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Ironmaster Adjustable Weight Bench Review

Ironmaster Adjustable Weight Bench

Many people underestimate the usefulness of a weight bench. The importance of a weight bench in developing different muscle groups cannot be stressed more. With this bench, you will be able to do effective exercises like dumbbell press, bench press, and more. If you have your gym, then you must include a weight bench because without it the home gym won’t be complete. If you are a busy professional or a traveler, then a weight bench can be very helpful. Exercising on the weight bench for a short time can give you good results. There are portable models of weight benches available that make it ideal for travelers.

Using a weight bench, you will be able to do complex exercises more conveniently. It is very easy to incorporate the weight bench into your daily fitness routine. You will be able to tone up your body and lose weight quickly. Among the various weight benches found in the market, we have picked up the Ironmaster Adjustable Weight Bench for review. This bench has gained a good reputation in the market for being high quality and durable weight bench. We are going to look at the detailed features of this weight bench here.


It has a very aesthetic design that attracts most people. Its powder-coated metallic grey frame looks amazing. It is simple and light which is very appealing. You can adjust the bench to 11 different angles. The seat can be adjusted to 3 different positions. It has a quick adjustment mechanism that makes it very easy to use. The bench is compatible with different bench attachments like Chin Up Attachment, Crunch Situp, Dip Handles, and more. With so many attachment options, you won’t need any other equipment for your home gym.

It is compact and so very easy to store. The bench length is made up of the back pad and the seat doesn’t factor into it. An adjustment arc mechanism attaches to the bench at two points. Under the back pad, there is a large support column. This bench has no gap between the seat and the back pad when it is in the decline or flat position. The tapered shaped seat will support your thighs well. You will be able to maintain a good posture when exercising on this bench.

Build Quality

It is a strong 1000 lb rated bench that provides a stable platform for exercise. The frame is made of 11, 12, and 13-gauge steel tubing. The frame is powder-coated with chrome components that make it long-lasting. It has a commercial-grade thick pad and stitched vinyl upholstery that is durable and comfortable.

It is very stable and won’t wobble, shake, tilt or twist while exercising. It is ergonomically designed and so is good for your posture. It has a maximum weight capacity of 1000 pounds, but 600 pounds weight capacity in the incline positions. It has wheels that will help you to move it whenever you want to. It also has rubber feet so that it stays in place during exercise. The rubber feet allow you to work out even on uneven surfaces without having any wobbling effect.

This bench has been built by high-quality materials and so it will be durable. It’s super strong frame will allow you to do any kind of weight training. It has a large weight capacity and you will be able to include different attachments to it.

Ease of Use

It is shipped mostly pre-assembled; you will just need to assemble the feet. You will need very simple tools to fully assemble it. You will only need 10 to 15 minutes to assemble it completely.


 It has dimensions 44 inches by 18.75 inches by 20 inches. The seat height can be adjusted to an upright position of 16 inches, 14 inches or 12 inches. The backrest lies 31’’ above the seat when it is in the highest position. It is lightweight and weighs only 65 pounds.


It has a 2 inches thick padding on the back which provides great support. The pads are of high quality and don’t compress easily. The seat is also covered with firm foam to give you a comfortable experience. The seat is compact and doesn’t interfere with the leg positioning. You can easily adjust the bench to different angles which allows doing various types of exercises. It is very stable and won’t wobble, tilt or twist during exercise. The best part about this bench is that if you have a shoulder problem, you will feel relaxed by working out on this bench. The handle is very good and it won’t cause any stress on your shoulder or arms. 


This bench is multifunctional and you will be able to do various types of exercises with it like incline bench press, overhead press, military press, and more. It is perfect for barbell or dumbbell training and machine or cage work. You can include attachments like Dip Bar Handles, Crunch Situp, Preacher Curl Bar, Chin Up Bar, cable attachment system, and others to increase your exercise options.

The bench has no gap on flat or decline, as a result, it can serve the purpose of a flat bench. So, you don’t need to buy a separate flat bench. Just by combining inclines with dumbbells you will be able to do a full-body workout using this bench.


If you buy it from Amazon, it will cost you $319 only. With so many unique features and accessory options, this bench will provide great value.


  • It is very nicely designed and has a grey metallic finish that looks attractive.
  • It is 1000 lb rated and is super strong and stable.
  • You can easily store it without occupying much space.
  • It can be quickly adjusted to 11 different angles with the help of the patented foot lever.
  • You can use it with dumbbells, cages, racks or smith machines.
  • You can add different attachments to the bench including Crunch Situps, Chin Up Bar, Cable Attachment System, and more.
  • It is super easy to assemble the bench.
  • The upholstery is covered with a thick pad for extra comfort.
  • It provides outstanding stability and gives you comfort during exercise.
  • You get 10 years of frame warranty and 1 year of upholstery warranty.


  • This bench is not designed for users who are taller than 6 feet.
  • It is expensive.
  • The quality of the foam rollers is not good.
  • The back pad may be too narrow for some users.

Final Verdict

This weight bench is designed for the home gym but can be used for light commercial gyms as well. It is very popular among personal trainers due to the build quality and functionality. This bench allows you to switch to flat, incline, decline, and upright positions easily. It is perfect for dumbbells, cages and smith machines and helps you to do any bench exercise.

If you are interested in doing weight lifting, then this bench can be really helpful. You will no longer need to head to the gym for this purpose. This bench will give you the stability you need to get strong and fit. With so many adjustable options and attachments, this bench will let you do a variety of exercises that the other benches might not offer. So, if your budget is not a constraint, you should buy this top quality weight bench for your workout.

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