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Jesinta Campbell 2016 Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Jesinta Campbell workout selfie
Jesinta Campbell workout selfie

Jesinta Campbell has always been very open about her ideas on workout, diet, health and fitness. She has now spilled it all in her new book Live a Beautiful Life that’s up for sale. Here, we try to explore her workout routine and diet secrets as well as her ideas on mental health and her preferred methods of relaxation. Keep reading to know it all.

Being Healthy

For the stunner, being healthy seems like a puzzle. She says that in order for a person to be healthy, different pieces of a puzzle need to come together to create a new picture. Well, what are the pieces? She says it includes keeping fit, getting enough sleep, eating right, and taking care of one’s mental well-being. Drinking enough water is also vital.

The Mistakes

The talented model also shared a major mistake regarding her workout routine. She says that for many years, she trained hard but didn’t give her body enough rest. She adds that she felt guilty if she didn’t go to the gym before and after work daily, reports Yahoo.

Jesinta Campbell during a photoshoot in Sydney in 2016
Jesinta Campbell during a photoshoot in Sydney in 2016

The Right Way

But when she met professional sportsman and her current husband, Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin, she realized that she was on the wrong track. She has now learned the value of rest and recovery. It has made her life easier. She now knows how to space out her exercise routines in order to not overdo it again.

Workout Routine

Her workout routine now involves having one intense workout day, then having alternate recovery days. She also has a complete rest day for one or two days a week. While working out, she follows the ‘go hard’ or ‘go home’ approach. She does cardio in every intense workout routine where she does tasks like running or boxing. During the recovery days, she does weights or Pilates as they help in toning her physique. Her preferred workout is boxing. She is up at 6 every morning to train. (Wow, that’s what we call dedication!!)

Preferred Workout Outfit

When working out, the diva likes to wear black long tights, a black cap, a black crop and a good singlet.

Jesinta Campbell boxing workout
Jesinta Campbell boxing workout

Pre-Workout Snack

If she has a workout in early mornings, she doesn’t have anything as a pre-workout snack. But if she is having the workout in the afternoons, she has a smoothie or a banana as a snack.

Rest Days

On the rest days, she does nothing at all. Her time is usually spent in watching TV or spending time with friends and family. (Isn’t that what we all do?)

Diet Secrets

The general diet rule she follows is to have only wholesome organic food from every Monday to Friday. Her meals usually include chicken, fish, and fresh vegetables. She has only nuts for snacks.

Cheat Days

The beauty pageant titleholder thinks that cheat days are a good idea. She controls her cravings until the weekend because, on Saturday and Sunday, she likes to indulge. On Saturdays, she indulges in wine and on Sundays, Jesinta eats chocolate to satisfy her naughty sweet tooth, reports OK Magazine.

Jesinta Campbell after a workout session
Jesinta Campbell after a workout session

Mental Health Issues

The former Miss Universe Australia thinks that healthy body and a healthy mind are vital for everyone. She says that you cannot survive nicely when either is defective. She also opened up about her own mental health issues. Her admission that she sees a professional regularly is very brave and she also says that she is not afraid to talk about it. Campbell believes that it’s vital for her to help people around her to speak up on the matter without feeling uncomfortable.

After every session with a professional therapist, she feels that it helps her to download all the stress and worries. She also feels much better after every session so it’s helping her, reports News.com.au.

Jesinta Campbell at 2016 Logie Awards
Jesinta Campbell at 2016 Logie Awards

Relaxation Method

The preferred methods of relaxation loved by the TV host include wearing comfortable clothes, having a bath or shower and reading a book. She also likes going for a swim in the ocean. Sometimes, she also uses a glass of red wine to relax but balances it out by working out hard the next day. It’s all about balance for her.

Did you like the Jesinta Campbell workout routine and diet secrets? If so, you can gather more tips by following her on Facebook and Twitter. You can also get a look at her previous workout and diet over here to see how it’s changed with time.

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