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Josie Gibson Diet Plan And Workout Routine

Josie Gibson weight loss

Big Brother 2010 winner, Josie Gibson actually dazzled everyone when she shed six stones and appeared in the sveltest body. Her transformation is not less than a miracle. Who would have thought that a lady with overweight body, having flab acutely accumulated around her body parts could look so hot? But, Josie made it possible with her iron will and perseverance.

Being obsessed with eating, Josie was unable to control her craving for foods and used to eat like a beast. In June 2010, while participating in the reality show, Big Brother, she was size-14. However, due to sedentary lifestyle i.e. no exercise and bulge eating, she reached size-18 by August.

After gaining so much so, she hired a personal trainer to melt fat in Dec 2010 and successfully shed three stones (19 kilos). But then due to an ankle injury, she couldn’t do her workouts due to which she had to stay idle. She gained drastic weight during that time and reached size-20.

When she began feeling embarrassing while shopping for size twenty clothes for her, she declined to live life with humiliating body. She had immense desire to wear bikini without being bothered of being watched by people. And from there on, weight loss journey of the stunning star started. She hired James Stark as her personal trainer and cautiously marched towards her weight loss objective.

Josie Gibson Diet Plan

Foods being the biggest weakness of Josie kept her holding back from attaining iconic beauty from such a long time. She had really big appetite for junk, processed, and refined foods and kept eating foods until she finished the plate entirely.

But when her conscience prompted her, she switched to healthy eating habits. She inculcated plenty of high-protein, low-carb, and low-fat foods in her diet. She substituted all the junk and unhealthy snacks with green veggies, nuts, seeds etc. Doing so indeed was not easy to her because right from her childhood, she was in great love with foods.

She tried everything possible to stay away from unhealthy foods, and after abiding by balanced diet for six months, she finally conquered the hardest battle of her life. Having love for food is not a snag. However, the problem emanates when your adored foods fall under the category of energy sucking foods.

Josie Gibson Workout Routine

One of the reasons Josie stayed away from exercises was her deep-rooted aversion to gyms and long grueling sessions of workouts practiced there. Her personal trainer made life easy for her by devising twenty-minute circuit training for her. Resistance training, cardio were parts of her interval training.

Interval training, which is an amalgamation of high intensity and low intensity exercises in-fact, is very impactful way to drop pounds. Josie thoroughly enjoyed her workouts and got really overwhelmed with its flattering effects. It’s not that, Josie spends all her time in doing workouts. Without secluding her from social life, she practices workouts four days in a week.

Her trimmed and curvy waist, which is the sexiest part of her body, is the outcome of circuit training. Delighted Josie contends, she will never ever gain weight again except for her pregnancy time.

Healthy Recommendation For Josie Gibson Fans

Josie Gibson has set an inspiring example in front of overweight women who wish to acquire sculpted figure but don’t know how to take the first step. Worry, humiliation, and self-pity won’t help you in shedding weight. If you want to bring transition in your weight, instead of adhering to crash or fad diets, switch to healthy diet and regular exercises.

Josie also used fad and crash diets considering them as effective tools to lose weight. She tried bountiful fad diets, but after shedding weight for some days, she retrieved all her lost weight. No fad diet plan was able to render her long-lasting results.

Josie recommends her fans to follow the same formulas, which she herself used to shed pounds. Now, when the Goddess of sculpted figure ponders about her previous figure, she often feels why she ever wasted so much time on rubbish crash diets and all other craps.

She reckons no one else in the world but you are deterring yourself from attaining the sought-after figure. All you need to do is, recognize your flaws and sinister habits. You really can assure a blissful body for you by eliminating those discouraging factors from your life.

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