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Josh Hutcherson Workout Routine Diet Plan

Josh Hutcherson is a 21-year-old American actor who has appeared in several movies and television shows since the year 2000. Currently, he plays military-related roles in movies. In spite of being young and enthusiastic, Josh Hutcherson has kept his physique admirable to all the movie producers and filmmakers. His work in the movie “The Hunger Games” has been liked by people very much and Josh will also show his acting talent in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 and Part 2. At 21 years of age he became a well known personality in the entire world because of his fit body and great acting skills. He has achieved this by having a strict workout routine and diet plan that is described below.

Josh Hutcherson Workout Routine

  • Gym

Josh Hutcherson attends gym sessions 5-6 days a week. These sessions are important in making his muscles stronger and flexible, and it is also important for chest enlargement and strength. Before starting the gym training, Josh first takes warm up runs for about 45 minutes. In this way, he is able to cope with the heavy weight lifting during the gym session. After the warm up, Hutcherson spends about 50-60 minutes in the gym. During this time, he involves himself in activities such as flipping car tires, lifting weights and slamming his body against the bats for playing baseball.

  • Circuit Gym Sessions

Josh’s exercises are dependent on the roles, he will play in the next movie. First, keeping his physique has been possible through circuit-style gym. Additionally, Josh plays basketball game at least once a week. This enhances his body agility and stability while moving and in action. During the circuit gym sessions, Hutcherson’s trainer attends to each part of his body one by one. Some of the exercises carried out during these sessions include ball workouts and Plyometrics. These exercises are undertaken four times per session. These exercises enhance high burnout of the calories and hence providing energy to the body for a short time.

Josh Hutcherson Workout Gym
Josh Hutcherson coming out of the gym after working out
  • Strengthening The Biceps

Another outstanding aspect of Hutcherson’s training is that his trainer emphasizes on strengthening the core. In this way, besides achieving a strong bicep, Hutcherson is able to perform excellently during the gym sessions. This is why Josh has strong muscles and can lift heavy weights in the movies.

Josh Hutcherson Diet Plan

  • High Proteins

Josh Hutcherson takes good amount of proteins in his meals. His meal comprises of chicken, eggs and other natural sources of proteins. He takes about 5-6 meals every day. Proteins provide him with strength and agility of the muscles. Additionally, these proteins provide the energy needed during action in movies. Furthermore, Josh takes protein supplements such as protein shake before sleeping or during the shooting process to keep his energy levels high.

  • Low Junk

To keep physically strong, Hutcherson does not eat junk foods such as fries. Instead, he prefers having fresh fruits and vegetables in his meals. Fruits and vegetables provide the body with necessary vitamins. Josh also enjoys eating baked foods, which he cooks by himself. His trainer discourages him from taking sandwiches and bread toasts. However, any other source of carbohydrate is preferable for him.

  • Typical Meal

Typically, Hutcherson’s meal consists of all nutrients. For example, at breakfast, he may take snacks with orange slices or with a fruit juice. He can also take Greek-style quiche for breakfast. During lunch, he typically takes grilled pineapple with chicken burger or meat. He takes snacks such as Caprese and tomato sauce in the afternoon. For dinner, he may typically take filet mignon, salad, fruit slices and asparagus with chocolate cake for dessert.

As a young actor, Josh Hutcherson has overcome the high liking for junk foods, which is the common behavior for most of the young Americans. From his plan, we can learn that the key to overcoming appetite for junk foods is to eat balanced diet and involve ourselves in physical exercises besides the normal daily routines.

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