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Jennifer Hudson Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Jennifer Hudson diet and fitness

Fab and glam Jennifer Hudson is an American spokesperson, actress, and recording artist. The singer gained great name and fame with her appearance on American Idol, season three in 2004, in which she finished seventh position. And in 2006, her debut movie, Dreamgirls had her conquer numerous awards. From then on, Jennifer never looked back and kept tasting the alluring flavors of fame and success.

Besides that, her spectacular transformation from flab to fab is worth nothing but admiration. The sensational singer who was seldom a slender celeb dropped massive eighty pounds from her body and joined the league of celebs owning curvaceous figure. Since fetching herself from size sixteen to six four was seldom stress free, the stunner programmed her brain with consistent feeding of positive messages. Jennifer attributes her incredible curves to the balanced diet and exercises she followed.

Jennifer Hudson Diet Plan

To trigger fat burning process in her body, the bombshell succumbed to Weight Watchers, which is a healthy weight loss program. Under the diet program, you need to make a note of your goals and pen down your daily food items. Besides that, the diet program doesn’t entertain clandestine approach of astounding your pals with your reduced weight out of blue. It rather seeks you to share your fitness objective with your buddies on social networking sites, emails, or any other way possible.

Jennifer didn’t step back from uploading her overweight figure on social networking sites and welcoming her pals to make comments on her hefty body. Instead of being depressed by their negative comments, she used those comments as motivating factors, which kept her linger to her fitness objective all the while. Her pleasure indeed was unseeingly high when she got to flaunt her slender and toned figure to the world.

Unlike fad diet programs, which banish myriad food items from your diet regime, the diet program allows you to eat what you wish to eat in moderation. And the principle of moderation in eating habits is what keeps check on your temptations. Jennifer embraced the diet program with the mind-set that she might need to eliminate bountiful foods from her diet regime.

However, she got astounded when she was permitted to eat her adored ice creams and other foods in small size. Besides that, her diet plan being focused on keeping her satisfied for longer, inculcated copious sources of lean protein such as grilled fish, skinless chicken etc. Apart from that, instead of eating pre-packaged foods, she banked on self-cooked foods, which she made sure were loaded with nutrients.

Jennifer Hudson Workout Routine

Credited with a trimmed waist and sculpted figure, the kick-ass beauty was seldom wary about the significance of workouts until she got blessed with her first child, son David Daniel Otunga in 2009. Since dropping post-baby weight is not a kid’s affair, Jennifer embarked on an exercise regime. Under the guidance and supervision of her personal trainer, Elizabeth Josefsberg, she performed influential workouts. And it was the result of her sheer endeavors and perseverance, that she could torch eighty pounds from her body.

Jennifer Hudson workout

While devoting fifty minutes on workouts in a day, she executes her workouts five times in a day. Her workout regime consists of twenty-five minutes of interval training with lunges, dumbbell squats, curls, press, tricep extension, plank, side plank etc., and thirty minutes of cardio workouts such as running, playing basketball, etc. Totally flattered with her new curves, the sultry star aspires to maintain her size six figure for her lifetime. At times when she doesn’t feel motivated enough to execute her workouts, she engages her in physical activities while being accompanied by her pals.

Healthy Recommendation For Jennifer Hudson Fans

Jennifer recommends all her fans not to lose hope because it’s never too late. No matter, since how long you have been victim of obesity, you can defy your weight with your resilient and relentless attitude, just the way she did. However, to make that really happen to you, you need to fall in love with yourself. You have got to treat you like a princess, feed you like a princess, and dress you like a princess.

Instead of mimicking someone else’s style, develop your own panache and allow you to appreciate the great things you have got in treasure. Such a positive approach will fuel your mind and will inspire you to shed weight. Just remember one thing, you don’t have to shed weight to delight someone, you rather have to do it because it nurtures your own desires.

To make a start, buy two or three expensive dresses of the size you wish to acquire. Every time you will look at those dresses, they will propel your imagination and will nudge you to melt weight to fit into those tiny dresses. While catering to beautiful fantasy, embrace discreet diet plan and workout regime, which you know will be beneficial for you, and before long, you will be in your sought after body shape.

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