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Joseline Hernandez Trainer Gee Bryant Holiday Fitness Tips

Well, Thanksgiving is finally over, and you might be gearing up to do your Christmas Shopping now. If so, you already know that you have entered that time of the year when indulgence becomes a habit and you can’t say no to all the holiday season special foods like the apple pies made by your mum.

In case, you are worried that you will overindulge during this holiday season and fail to meet your fitness goals, then you must have a look at some holiday fitness tips shared by the celebrity trainer Gee Bryant who got the credit for helping in achieving Joseline Hernandez’s incredible post-baby body.

Get Active

If you want to stay fit and yet have fun with your family and friends this holiday season, then you should indulge in activities that make you get going. Do not stick to games such as board games as they make you sit in a place for long and might never make you healthy.

Instead, you need to choose sports that make you work hard with your body such as sledding, football, jumping rope or just roaming around with kids in the family.

Set a Goal

It is also a smart idea to set a daily fitness goal such as running 5 miles or trying a new bodyweight exercise daily, says the successful coach. It will ensure that you get out of the bed every day and start exercising without pushing yourself too hard.

Workout with Someone

You can also try to find a workout buddy because it will ensure that you remain accountable to stay fit during the holiday season. It will also ensure that you remain competitive and set new fitness goals with your partner.

Fun & Games

When you are visiting your loved ones, don’t play on your mobile or TV, instead, select fun games like snowball fights, tag, and ice skating among others to ensure that you stay more active.

Playing these games will also help you to relive your childhood and get rid of most of the stresses of adult life.

Stick to Portion Control

If you don’t want to overindulge this holiday season, the best practice you need to follow is portion control. Keep an eye on the size of portion you are eating and limit it whenever possible.

Set a New Year Goal

When you want to stay fit during the new year festivities, you should set a long-term goal that you will achieve during 35 days between Thanksgiving and New Year. This goal can be anything like losing 2 pounds a week or fitting into your old jeans. It should be realistic and achievable to ensure that you keep at it.

Wise Treats

Though you may want to treat yourself with your favorite pizza or a giant tub of ice cream this holiday season, the public speaker suggests that you don’t give in to such temptations. If you want to treat yourself, you might want to invest in a good fitness gear. Good quality and comfortable fitness gear would motivate you to hit the gym regularly. It will also help you to look good from the outside and make you feel good from the inside too.

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We hope that Bryant’s fitness tips for the holiday season mentioned here will help you to stay fitter this holiday season while stopping you from overindulging and regretting it later on. Have a healthy 2017 holiday season!!

Featured Image by Gee Bryant / Instagram

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