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Jessica Chastain Vegan Diet Plan Workout Routine

Actors work really hard to fit in their characters, putting or losing weight is another way of bringing characters into reality. Jessica Chastain is among one of the finest and hardworking actresses in Hollywood. She has given some great back to back hits lately and has proved her amazing acting talent. Recently, her acting in the movie ‘The Help’ was well acclaimed but it wasn’t so easy and effortless as it looks on screen. She also had to put on 15 pounds to fit in the character of Celia. Her character demanded her to look voluptuous as she portrayed look-alike of Monroe. However, now she is amazingly back to her curvy and soft looks. Keep reading how she managed to do it.

Strict Diet Regime Of Jessica

Jessica Is A Vegan…..Why?

The Oscar-nominated actress has been vegan from the past 10 years [since circa 2008] and also a pure vegetarian from almost last 20 years [since circa 1998]. However, there was a scene in the movie “The Help” where she had to eat fried chicken; she ensured that it was a vegan chicken (Vegan chicken is the imitation of real chicken that is designed to taste like a real chicken).

She also revealed that she is highly inspired by her mother who is also a vegan and runs vegan restaurants as well. Jessica believes that being a vegan offers great perks regarding health. She has been able to lose her extra pounds after following a strict vegan diet.

Jessica Chastain Svelte Figure
Jessica Chastain Svelte Figure

Jessica Doesn’t Want To Be Cruel

Although, Jessica has eaten a fried chicken in the movie ‘The Help’ but she has followed a vegetarian diet for 15 years. She is an animal lover and prefers vegetarian diet to maintain her skinny frame. To be precise, a vegetarian is someone who does not eat seafood, meat or even dairy products. However, Jessica reveals that she can not stop herself from eating ice cream and prefers vegan ice cream to maintain her slim figure.

She is not the only actor who claims the high benefits of being a vegetarian. There are many celebrities who rely heavily on vegetarian diets to remain in shape; one of them is Olivia Wilde.

Scientifically, there are numerous benefits of following a well calculated vegetarian diet. It is also the miracle behind her quick weight loss of those extra 15 pounds. She has been able to peel off those extra pounds within months by her strict vegetarian diets.

Get To Know About Her Work Out

Jessica Believes In The Power Of Yoga

Jessica strongly believes that yoga is an extremely powerful tool to lose quick weight. According to her, yoga is more than a physical exercise for her as she finds it relaxing and calms her senses. Even if you devote a little time of your life to yoga, it will not only keep you fit and healthy physically but also mentally and emotionally. The actress has been able to lose all those extra pounds by burning more calories through yoga. Power Yoga involves deep breathing and stretching of your body which is a complete aerobic, and thus it is one of the most effective ways of losing weight. Jessica does yoga for at least five to even six days in a week and probably this is the reason behind her curvy figure.

More About Jessica

Jessica Chastain continues to gain and reduce her weight to meet the demand of film. Other than being an actress, Jessica Chastain is a trained dancer, a pop icon, and a pious yoga disciple.

For the movie “The Help”, Jessica gained 15 pounds and changed her hair color to play the character of Celia Foote. For a fanatic, it will take an extra mile to look like this pop icon. Curves of pinup gal have grown out to be great zeal among Jessica fans. Jessica Chastain does not believe in shedding an extra pound and start with having soy ice-cream on hand. However, the actress does follow a strict diet plan to stay fit and maintain her curves.

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  1. “To be precise, a vegetarian is someone who does not eat seafood, meat or even dairy products.”

    That’s incorrect. A vegetarian doesn’t eat animals. A vegan doesn’t eat animals or their byproducts. Furthermore, she was a pescatarian for approximately 12 years before becoming a vegan.


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