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Jen Jewell Diet Plan Workout Routine

Jen Jewell working out with barbell row.
Jen Jewell working out with barbell row.

Credited with jaw dropping beauty and sculpted figure, Jen Jewell is a fitness model, fitness writer, and fitness trainer. The hot babe seems to be born with natural genes inclined to fitness because at a very young age, she submitted herself to fitness, sports, and workouts. She started getting training for gymnastics at the age of three. However, due to plenty of injuries, she had to discontinue her practice as a gymnast. The athletic beauty spills out her diet and workout secrets which uphold her in svelte shape, let’s have a look.

Transformation is Inevitable

Jen Jewell ripped body
Jen Jewell ripped body

Jen states that when you swear by healthy eating habits and persistent workouts, be it in your health condition, energy level, abs, or body weight, transformation is inevitable. She admits that she started getting noticed by people after she resorted to balanced diet and regular workouts. In fact, the first job she got as a personal trainer in high school was due to her captivating look itself.

Workouts in Gym

Jen Jewell gym workout
Jen Jewell gym workout

Besides training renowned celebs, athletes, and other fitness seekers, Jen skillfully manages time for her personal workouts. She exercises three to five days in a week. While most of the celebs happen to be impressed with weight training very late in their lives, Jen developed love for weight training right in her teen days. Body sculpting and muscle building traits of weight training impress her the most.

Nutrition is Pivotal

Jen Jewell taking Fit 360 Supplement.
Jen Jewell taking Fit 360 Supplement.

Jen was not always so discreet about the consumption of foods. In fact, she has also been through the time when she was suffering from utter depression. To deal with the emotional turmoil, she consumed nothing but junk, processed, and other unwholesome foods. In addition to that, she consumed alcoholic, fizzy drinks etc. in high quantities. Resultantly, she ended up getting round waist and her weight soared from 118 pounds to 160 pounds within a year. However, when she realized the impact of her careless eating habits on her pants size, the idea to make radical changes in the diet hit her mind. And she made herself available for clean and organic foods. The stunner prefers eating homemade foods such as steak fajitas with lettuce wraps over tortillas, grilled chicken breast sandwiches, protein shakes with a slice of fruit etc.

She also trimmed down the consumption of alcohol, which had her witness really incredible and gratifying results. That said, Jen is not in favor of calorie counting or any other nonsense diet rule like that. She certainly nourishes her body with healthy foods but she at the same time doesn’t like eating nutrient dense but tasteless foods such as asparagus.

Jen Jewell doing squats.
Jen Jewell doing squats

Moderation is the Key

Jen fuels herself after every two to three hours. And without being intrigued by preparing her body for some contest or special event, Jen makes sure that she does eat nutrient laden foods throughout the year. The brunette maintains moderation in her eating habits and doesn’t restrain her cravings to the level that they propel her to surrender to binge eating or something of that sort. She shares that she has tried embracing strict fad diet plans myriad times in bygone days, just to keep calories at bay but she only ended up reverting to her old eating habits. She contends that if you abide by your body signals and feed yourself with healthy foods when instigated by hunger pangs, you are unlikely to be troubled by diet issues. Jen admits that she being more inclined to sweet tooth felt captivated towards the consumption of desserts. But thanks to bodybuiding.com from where she got to learn some influential dessert recipes, which keep her from the stress to being affected by harmful impacts of sugar. She also inculcates foods having low fat and high protein content in her diet to ensure slimmer body and younger looking fresh skin.

Jen Jewell workout

Reliance on Supplements

Workouts coupled with supplements render required nourishment to your body. Jen has been consuming food supplements such as glutamine, protein powder, BCAAs etc. since long. However, recently she has introduced some new supplements such as products of Cellucor in her diet. Jen states that she is immensely pleased with the astounding benefits of the supplements offered by Cellucor, which she is endorsing too.

Outdoor Fun Workouts

Jen points up the importance of outdoor workouts such as hiking, biking, stair climbing etc. which have fun factor involved in them. She even has her clients execute such workouts because workouts with fun rev up their chances to get superior benefits in minimal time.

Jen Fitness Program

Jen Jewell working out her "back" with "one arm" exercise.
Jen Jewell working out her “back” with “one arm” exercise.

Being fitness enthusiast, Jen has devised fitness program to help her fans attain their fitness objectives. Her fitness program consists of set of grueling circuit training which will switch on the reset button in your body. You can join her “one week” fitness program and tap into the body you want.

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