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Jaime Teo Workout Routine and Weight Loss Journey

Jaime Teo with cupcakes
Jaime Teo with cupcakes

Jaime Teo is a Singaporean celebrity who has proven that if you are determined enough, you can achieve any fitness goal. She turned from a chubby woman to a stunner with six pack abs after crossing 30 years of age mark by using the diet moderation and hitting it hard in the gym.

Though she tried shortcuts and failed at times when she was younger, she kept going until she found the correct approach to fitness. Let’s have a look at her fitness journey and get some pointers from her on not only what to do but also what not to do.

The Science

The Miss Singapore Universe (2001) believes that it is a scientific fact that our bodies will get weak as we age. This change shows up after you hit 30 as your muscle mass starts waning and the fat starts to amass. It is also the time when the waistline of a person starts escalating too.

Jaime Teo rope skipping workout
Jaime Teo rope skipping workout

Personal Trainer

The diva claims that she has no personal trainer who helps her achieve her flawless body. She says that she started working out by using YouTube and still does that. She also adds that she doesn’t recommend people to follow this idea blindly. It’s not necessary that what has worked for her would work for others too. Your focus should be to determine what your body needs and workout according to that.

Weight Issues

The actress revealed that she was plump as a kid and then became very skinny in secondary school. As a young girl, she did 200-300 leg lifts to stay fit and look good through puberty. She says that things became worse when she won the coveted Miss Singapore Universe pageant.

After winning the title, she was constantly pressured to lose weight and people told her that her chubby cheeks were not good and they didn’t look great on television. In 2002, she embarked on a weight loss journey and lost 5 kg weight via exercise and restricting her diet. She looked very unhealthy at that time.

Bad Eating Habits

The stunner also confesses that she was bulimic because whenever she ate, she felt judged by the girls around her. Jamie started to deprive herself of food and her cravings became so bad that she binged on bad foods and made herself to throw up. She was even admitted to a hospital for brutal gastric pain and was put on a drip.

Jaime Teo for Shape Magazine
Jaime Teo for Shape Magazine

Been There, Done That

The former Mediacorp host accepts that when she was hosting and acting, she tried another weight loss expedition as a part of which she opted for trying different diets. Teo also opted for slimming pills that gave her heart palpitations. The entire weight loss frenzy lasted for about a decade and it started to improve when she went away from the limelight.

Smart Solution

Things turned around when Jaime decided not to obsess with her weight and diet. She listened to her body. Jaime even started eating ice cream, chocolates and other foods she craved. The smartest thing she did was to stop having any junk food. Jaime also learned the importance of being sated over being stuffed. If she could be happy with the half slice of a cake, she never went for a full slice. Now, she is a strict follower of portion control. She eats every food but in moderation.

The Beginning

After straightening out her diet habits, the star then focused on her exercising methods. She started doing Zumba in 2014 and liked it so much that she became a certified instructor. She also tried programs like Sh’bam, which is a Les Mills program because she liked dancing.

One day, she looked at one of her dancing videos and decided that she didn’t look so great while dancing. So, she decided to learn other exercises like stretching, gymnastics, splits and arm-balancing moves like headstands.

Jaime Teo ready to run on the track
Jaime Teo ready to run on the track

Six-Pack Secret

The mother of one says that she honestly did not set the goal of achieving a six pack. It was a by-product of her active lifestyle. She says that she is no longer obsessed over how she looks.

Body Confident

Teo is very happy with her body at the moment, her body confidence is at its peak and she is very happy what her body can do for her.

Love Challenges

Jaime Teo and Daniel Ong with delicacies
Jaime Teo and Daniel Ong with delicacies

The wife of Daniel Ong likes to challenge herself while exercising. She believes that strength and flexibility can be improved with time and practice. She likes mastering her body by taking on new challenges and being able to do what she tells herself to do.

Workout Routine

The Twelve Cupcakes co-founder tries to workout on a daily basis no matter how little time she has. Her workout routine usually involves playing squash, rock climbing and playing badminton once or twice a week. She also does HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workout for at least 5 days a week.

Workout Change

The beauty has also made an addition to her workouts. She is preparing to participate in the 10 km Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2016 that will be held in December, so she is running twice a week and doing HIIT on alternate days.

Workout Buddies

The workout buddies of the pretty woman are local personalities like Olinda Cho, Jade Seah, and Sheila Sim. She plays badminton with all of them and does HIIT with Jade. They sweat buckets and compete with each other during HIIT workouts.

Diet Indulgence

The ambassador of Under Armour sportswear brand likes to indulge in foods that are either fried or covered with batter. She is a big fan of fried chicken, bread, chips and rice. Jaime eats everything in moderation. The drink options she avoids include sugary drinks, even coconut water, and isotonic drinks and has them occasionally. She knows that the more she drinks them, the more she will crave them.

No Healthy Cupcakes

Jaime Teo and her daughter
Jaime Teo and her daughter

The mumtrepreneur says that there is no healthy cupcake recipe. She believes that cupcakes should be enjoyed the way they are. If you want to enjoy cupcakes while being healthy, you should share it with someone. It will ensure that you eat only a portion of it. When indulging, you should also savor each bite and you will end up feeling sated with lesser portion too.

No Workout Advice

The fitness junkie has a bit of concern about sharing any workout advice with fans. She thinks that she is not qualified to share any advice. Jaime will perhaps share some great ideas after she completes an American Council course on Exercise and will become a certified personal trainer. After that, she will be in the position to advise others.

Quek EeMeng, Jaime Teo, and Wille Loo are three of the 15 SCMS 2016 ambassadors
Quek EeMeng, Jaime Teo, and Wille Loo are three of the 15 SCMS 2016 ambassadors

Advice for Miss Universe Singapore 2016 Participants

The Singapore-born did have some advice for the Miss Universe Singapore. She says that every participant should have confidence in their abilities and ignore the cynics. You should remember that confidence is a synonym for beauty. Mental, as well as emotional well-being, can be your keys to success.

Did you like the fitness ideas of the breathtaking beauty? If so, you might want to follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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