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Jessica Biel 2017 Workout and Diet Plan

Jessica Biel is a beautiful American actress who admits that staying healthy is all about getting the right exercise and eating the right foods. She also thinks that motherhood has influenced the way she eats and she tries to eat healthy mostly.

You can have a look at her exact workout routine and diet plan over here:

Workout Routine

The daily exercise routine of the stunner includes doing yoga and strength training. She works out with popular trainer Jason Walsh whose clients usually do loads of climbing exercise machines.

Workout Advice for Fans

If you are her fan and want to get fit in an affordable manner, then you can try the website YogaGlo as it offers thousands of professionally filmed meditation and yoga classes. It allows you to get in a session anytime and anywhere. The best thing is that it costs just USD 18 per month. Surely, you can shell out that much for your health, can’t you?

Diet Philosophy

The 7th Heaven (1996-2007) alum likes to keep her diet clean and simple. She also has a lot of fruits and vegetables.

Healthy Eating Advice for Moms

The mother of one advises all the moms to give greens to their kids. You can just sneak it in their foods without the need to let them know it’s there. One of the fool proof ideas you can try is to hide vegetables in eggs, stews, soups, quiche, smoothies, etc.

Cheat Days

Though the actress likes to eat healthy most of the time, there are days when she cheats. When that happens, she eats whatever she wants and goes for big portions of unhealthy foods like cookies and pizza.

Fresh Foods

The wife of Justin Timberlake likes the fact that she has a garden in her home at California. It allows her to pick spinach, radishes and other stuff. She just throws them together in a salad and gets a healthy meal ready. She loves living in California because she can grow fresh all year long.

Diet Plan

Jessica’s entire diet plan is mentioned right here.


Though the breakfast choices of the diva vary, she is particularly a fan of a Paleo pancake mix that has no wheat, gluten or dairy. It just has a lot of coconuts. She enjoys Paleo pancakes with cashew or almond butter, honey, chicken-apple sausage and fresh juice or green tea.


She prefers making a fresh salad with quinoa. She also likes having veggie burgers from Whole Foods or Erewhon where one just needs to grill them and add some nuts to it.


The producer likes to have gluten-free pretzels with an almond cheese dip that almost tastes like cream cheese, but still, it has no dairy.


During dinner, the model likes to have salmon, rice, and grilled vegetables if she is at home. If she is going out, she has some chicken and some foods that are a little heartier.

No Dairy

The Minnesota-born likes to stay away from dairy products because she feels better on the days when she doesn’t have dairy. She also has more energy on these days.

Training and Eating

The star admits that she ups the protein intake if she is training for a specific purpose like a role or an appearance at the event. Otherwise, she doesn’t do too much eating for training.

Eating as a Mother

The Sinner (2017-Present) actress says that her food habits have changed after being a mother. She ate fresh during her pregnancy and nowadays, it’s common for her to eat leftover scraps from her son’s plate. Most usually, she finishes up his breakfast leftovers as she has very busy mornings.

Family Food Philosophy

The lovely lady tries to ensure that her family eats healthy most of the times. But there are days when her son, Silas wants to eat pasta or French fries instead of broccoli or spinach and they give in.

How Motherhood Improved Her

The Total Recall (2012) actress says that she has become more emotional, more sensitive and more everything to the world since becoming a mother. She also learned patience and compassion after embracing motherhood which helped her professional career too. In essence, it won’t be wrong to say that motherhood made her mentally stronger.

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