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Jesinta Campbell Workout Routine and Diet Secrets

Jesinta Campbell during David Jones Fashion Show showing off her 6 packs
Jesinta Campbell during David Jones Fashion Show showing off her 6 packs

Jesinta Campbell is one of the hottest models of Australia. She is as dedicated to being fit as she is to her modeling career. She recently merged the two when she sought assistance of a renowned female boxer, Lauryn Eagle to train her at Eagle’s gym at Taren Point (for which Campbell had to drive from her home in Sydney’s eastern suburbs on a weekly basis). The aim of these sessions was to show off an impressive body at the David Jones fashion show. Even after she achieved this goal, she devised a new one (new healthy workout routine and diet plan) to which she is sticking to.

Jesinta Campbell boxing with trainer, Lauryn Eagle
Jesinta Campbell boxing with trainer, Lauryn Eagle

Workout Routine

As reported by Daily Telegraph Australia, the Australian actress attended many weekly one-hour sessions that were filled with tough exercises such as hooks, jabs, uppercuts, skipping and combinations. She also added Pilates, jogging, ballet, yoga and beach walks to her workout routine. Doing 150 push-ups on a daily basis is also said to be a part of her workout. She likes doing a combination of yoga, ballet and Pilates as it helps her to keep her body toned and the core strengthened.

Loving the Boxing

The TV Host has also admitted that she loved boxing a lot. She liked the concentration and discipline involved in boxing. She also liked the challenge of learning something new, which she had never done before in her life and excelling in it. Jesinta also said that the goal of improving her performance every week is what kept her motivated.

Jesinta Campbell in boxing ring
Jesinta Campbell in boxing ring

Be Consistent

The fashion model recommended all the fitness freaks to be consistent with regard to their health and fitness. She advised that you should be consistent with your fitness routine as you can’t afford to do workout and stay healthy for three days a week, and eat whatever you want and avoid exercising for the remaining four days.

Diet Secrets

When the beauty was preparing for the David Jones fashion show, she gave up alcohol completely for many weeks. This helped her to train in a better way and recover from minor injuries more quickly. Her breakfast usually consisted of a poached egg, spinach, avocados and steamed asparagus. She also included loads of fresh vegetables, fruits, white fish and chicken in her diet. She indulged in red meat sometimes but kept its quantity to the minimum.

Jesinta Campbell poses for Asics
Jesinta Campbell poses for Asics

The Result

As the Aussie star got to work with her idols like Megan Gale and Miranda Kerr on the David Jones show, she really worked hard for it. She got great results too as she flaunted off a six pack developed in just three months.

Getting Addicted to Staying Fit

Though most people expected the beauty pageant titleholder to indulge a lot after showing off her six packs in the show, but, she is staying close to her fitness goals. If the report of the Daily Mail is to be believed, the lady just had a single champagne after the show and had resisted alcohol since then.

Campbell even confessed that she had a cheat day recently when she ate a packet of chips, a vanilla shake and one chocolate bar just in one single day. It wasn’t a good experience for her as she felt very bad from the inside. She believes that it happened because her body was used to being clean and didn’t react well to bad foods.

The Next Goal

Jesinta Campbell is the ambassador of Blackmores Sydney Running Festival
Jesinta Campbell is the ambassador of Blackmores Sydney Running Festival

The ambassador for the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival now has another excuse to stay fit. The festival will be held on September 20, 2015 and Jesinta has started practicing for it by running around Sydney’s Centennial Park, Royal Botanic Gardens and Opera House. She also runs on the well-known Bondi to Bronte coastal walk.

How’s She Feeling Now?

Miss Universe Australia 2010 has acknowledged that she is feeling as fit and healthy as she had ever been in life.

Be As Fit As You Can

The guest reporter of The Morning Show also has a bit of advice for all health fanatics. She suggests that everyone should decide what’s healthy for them. There’s no ideal body shape, one should strive for. Everyone has their own health and body, and they should stick to it no matter whether it is size 8 or size 16.

Jesinta Campbell poses for Asics in her workout gear
Jesinta Campbell poses for Asics in her workout gear

Praising the Trainer

The former participant of The Celebrity Apprentice Australia also praised her trainer for keeping her fit and motivated. She revealed that Lauryn helped her to stay motivated by sending motivational messages every now and then. Lauryn was also a support for her and she was amazed to see the amount of hard work, Lauryn puts in her sessions.

Getting Praised

Lauryn Eagle has reciprocated the feelings shared by Campbell by disclosing that Jesinta is a very real person who made her job easier by not demanding any special treatment. She also added that Jesinta is a very nice and down to earth person who is filled with energy and is very tough at the core.

Well, we must say that the workout routine of Jesinta Campbell is really interesting and we hope she attains more success in her fitness journey.

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