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January Jones Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Starring as Betty Draper in Mad Men since 2007, January Jones is an American model and actress. The fab star is also popular for her roles in movies such as American Wedding, Unknown, and X Men: First Class.

January is one of the stars who have been through wide fluctuations in their weight over past few years. However, she didn’t fail to blaze the eyes of her fans with all her makeovers. Media buzzes, in particular, were high about her when she gave birth to her son Xander Dane Jones in Sep 2011, father to whom was imprecise.

It seemingly was the toughest time in the life of January. Seemingly unable to cope with it, she grew victim of depression and had to consume ample medicines and drugs to stay away from stress and anxiety. However, before late, she realized the value of healthy and blissful body and turned her entire attention from qualms to her work and retrieved her curvaceous figure.

January Jones workout routine and diet plan
January Jones during 65th Emmy Awards

January Jones Diet Plan

January has been through a lot in her life. She reckons, she got her life back only due to healthy and nutritious foods. She eats loads of foods having rich content of vitamins, minerals, and numerous other vital nutrients. However, without being restrictive and partial towards foods, she embraces moderation in her diet regime and cherishes all her adored foods while keeping their portion size small.

She also soared to juice diet once in her life to strip off unsolicited fats faster from her body. That being said, she is not committed to any such depriving diet plan for her lifetime. Being aware of the nutrition quotient of wholesome foods, the stunner incorporates bountiful healthy food items in her diet.

While sticking to balanced diet, January splurges at times and gives her body treat by eating her favorite foods such as burger, pizza, fries, strawberry shake etc. To her, splurging foods is an excellent way of purging her body from all the cravings. The bombshell confesses of being not very tempted to consume unhealthy and sweet foods. Her natural aversion to these foods inevitably has been accountable for her radiant skin and flawless figure.

January Jones Workout Routine

The exquisite beauty believes, should you seek after optimum health and svelte figure; workouts have to be an integral part of your lifestyle. She hits gym three to five times in a week and executes strength training to build up lean muscles.

She executes varied workouts with stability balls, which shape up her arms, legs, shoulders, and butts. Besides that, the hottie constantly keeps perplexing her body by involving it in new and audacious activities. Swimming, hiking, running etc. are all-time adored exercises of the magnificent star. And above everything else, mommy of three kids adores playing with her kids, which also provide superb workout to her body.

The actress has also been through the time when she was so emaciated that her producer prompted her to gain weight. She was strictly told not to hit gym and gain some body mass to attain hourglass figure. Under such a situation, the sensational star powered fats to her body by embracing binge eating and avoiding exercises. Just like foods and clothes, exercises too are the natural requirement of your body, which is usually overlooked by most of the people.

Healthy Recommendation For January Jones Fans

Should you seek to acquire sculpted figure like January, first of all, be precise about your goals. Mostly people make short-term goals such as, goal to shed pounds before their wedding, anniversary, New Year or something like that.

It’s good to motivate you by fixing such goals, but instead of preferring for small term goals, make long-term goals. By simply making a shift in your way of thinking, you can secure to have happier life. Instead of relying on slender body, your focus should be on healthier body. A lean body, which actually is host of numerous ailments, can seldom be touted as good-looking and enviable body.

Endeavor to incorporate workouts and food items, which you know will boost up your metabolism and immune system. Since a healthy body, having all the physiological functions at a par can never look shabby, you can secure to have hale and blissful body with right perspective only.

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