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Jessica Sepel Workout Routine, Diet Plan, and Health Tips

Jessica Sepel is one of the most renowned international health authors who has built herself into a brand and is doing everything she can to help people live a healthier life. Here, you can learn about the workout routine and diet plan Jessica follows and make the most of some useful health tips shared by her.

Jessica Sepel in November 2018
Jessica Sepel in November 2018 (Jessica Sepel / Instagram)

Diet Plan


On weekdays, her breakfast includes overnight oats, chia pudding or a healthy smoothie. On weekends, she indulges in a creamy acai bowl or some greens and an egg bowl. Coffee is also an essential part of her breakfast menu.


For lunch, she likes making a healthy lunch bowl from a salad bar. The bowl is filled with protein, veggies, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats.


At dinnertime, she likes to have a salad with fish and shrimp or sushi with a cauliflower rice bowl. She also eats Japanese salad whenever possible. After the meal, she often indulges in something sweet because she believes in having everything in moderation. During the weekends, she likes to indulge in a few glasses of red wine with her friends.

Workout Routine

The nutrition expert likes to stay fit by dedicating 20-30 minutes to exercise regularly. Some of the exercises she prefers are yoga, HIIT, and walking. The workout that she picks depends on how she feels on that particular day and a few exercise destinations she visits are Playlist Yoga, Runyon Canyon, and Body by Simone.

Jessica Sepel in a mirror selfie in October 2018
Jessica Sepel in a mirror selfie in October 2018 (Jessica Sepel / Instagram)

Eating Fresh

She likes to visit farmers’ markets during the weekends to get fresh produce and uses it in the meals.

An Eating Disorder

Some of you might be astonished to know that the Aussie had an eating disorder when she was young. When she was 14, she found out about dieting and assumed it to be comforting because it gave her the control. Soon after, things started to get worse because dieting damaged her relationship with food and put her on the verge of an eating disorder.

During this phase of her life, she was exercising twice a day, weighing herself daily, sticking to diet foods, and trying every radical diet. She put too many diet restrictions on herself and criticized her body the whole time. This pattern continued for a few years.

The Change

Things changed when Jessica realized that her mental patterns and relationship with food were dominating her life and she was looking for happiness, love, and approval in the wrong places. It was then that she decided to learn more about nutrition, health, and the needs of her body. This marked the beginning of her JSHealth journey.

JSHealth Principles

Now, a few years later than she started the JSHealth journey, she is a changed person. Now, she follows JSHealth principles such as listening to her body, being mindful of her choices, showing herself love, and depending on the right foods like healthy fats, organic protein, nourishing whole foods, and starchy vegetables.

As she has herself battled disordered eating in the past, she now wants to help women dealing with the same to overcome the issue. Some of the tips that she has shared in this regard are mentioned right here.

Manage Stress

Sepel wants people not to stress too much as it leads to an increase in cortisol levels and adrenaline. If you want to combat stress like her, you should try deep breathing, sleeping early, and limiting your social media use.

Listen to Your Inner Voice

When you are about to eat any meal, you should ask yourself whether your body needs the foods you are eating? Sometimes, people eat food when they think they are hungry but the reality is that their body is not craving food, it might want some rest, water or a walk in the fresh air. So, you should make sure that you know when you are feeling hungry and when you just want food for the sake of it.

Jessica Sepel as seen in October 2018
Jessica Sepel as seen in October 2018 (Jessica Sepel / Instagram)

Have a Balanced Diet

You should include a lot of leafy greens, gluten-free grains, colorful vegetables, organic protein, beans, pulses, low-sugar fruits, nuts, and seeds in your diet. This will allow your body to have a lot of nutrients and minerals. As a result, you will feel more satiated.

Follow 80/20

Like many fitness enthusiasts, Jessica also wants you to follow the 80/20 diet rule in which you can enjoy nourishing foods 80 percent of the time and indulge in treats during the rest 20 percent of the time. Even while indulging, you should stick to nutrient-dense treats.

Get Support

The chances of staying on the path of fitness increase when you find a community that helps you to be better, gives you the necessary strength, and inspires you to live a healthy and happy life. So, find a buddy or a few buddies to keep motivating you.

Love Yourself

Loving yourself is the essence of life and you should show that love by indulging in activities that make you happy. For some people indulging means watching a TV show while for others, it means having a massage at a spa. No matter what your idea of self-love is, make sure that you do that. Also, remember to accept who you are and don’t try to be someone you were never meant to be.

Featured Image by Jessica Sepel / Instagram

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