be put under control with exclusive food items.
  • The diet plan will conquer your cravings. Instead of having cravings for unhealthy or junk foods, you will start falling in love with the food items recommended in the diet plan.
  • Variety being the essence of diet plan will save you from getting bored. And the best part is – food items recommended in the plan being very prominent are easily available in grocery stores.
  • Apart from purging you from dieting plateau, the diet program will also maintain your lost weight for the lifetime.

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