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Irma Mali Pre and Post Pregnancy Fitness Secrets

Irma Mali is a real beauty. No one can look at her and say that she has a 14-year-old daughter, Nikoleta and a son, Kyle who was born just a few months ago.

When you look at her perfect body, you can’t help but wonder whether she is taking any shortcuts to look so flawless. If so, you should know that she is keeping herself fit by working hard. Read on to know how dedicated she is to fitness, how she stuck to fitness while being pregnant, how she is maintaining her body post pregnancy and why she kept working out even when she felt the labor pain.

Pregnancy Fitness Routine

The Lithuanian beauty maintained her abs during her pregnancy by hitting the gym regularly and has our tremendous respect for showing off a hint of a six-pack when she was in her third trimester.

She stuck to her usual workout routine and diet plan but made some changes necessary that are usually recommended for moms to be. When pregnant, she did a bit of cardio and few lightweight exercises. She took leave from work for a few weeks before the pregnancy so that she could welcome her baby.

Working Out in Labor

The girlfriend of Barry McGuire admits that she went to the gym throughout the whole pregnancy and didn’t take it easy in the days leading up to the birth as most women do. The day she had her baby, Kyle in January 2017, that day too, she went to the gym in the morning. She felt the labor pain every 30 minutes and thought that she would have loads of time.

Post Pregnancy Workout

Since giving birth to the apple of her eyes, she has been on an informal maternity leave and worked only occasionally. She always gives priority to two things, her health, and motherhood.

She also hits the gym regularly as its a priority for her. When she misses the gym, it’s because she has motherhood duties or is doing a shoot, not because she just gave birth and feels too tired (which is often the case with new moms).

Appreciating Kyle

Appreciating her baby, the model said that he is a good baby, a happy baby who rarely cries. She calls herself lucky for having such a nice baby. Though he keeps her busy with his little demands for food or anything else he needs, he never cries a lot.

Perfect Family

Apart from a healthy and happy baby, she has also got a supporting partner and a wise kid. She calls Barry a very good dad and says that her daughter is also enjoying the role of a big sister.

No Protruding Stomach

Mali believes that your stomach would get back into shape if you work on it. Hers did so after the birth of her daughter, Nikoleta.

Acting Career

Though Irma has resumed her modeling career, she is keeping quiet about her acting career. She has appeared in an episode of Game of Thrones in 2015, and for that role, she had to learn combat training and horse riding. It seems she did it because she is not afraid to change her body even for a single episode if the script demands it.

Assumptions are also being made that she has a role in an upcoming film, The Rhythm Section (2019) because she was captured in the camera when entering the same building as Blake Lively.

If the modeling star does transition into acting, it might be a treat for her fans who have seen her skills on the screen only in music videos and the GoT episode.

Featured Image by Irma Mali / Instagram

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