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Jayde Nicole Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Gorgeous from head to toe, Jayde Nicole possess perfectly molded, and curvy figure. The stunner opted for modeling as her career but her pursuit to know the impact of varied foods and exercises etc. on body had her develop proximity with doctors, trainers, dietitians etc. She also read bountiful of fitness books and reading materials. Their influence on her was so much so that she ended up becoming certified personal trainer. Now apart from modeling, the brunette bombshell also guides and aids her fans overcome their fitness and weight related issues. Jayde dishes out her diet and workout secrets which are as follows.Jayde Nicole workout


Reliance on Vegan Diet

Jayde shares, since the age of four, she has been a vegan. Being vegan has certainly helped her keep a load of calories off of her body. Her immaculate skin and body reflect the healthy and nutrient dense diet she consumes. She admits that before eating foods, she mulls over their good or bad effects on her body, skin, and hair. You can certainly enhance your youthful age if you turn a watchful eye towards the foods you consume.

Jayde Nicole eating

Jayde incorporates plenty of vegan foods such as tofu, green and leafy veggies, fruits etc. in her diet. She also eats spoonful of peanut butter or nutella in a day. However, since vegan dieters are likely to suffer from the dearth of proteins, Jayde makes sure that she consume sufficient amount of protein laden foods and food supplements in her diet.

No Faith in Cheat Days

The killer beauty has no faith in cheat days. She believes that the provision of cheat days revs up your chances to consume unhealthy and junk foods in enormous quantity. Moreover, one or two cheat days in a week covers up the hiatus between balanced and wholesome diet. As a result of which, you end up packing numerous unsolicited pounds. That said, she is not completely ruthless towards her eating habits. She allows her to indulge in her beloved sweet foods once in a while.

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Say No to Liquid Calories

Jayde states, more than solid calories, it’s the impact of liquid calories which make you grow plump in no time. The pretty celeb steers clear from the sources of empty calories such as diet coke, juices, soda etc. which are nothing but stock house of calories. She rather prefers drinking tons of plain water and green smoothie loaded with vital nutrients.

Early Morning Workouts

After waking up early in the morning, first thing the hot babe does is perform workouts in the gym. Prior to workouts, Jayde fuels her body with oatmeal and fat-free protein which is followed with a cup of green tea. Afterwards, she hits treadmill and runs on it for twenty minutes. Being fitness enthusiast, she couples cardio workouts with strength training focused to tone her arms, legs, abs, and butt. However, she credits 20% to cardio and 80% to strength training for her fit and enviable figure. Among outdoor workouts, Jayde is fan of hiking, running, jogging etc. and loves doing them in free time. Jayde contends, most women remain devoid of the incredible benefits of workouts because they stay obsessed with shedding pounds from one particular body part, which in real is not possible. So, instead of endeavoring doing so, focus on full body workouts.

Fitness Website

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To get more information about the fitness secrets of Jayde, you can log into her official website. With mere $3, you can get the membership which will have you get customized meal plans and recipes to ensure optimum health. To have her fans get precise directions, Jayde has also made 3-D workout videos available on the website. These videos are fusion of cardio and strength training and they guide you about the right ways to perform varied exercises, so all your major muscles can get adequate toning. In her fitness plan, she has also pointed up the consumption of diverse supplements which she has named as cellulite killers, fat burners, cleanse etc. She refers to these supplements apt for people of all the age groups. To provide support and guidance to members, Jayde personally answers their weight and fitness related queries.

She states, setting realistic and practical goals is very imperative to losing weight because success being contagious motivates you to move with greater zeal towards higher goals. Aside from that, she suggests the members to fall in love with themselves, so they can eventually acquire the shape they have always aspired to have.

Consistency is the Key

Jayde names consistency as the biggest and most contributing factor accountable for her slender and sculpted figure. She even recommends her fans to maintain continuity in the things they do for their bodies. If you are not resolved enough to swear by balanced diet and workouts for longer time, you shall not expect to get rewarding results either.

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