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Jamie-Lynn Sigler Diet Changes for Son’s Sake

Jamie-Lynn Sigler is not just a renowned actress and a singer, she is also a devoted mom who has had a unique motivation (which is her son) to make healthier diet choices.

Here, we get to know how she changed her diet for good, how she is dealing with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and how much she shares about her health issues with her young son. We also get to know what she does to relax and manage her hectic schedule.

Bad Diet Habits

The mother of one (soon to be two) admitted that she didn’t have the best eating habits when she was growing up. She never preferred healthy foods like fruits and vegetables but went for all the wrong options like sugary foods, and soda.

Diet Changes

After welcoming her son Beau Kyle in 2013, she changed her diet drastically because she realized that he was considering her to be his guide while deciding his own food choices. She says that he was constantly looking at her plate to see what she was eating so she made the conscious effort to change.

Cooking Together

Now, they both cook healthy foods together, smoothies being a favorite. She holds the blender while her 4-year-old put all the ingredients into it. This activity makes Beau feel involved, and he has a nutrient dense, filling meal before going to the school. She also has some of it.

Dealing with MS

Jamie has been dealing with Multiple Sclerosis (a disease in which a person’s immune system destroys the protective covering of nerves) since she was 20. So, she was happy when she found out, she was pregnant as it’s an amazing thing to happen for women living with MS.

She now deals with the health issue by not fighting her body and working with her body while accepting its flaws. Though she would never have chosen to be a victim of this disease, she has learned how to make the best of things. She also says that the arrival of her first born, motivated her to talk about her illness in the open as she didn’t want him to think that he had to keep her secret when he grew up.

Her aim was also to be a symbol of strength and courage for her son.

Sharing Health Problems with her Son

The Sopranos (1999-2007) actress admits that she shares her health problems lightly with her son as he can’t grasp the seriousness of the situation yet. She doesn’t make use of the word sick because she doesn’t want to scare or overload him.

But he does understand the basic concepts of his mother’s limits and accommodates her mostly. For example, when she is going through a bad phase and can’t play with him much, he understands that her legs can’t do it and agrees to play games that can be played while sitting down.

The wife of Cutter Dykstra, a pro baseball player, says that beau gives her a reason to look forward to every single day and he’s the light of her life. She also loves the quality time they spend together as much as her son does.

Relaxation Methods

Sigler likes to relax by practicing meditation and getting enough sleep. To get quality sleep, she ensures that her bedroom is neat and is filled with big blankets and pillows. The would-be mother says that her bedroom is where she gets her rest, feel better for the next day and rejuvenate her body. Getting ample relaxation time helps her to manage a hectic life. In her opinion, most people work hard in their lives so they should really focus on relaxing themselves and getting quality sleep, don’t you agree?

Featured Image via Kristin Dos Santos / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

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