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Isabelle Cornish Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Isabelle Cornish Workout

Puberty Blues star, Isabelle Cornish is an Australian actress and model. Celebrity ambassador for athletic brand, Adidas, is all set to touch the soaring height of name and fame with her stunning figure. The fitness enthusiast embarked on balanced diet and regular workouts at the age of fifteen to purge her body from baby fat which she had while growing up. And since then, she has been following healthy lifestyle, influence of which is apparent both on her body and skin. Here are some of the diet and workout secrets of the flawless beauty which maintain her in trimmed and pristine shape.

Workouts with Personal Trainer

To get proficient supervision, the chick performed diverse workouts under the guidance of personal trainer for some time. However, she not being much impressed by gym workouts adores doing exercises at home, all by herself. Personal trainer indeed renders you explicit directions and eases your way to weight loss and shaped-up body. But as soon as you feel confident, you shall turn to workouts on your own.

Reliance on Multiplicity in Workouts

Instead of sticking to one particular workout, Cornish adores engaging herself in multiple workouts. She works out five to six times in a week. To strip off unsolicited calories, she practices running, swimming, stair climbing, playing squash etc. Running also happens to be her favorite cardio workout because she doesn’t have to rely on any particular equipment and place to do it. Even when she is out for tours, she can simply abide by it.

To perk up her strength, she relies on kettlebells. Aside from that, she banks on yoga and Pilates to strengthen her core and maintain suppleness. There are variety of stretching and twist movements in yoga which bump up your digestion and weed out harmful toxins from your body. Thus, without submitting to starvation detox diet, you can cleanse your body with yoga.

Vegan and Nutritious Diet

As she was brought up by a health conscious mother, Cornish comprehends the significance of wholesome foods from her childhood. She reckons, since foods have great impact on the body, they have to be clean and nutritious. The pretty girl steers clear from sugar, processed, and junk foods. To bestow adequate nourishment to her body, she consumes five small meals in a day. Although she usually renounces the consumption of desserts, but she occasionally eats small portion size of Acai dark chocolate and Gelato Messina’s chocolate sorbet in her desserts. Let’s have a look at one of the samples of her typical day diet.

Breakfast (7:00 am) – 10 gram oats with banana, almond milk

First Snack (10:00 am) – Vegan protein shake made from frozen kale, spinach, coconut water, chia seeds, banana, and nuts such as pistachios, almonds

Lunch (12:00 noon) – Meal prepared with vegan proteins such as tempeh, whole grains, loads of veggies and salad.

Second Snack (4:00 pm) – Green smoothie or raw smoothie made of dates and cacao, one fruit.

Dinner (7.00 pm) – Stir fry, sushi, rice paper balls

Refrigerator – Stock house of Wholesome Foods

We all do use refrigerators but how many of us really use it as a powerhouse of health. Instead of stocking trash in the refrigerator, Cornish keeps her refrigerator full with wholesome foods such as red kidney beans, quinoa, falafel, veggies, fruits, coconut water, dairy free hummus etc.

Healthy Tip for Fans

You don’t have to worry about packing up cellulite, unless you swear by wholesome and nutrient dense food items. Let’s have a look at some excellent food items which you shall inculcate in your diet regime to ensure optimum health and slim figure for you.

Spinach – Spinach is the healthiest vegan food you can ever have. The low calorie food is dense in vitamin K, vitamin C, potassium, iron, magnesium. Besides that, spinach being rich in calcium strengthens your bones and its fiber density indeed keeps you contented for longer. You can swap lettuce wrap in sandwiches and salad with spinach.

Egg – Eggs which are opulent source of proteins, essential amino acids, and healthy fats shall be consumed in breakfast. Low calorie food item has incredible property to keep you contented for longer. The amount of eggs to be consumed in a day depends upon your daily schedule.

Watermelon – Watermelon is yet another snack, which is rich in fourth macro-nutrient i.e. water. Apart from hydrating your body, the fruit also keeps check on your appetite and saves you from consuming unwholesome snacks.

Berries – Despite being petite in size, berries are dense in fiber. Since fiber entangles food particles and thrusts them out from your body before they are completely digested, consumption of fiber-laden foods aid your body to purge surplus calories. You can really boost the weight loss process, if you consume one cup of raspberries, blueberries, boysenberries, strawberries etc. in a day.

Greek yogurt – Greek yogurt being more nutritious and healthy than any other yogurt is awesome source of protein. Moreover, since yogurt peps up the growth of probiotic which is a good bacteria, it saves you from bloating by sweeping sinister bacteria out from your body. The physiological changes save you from bloating and render you taut stomach. Aside from eating yogurt with berries and fruits, you can also make smoothies with it. Its creamy texture in smoothie imparts it milkshake like appearance and a taste which is very tempting.

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