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Iggy Azalea Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Iggy Azalea during 2014 Billboard Music Awards

5 ft 10 in tall, blonde bombshell, Iggy Azalea has svelte and hourglass figure. Credited with incredible fashion sense and dancing skills, the hot chick has wonderful panache. Iggy dishes out her diet and workout secrets which are as follows.

Tennis – Favorite Sport

Iggy being sporty since childhood loves playing tennis. Since the game involves plenty of running, it renders her great sports benefits. If you too are in love with some sports, make them an integral parts of your lives, for they have amazing capacity to invigorate your body and mind. Moreover, unlike conventional workouts which you perform with a sense of obligation, games make time pass flawless while providing all the benefits. Aside from that, she being superb dancer relies on dancing when she is on tours and cannot execute versatile exercises.

Regular Workouts

Iggy shares, she executes and treats exercises with the same sense of urgency with which she eats food, or takes bath, or brushes her teeth. Iggy makes sure that she practices bountiful squats, lunges etc. before going to bed. If you too nurture the habit of making workout an inseparable part of your lives, you are unlikely to end up being disappointed.

Accept and Give Challenge to Your Friends

Iggy prefers working out with her friends. She recently accepted thirty days’ squat challenge given to her by her friend. The challenge seeks her to perk up the intensity of her workouts with each passing day. Giving and accepting challenges from friends actually can help you enhance your endurance level. Since human mind is naturally programmed to work religiously towards the attainment of audacious goals, you are very likely to put your heart and soul to conquer the challenge.

Power Punch of Superfoods

The young beauty being very sentient about her metabolism eats nutrient loaded foods. She contends, your metabolism is high when you are younger but with aging, it gets sluggish. So, the best way to keep your metabolism fired up is count on wholesome and nutrient packed foods. The Aussie beauty incorporates superfoods such as smoothie, vital supplements etc. in her diet. She mostly drinks smoothie in her breakfast. Smoothie prepared with ingredients such as kale, banana, organic fruit, almonds, goji berries etc. is her most beloved energy drink which also keeps her full for really long time.

Healthy Tips for Fans

Here comes few tips which shall help you acquire killer flat abs and toned look.

Work out in Quick Spurts

Research shows that people who complete four to six 30 second sprints are likely to get same benefits as are gained by those who practice low intensity cardio workouts for 40-60 minutes in a day. Two most influential ways to enhance your heart rate are rope skipping and running. You can either jump rope for three minutes, or briskly walk to and fro on the terrace.

Create Fitness Friendly Environment

Create fitness friendly environment at home by making exercise accessories available at varied places. For example, store the set of dumbbells close to your microwave, hang resistance band in the bathroom, put yoga mat alongside your bed, and keep stability ball around your work desk. Visibility of these accessories shall readily get you prepared for workouts. Even if you work out for five minutes every time you witness them in a day, just imagine how much workout you shall be able to do by the end of the day.

Alter Your Lifestyle

Bring small alterations in your lifestyle. For example, instead of talking to your colleague over phone to gather some information, walk down to them and conversate with them face to face. Likewise, if your kids wish you to buy video game for them, rather than buying video game, engage yourself in their agile games. In the same way, there are myriad other small changes which you can incorporate in your life and secure healthy and blissful life for yourself.

Schedule Regular Measurements

Among all your body parts, your belly is most likely to be influenced by weight affecting factors such as dehydration, bloating etc. However, these changes being transient cannot be taken as parameters of your actual weight. You shall set an objective to measure your waist and butt size once or twice in a week to know your accurate measurements.

Consider Rest

To drop unwanted weight and to sculpt your body, you might feel enthused to practice crunches and varied other workouts for all the seven days. However, by doing so, you only snatch recovery time from your body because workouts cause muscle tear in your body. And when you continue practicing exercises without rendering any rest to your body, you only make the recovery process difficult for you. Ideally, five days of exercises in a week are sufficient enough to provide full workout to your body. However, if you feel slothful in the dearth of workouts, you can opt to have brisk walking, hiking, biking, swimming etc. on rest days.

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