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Jena Malone Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Jena Malone workout and diet

Sensational star, Jena Malone has got slender and enviable curvy figure every woman would love to have. Having been through admirable transformation in weight, Jena once again can be seen in assassin shape in the movie, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013). Despite being naturally lean, Jena confesses that she had to try her butt off to get desired figure. The stunner credits both sweaty workouts and clean diet for her sylph like figure. Let’s have a look at the diet and workout secrets of Jena Malone.

Take the First Step – Embark on Workouts

Jena shares that mostly slim people never feel the need of workouts because they are already in good shape. She too being one of such people had never performed exercises in her life. The first ever time, she embarked on workouts was to groom her body for action movie, Sucker Punch (2011). And since workouts were absolutely new to her, she found it difficult to perform even simple exercises such as pull ups. However, after three weeks, as her body got accustomed to workouts, excellent results of workouts begin showing up. Apart from feeling lighter, she felt immensely energized and agile. And the influences indeed were not only limited to physical appearance and well being, she could also view changes taking place at emotional level. She found herself growing emotionally stable and balanced. Jena is so impressed with workouts that she doesn’t allow any chance to go to suggest her fans to take the first step to incorporate workouts in their routine. Once you will do that, all other things will themselves fall into place and you will never feel like departing yourself from workouts.

Jena Malone in a still from Hunger Games
Jena Malone in a still from Hunger Games

Workouts with Personal Trainer

Jena states, heroic stunt scenes which look so stress-free actually require enormous strength, stamina, and endurance. Such scenes are repeated perpetually until perfection in the scenes is acquired. Her sultry image in the movie is the result of two months of grueling workout sessions which she performed under the supervision of fitness instructor, Patrick Murphy. Her workout routine was like executing exercises for five days in a week. Apart from varied martial training, he had her do vigorous strength training and agility exercises. Ripped and sculpted body of Jena is the testimony of weight training which she performed with diverse equipments such as resistance bands, weighted bars, cables, dumbbells, kettlebell etc.

Right Methodology of Workouts

You might perform workouts all by yourself too but that might have you miss out the most critical aspect of workouts i.e. accurate methodology of exercises. Not only do workouts in the supervision of expert cut back your chances of being injured, it also speeds up the influence of results. Moreover, fitness expert polishes your workout skills and have you recognize your real potential which might remain understated when you perform workouts on your own. Her trainer allocated her exercise schedule to tone particular muscle group in her body. To make sure that all the major muscles in her body are adequately trained and worked out, he altered her workouts. For example, if she executed pushing movements for one day, he had her execute pulling movements for the next day. And since performing monotonous workouts is just like giving invitation to fitness plateau, Jena kept her exercises from getting stagnant.

Love for Organic Foods

Jena is not a fitness freak but she certainly does understand the importance of nutrition. She is aware of the fact that your body and skin reflect exactly what you feed to it. So, she steers clear from processed and oily foods and rather inculcates clean and organic foods in her diet. Not only does the consumption of good foods make you look awesome, it also fills you with vibrant energy and thus makes you more creative.

Healthy Tips for Fans

Here are some of the healthy tips which shall help you stay attuned with your weight loss objective.

Don’t Be Obsessive

While following healthy eating habits, don’t be so obsessive about the consumption of foods that you look like a freak to your friends. Rather than looking each and every food item with suspicious eyes, you can rather opt eating small portion size of them.

Time for New Beginning

Many a times it happens that you were following a regular workout regime for a long time with gratifying results, but due to some reason, you go off the track. The good news is – it’s never too late. You are always free to make new beginning of your life from the very next day. Begin workouts as soon as the idea to embark on them or restart them strikes you.

Exercise Even When You are Depressed

Anxiety, emotional turmoil, or other negative emotions might loudly appeal you not to perform workouts. However, if you work out while overlooking your depressing state of mind, exercises will not disappoint you. Not only will you get a great workout but your mood too will turn better.

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