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John Goodman Workout Routine and Diet Plan

John Goodman weight loss - John in November 2014 (Left) and in October 2015 (Right)
John Goodman weight loss – John in November 2014 (Left) and in October 2015 (Right)

Weight Loss has become a trend in Hollywood these days. Male actors are also supposed to look lean and fit in every film they do, otherwise people might not want to see them in the next movie. One of the popular stars that has joined the weight loss club of Hollywood men is none other than John Goodman. Some people still know him as Dan Conner of Roseanne (1988–1997) while some recognize him as Frank King in his latest release Trumbo (2015).

John Goodman as film producer Frank King in Trumbo
John Goodman as film producer Frank King in Trumbo

No matter what role do you want to remember him by, the fact is that the actor is gaining a lot of attention lately for achieving dramatic weight loss and showing it off at every chance he gets (Remember him on BFI London Film Festival premiere a few weeks back and the recent red carpet premiere of his new flick Love the Coopers?)

So the question that comes to mind is that how he achieved this dramatic weight loss? Read on to know the answer.

The Initiation

A few years back Goodman confessed that he wanted to live life better than he was currently doing it. He said he can’t sit and decide what to eat next. So we think the main agenda of the recent weight loss was to make his life better.

The Process

John Goodman trainer Mackie Shilstone
John Goodman trainer Mackie Shilstone

As reported by US Magazine, celebrity trainer Mackie Shilstone who helped the veteran actor recently admitted that the weight loss process was not easy. It did not happen overnight. He also added that weight loss involves strategic planning, so they went that route. The difference between the previous weight loss attempts and this one was that the celebrity really wanted to do it.

Workout Routine

The workout routine of the gifted actor included working out for 6 days a week. He focused mainly on taking ten to twelve thousand steps in a day. He also took help of an elliptical bicycle and a treadmill when he was not working. John liked breaking a sweat but he also admitted that he was not going nuts.

John Goodman as Dan Conner
John Goodman as Dan Conner

Mackie, on the other hand appraised the dedication shown by the Argo (2012) actor and said that when the former is running, Mackie gets out of the way because he is very agile.

Impact on Life

The former trainer of Serena Williams also said that the weight loss will help the talented actor to get better film roles as he can now do justice to athletic parts too.

Diet Plan

The weight loss journey also started off when the actor realized that drinking alcohol is doing no good to his weight loss issues. He stopped drinking alcohol and modified his diet too. He has been staying away from sugar and sugar-based products lately. He is also strictly following a Mediterranean-style eating plan. For those of you who don’t know what it is, Mediterranean style eating involves eating more healthy stuff like vegetables, fruits, olive oil, fish and nuts. To know more about this diet, do check out this amazing article by Health.com.

The Result

The Treme (2010-2013) actor has got tremendous results due to the sweat, he has been putting in and the diet control he has been practicing as he has successfully lost more than 100 lbs. Well, that’s commendable, we must say.

John Goodman at BFI London Film Festival in October 2015
John Goodman at BFI London Film Festival in October 2015

No Going Back

Mackie Shilstone praised Goodman’s efforts and says that he will stay fit for long this time as the versatile actor knows how he felt when he weighed 400 lbs in 2011 and it’s not something, he will want to experience again in life. He concluded the matter by saying that Goodman’s success lies in the way he changed his life in the last two years.

We would just like to add here that we hope Goodman to stay firm on exercising and following the right diet as we really like his new look. We would also like to say that if a seasoned actor can achieve the weight loss results he wants, why can’t you?

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