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Instagram Fitness Sensation Simeon Panda Workout Routine and Diet

Forbes Magazine rated him as the 7th most influential fitness professional and he has managed to win hearts across the globe as an Instagram fitness sensation. We are talking about none other than Simeon Panda who recently shared the details of his fitness journey and some amazing workout routine and diet secrets. He also shared some workout tips with fans. Don’t miss them if you want to achieve a body like he has.

Simeon Panda showing his buff physique
Simeon Panda showing his buff physique

Fitness Journey

The gym bunny shared that he started training at the tender age of 15. His workout sessions at that time were consistent but they weren’t structured. He trained every day because it felt good to train. He had no idea about training splits and recovery. In fact, the first few years of his training were limited to his bedroom only. He added equipment there as the years passed until he had a mini gym in his bedroom. He trained within the confines of his home for 7 years before he started heading to the gym.

The Biggest Secret

The skilled fitness star admits that the biggest secret to achieving high levels of fitness and the body you want is to be consistent. As long as you are consistent, you will see results. He has been training for 16 years consistently and the results are clearly visible. Apart from being consistent, you should have some patience to await the results of your dedication and hard work.

Workout Routine

The current workout of the owner of a sportswear brand is training for 7 days a week. He focuses on different muscle groups each day for at least an hour to one and a half hours.

  • Mondays are for chest exercises.
  • Tuesdays for back exercises.
  • Wednesdays for leg exercises.
  • Thursdays for shoulder exercises.
  • Fridays for arm exercises.
  • On Saturdays, he prefers to relax and hit things that need work like his abs.
  • On Sundays, he does leg exercises again.

How to Not Hate any Exercise?

There is no exercise that the London-based hates. He has trained himself on doing every exercise because he believes if he misses out an exercise, he may miss out on progress. He did the exercises he hated a bit more than others until he no longer hated them. You can try this method too.

Exercises He Loves

Panda loves squatting as it feels good. He likes rising from a heavy deep squat because it requires a lot of effort and muscle activation.

Simeon Panda preparing to workout his chest
Simeon Panda preparing to work out his chest

Diet Secrets

The diet of the fitness enthusiast consists of having at least 4,500 calories in a day.

He maintains this diet 95% of the times.

His diet mostly includes having healthy clean foods that not only help him to be trim but also assist his body to grow steadily over time. He has five to six meals in a day that consist of chicken, fish, wholegrain rice and occasionally some beef.

He also has healthy portions of broccoli, spinach, and asparagus. A perfect meal for him is usually having a power bowl that has stir-fried and diced chicken breast in olive oil with beetroot, butternut squash, whole grain brown rice, and kale.

During dinners, he likes having spinach lasagna or seafood stir fry.

Workout Motivation

Simeon Panda with girlfriend Chanel Coco Brown
Simeon Panda with girlfriend Chanel Coco Brown

The boyfriend of another fitness sensation Chanel Coco Brown likes to get motivated by hitting the gym with his partner. They workout together and push each other to perform in the best manner during the workouts.

Diet Indulgence

Simeon Panda showing his cheat meal
Simeon Panda showing his cheat meal

Simeon really believes that indulging once or twice in a week with whatever he wants is okay. He doesn’t set a particular cheat day or cheat meal time as he just indulges when he feels like. He knows that because he is eating wisely 95 percent of the times, the cheat meals or snacks he has occasionally will not affect his goal of maintaining a defined physique. According to him, it’s necessary to indulge in treats now and then as it’s a vital part of a healthy lifestyle.

How to Get an Amazing Back?

If you aspire to have a strong back like the fitness guru, then you should incorporate a combination of pull downs and rows. The key is also to do high volume and super intense workouts by using heavy weights.

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