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Jennifer Hawkins Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Jennifer Hawkins is a renowned model who knows how to stay fit and look great all the time. When one looks at her body, one may wonder how many hours she puts in for exercise and how much she eats.

If you are thinking the same things, then you are in luck as we have described her workout routine and diet plan right here. What’s more is that you also get to know about her fitness plan before a show and some amazing beauty tips.

Need for Preparation

Though the stunner has modeled for scores of events and brands, she says that she prepares for each and every event because there is a lot of media and cameras around her.

Workout Routine

The workout regime of the beauty involves exercising a lot. She says exercising is not for her body, it’s for her soul as well. One exercise she does most is squats, especially squatting with weights. She is also a fan of running, Pilates, yoga and ab work. In her opinion, cardio and Pilates are awesome options for fitness and keeping toned.

Working Out on a Holiday

The wife of Jake Wall likes to work out even when she is on holiday. She prefers doing weighted squats and resistance training during the holidays.

Workout Aim

The aim of putting so many hours in the gym is to maintain her womanly physique and to define her butt.

Workouts for a Show

While preparing for a show, she might up the ante a bit and run for 5 days a week and do Pilates with her trainer for 2 days a week. She also does loads of squats, yoga and ab work. She also increases the frequency of meditations to keep her mind in check before a show.

The Anticipation

The diva admits that she still feels the butterflies before a show and considers it to be natural. But she is also quite comfortable when she has to be out there because she switches into performance mode.

Diet Plan

The Aussie also shared her exact diet plan recently. Have a look.


Porridge with flax seeds, prunes, and blueberries or fried eggs on sourdough with a lot of olive oil.


Chicken salad


Apples or Oranges


Fish or chicken and lots of vegetables.

No Food Elimination

Though the entrepreneur admits that she becomes strict with her eating before an event, she doesn’t believe in eliminating food groups. One thing she does cut back on is her alcohol intake.

Diet for a Show

On the day of the show, she has a healthy breakfast. It consists of a bowl full of ingredients like flax seeds, oats, quinoa flakes, prunes, honey, almond milk, almonds, peanut butter, chopped banana, blueberries and Freedom Foods clusters.

In lunch, she has fish and vegetables and snacks on almonds and fruits during the day. She also drinks peppermint tea for soothing and to deal with bloating.

After a show, she indulges in pizza and tequila.

Mental Health

Jennifer likes to keep mentally healthy by meditating at home daily. She does it for just 10 minutes a day and it changes things. It makes her feel calmer, conscious and mindful. While meditating, she doesn’t use an app but uses her experience of working with yoga trainers to ensure that she accepts all the thoughts cropping into her head until the thoughts aren’t there anymore. She started meditation for good sleep and has been getting this benefit for years now.

Meditation also makes her feel good from the inside.

Food and Beauty

The former Miss Universe (2004) thinks that olive oil is a key for good skin. She also thinks that food is a key factor for your complexion and admits that she eats for her skin. Foods that help her skin look awesome are fiber and olive oil.

Beauty Tips

You might not believe it but the beauty philosophy of the supermodel is less is more. She says that if you want healthy skin, you need to exfoliate and moisturize it properly.

You can also go for monthly facial and extraction facials a few times a year like her. She is also a big fan of coconut oil and uses it to cook as well as apply it on her hair and skin.

Featured Image by Eva Rinaldi / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

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