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James McAvoy’s Diet and Workout Secrets

Remember James McAvoy? The skinny actor who looked like a mere boy in the film Pride and Prejudice (2005)? If so, you might be astounded to see him as Kevin Wendell Crumb in the movie, Glass (2019), because he has all beefed up for the part. In case you have seen the film and you want to know how the actor turned from skinny to ripped, then you are on the right webpage. Here, you can know the workout secrets that helped him to don the new look easily.

James McAvoy eating a turkey schnitzel at Café Baba Yaga in October 2017
James McAvoy eating a turkey schnitzel at Café Baba Yaga in October 2017 (James McAvoy / Instagram)

James McAvoy’s Workout Secrets for Glass

Workout Secrets

The Scottish actor trained with the help of Magnus Lygdback to get into the character of the beast who looks freaky and can flex his muscles to intimidate others. The goal of the workouts was to build a lot of mass in a short period.

Most of the workouts he did were done in the mornings because that’s the time when a person has the most energy. The trainer opted for a program in which a person has to target different muscle groups at the same time and then allowed them to rest. When you rest between different sessions, it allows them to do more sets and reps the next time.

The workout routine involved targeting the legs 1st day, the back and shoulders on the 2nd day, the chest, core and front shoulders on the 3rd day, and the arms on the 4th day. He also worked with prison bars with bare hands and climbed walls to prepare for the role.

James McAvoy's “Royal Thai” style food at Pai Toronto
James McAvoy’s “Royal Thai” style food at Pai Toronto (James McAvoy / Instagram)

No Costume

McAvoy opted to change his body for the film because he wanted to be in a good shape for the sake of it. He wanted to look ripped and didn’t have much choice as he didn’t have any muscle suit or costume to help him look good.

Though some superheroes like Batman or Zachary Levi’s Shazam have cheated a bit by reportedly wearing a muscle suit under the costumes, McAvoy didn’t have that option as he had to take off his shirt a lot of time and fit into the character of an animal guy who is seething, drooling, and pumped at all time. He decided to change his body so that he nailed the superhero-supervillain aesthetic.

Appreciating the Trainer

The actor appreciated his trainer for not making him count a single calorie during the transformation stages. The trainer made him get big and muscly comfortably and quickly. Most of the training sessions included very little pain and minimal injuries as the trainer was very skilled at what he does.

James McAvoy as seen in December 2017
James McAvoy as seen in December 2017 (James McAvoy / Instagram)

The Exaggeration

In 2017, when James was shooting for the film, there was news that he was eating 6,000 calories in a day to prep for the role. He debunked the news with an Instagram post and mentioned that he said he was consuming 6,000 calories as a joke. He was counting macros to be fit for the role.

Training for Split

This is not the first time James has changed his body for a role. Even for Split (2016), the sequel to Glass, he put on a lot of weight. At that time, he didn’t seek professional help but used the results from a search engine to put on muscles quickly. He did a powerlifting routine known as 5×5 in which you need to do huge and big exercises at least 4 or 5 times. This method works every muscle. He also changed his diet and increased his portions.

Instead of having 2 eggs in the mornings, he had 8 of them. He also snacked on the chicken breast which was followed by a lunch of 2 chicken breasts, followed by a steak or another snack. The dinner also included 2 salmon steaks.

James McAvoy in a selfie at Myrkdalen ski Resort in February 2018
James McAvoy in a selfie at Myrkdalen ski Resort in February 2018 (James McAvoy / Instagram)

The Upcoming Challenges

It’s good that the handsome hunk trained so hard for these two films because he needs to keep up with his workouts and diet to look great in many of his films which include another of his film in which he stars with Hollywood heavyweights Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis. In that film, all the favorite characters from Unbreakable (2000) and Split will be brought together.

Featured Image by James McAvoy / Instagram

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