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Jackie ‘O’ Henderson Workout and Diet Secrets

Jackie ‘O’ Henderson is one of those celebrities who take their health and fitness seriously. In 2018, she attained weight loss success by following her own workout and diet plan and succeeded in losing a lot of weight. She also opened up about how she was too conscious about weight when she was younger. Have a look at all that below and learn from the inspiring weight loss journey of the blonde star.


Jackie O in an Instagram selfie in December 2017
Jackie O in an Instagram selfie in December 2017 (Jackie O / Instagram)

Jackie O Henderson 10kg Weight Loss in 2018

The Beginning

The weight loss motivation of the Kyle and Jackie O Show (2005-Present) host began when she went on a family holiday in Fiji with her husband Lee and her munchkin Kitty. They were boarding a helicopter to one of the islands and she was asked to weigh in. As she hadn’t weighed herself in a long time, she was shocked to see that she was at her heaviest weight.

No Bikinis For Her

After seeing her weight, she decided not to indulge in calorie-laden welcome cocktails and extravagant island feasts anymore. She also decided not to don a bikini and decided to wear a kaftan during most of the journey. It was during this time she realized how she had let go of herself as far as eating healthily was concerned.

She was hooked to all kinds of unhealthy foods like macaroni and cheese, potato chips, sandwiches, etc. She also had the bad habit of eating carbs like pasta before going to sleep. Basically, she had been hooked to bad eating habits to escape whatever was not right in her life (which we must say is a really bad approach).

Reason For Bad Habits

One of the core reasons she became hooked on bad foods was that she led a highly stressful and even punishing lifestyle. She awoke really early in the morning for the sake of her job and had a stressed schedule throughout the day.

Jackie O with her husband and daughter enjoying outdoors in March 2018
Jackie O with her husband and daughter enjoying outdoors in March 2018 (Jackie O / Instagram)

Diet Secrets

When the beauty returned from the not so lovely holiday, she decided to make a change with regards to her diet and fitness. She gave up all carbs and sweets and had seaweed salad and sashimi during lunch while her dinner consisted of steamed greens with chicken and indulging in a glass of wine.

No Deprivation

Though the diva is aware that drinking alcohol is not a good idea when you are dieting, she didn’t give it up totally because she was aware what works for her and what doesn’t. Jackie also didn’t give up alcohol because she wanted the lifestyle changes to be sustainable and knew herself enough that she won’t be able to resist wine for long.

Jackie O with pigeon named Sunny in April 2018
Jackie O with pigeon named Sunny in April 2018 (Jackie O / Instagram)

Workout Secrets

The stunner also decided to start an exercise program on her own because she was not committed enough to hit the gym daily. The preferred method of exercise she opted for was Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes, and she stuck to it for a couple of months.

She says it’s a fantastic exercise method as it really burns the calories. But still, fitness for her means 80 percent food and 20 percent working out. So, she really works out when she feels like and never pressurizes herself to exercise.

Slow Results

At the end of first 6 months of her diet and workout changes, she attained a weight loss of 10 kilos (about 22 pounds) but it wasn’t very impressive for her. Jackie expected much better results considering how strict she was on herself during all those days but at the same time, she concluded that she didn’t get too amazing results because she was still hooked on wine.

No Cravings

After losing 10 kg of body weight, Jackie still wants to remain on the weight loss path. The change has been positive for her as she no longer craves bad food and her portion sizes have reduced. The weight loss has also helped her to get back in her old clothes once again and she feels more energized than ever before.

Jackie O with her husband Lee Henderson in January 2018
Jackie O with her husband Lee Henderson in January 2018 (Jackie O / Instagram)

The Mistakes

Jackie also talked about her addiction to stay slim on her show in which she admitted that she weighed just 49 kgs when she was young. She was hardly eating anything because she wanted to stay slim.

We urge her fans to follow her example with regard to overhauling the diet and exercise for better health, not just to be slim.

Featured Image by Jackie O / Instagram

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