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Jourdan Dunn’s Trainer Brother Antoine Dunn Fitness Tips

Antoine Dunn and Jourdan Dunn
Antoine Dunn and Jourdan Dunn

Being the baby brother of a supermodel is not an easy feat. It becomes more complicated when you are also her trainer and have to make her look great. Here we try to explore the workout and diet tips from celebrity trainer and Jourdan Dunn’s brother Antoine Dunn. We also get to know his workout and diet preferences and understand about his favorite training method KOBOX.

KOBOX Training

Let’s begin by learning about the KOBOX training method that is preferred by the brother-sister duo. KOBOX is a boutique boxing gym that has a twist. It provides high-intensity boxing based classes in a tailored studio setting. It combines heavy bag box routines with functional strength training in an environment that resembles a fight club as well as a nightclub. At KOBOX, one will get fit without getting hit.

Location and Price

The first KOBOX studio was at Chelsea which was opened in 2015. Their second studio opened near Liverpool street station in February 2017. The cost of attending a class is £20. There are no joining or monthly fees. You can avail some discounts if you opt for bulk blocks of classes.

Diet Plan

The trainer doesn’t follow a diet plan as he doesn’t believe in them. He sticks to healthy eating and has every food in moderation.

Jourdan Dunn out and about in Barbados in 2017
Jourdan Dunn out and about in Barbados in 2017

Diet Tips

He wants you to be realistic with your diet. You should not give yourself an impossible task that will make eating a chore. Pick foods that are enjoyable. If you are preparing for something, you should try to finely measure your foods. If the foods you pick are not enjoyable, you will more likely give up healthy eating sooner or later, which might make you feel miserable.

Achieving a Celebrity Body

The fitness expert does not think that achieving a celebrity body is possible because he believes everybody is different. You should not try to be like someone else, your focus should be on being a better version of yourself. Be happy with the better version of yourself and never try to look exactly like a celebrity.

Brother and sister duo, Antoine Dunn and Jourdan Dunn
Brother and sister duo, Antoine Dunn and Jourdan Dunn

Celebrity Training Schedule

The hot fitness freak didn’t divulge the celebrity training schedule, he follows because it all depends on an individual – what a person can or cannot do and how fit he is to be able to do certain exercises or workouts. In his opinion, everything should be tailored as per the needs of a person, whether he’s a celebrity or not.

Reliable Exercises

Any exercise that uses your own bodyweight is an exercise that provides all round fitness. You should learn to move your own bodyweight before you think about adding extra resistance.

Preferred Fat-Burning Exercise


Preferred Strength Training Exercise


Cardio-Weights Ratio

The freelance trainer thinks that you should have a mixture of cardio and weights. Your main goal could be doing more cardio or weight exercises. Hence, your main goal should take 70 percent of your time and the rest 30 percent should be reserved for the other exercise method. Cardio may get boring but it is essential to keep you fit and allow you to do weight training longer without getting tired.

Workout Motivation

If you wish to remain motivated to workout, you should try to remember why you started. It is always easy to quit, but hard maintaining. You should be determined enough to opt for the tougher route. Nothing that comes is easy and is worth it, so you should put in the effort to have that body you always dreamed of.

Food Preference

The father of one stays away from pork or fast food. Except that, he eats almost everything he wants. Food has never been and will never be a chore for him.

Cheat Meal

When the London-based trainer wants to have a cheat meal, he enjoys foods like tea and biscuits or apple crumble. When he is cheating, he savors the meal but he doesn’t have a set cheat day. He cheats as per his own schedule.

Jourdan Dunn arrives at Balmain's Party in Paris in 2017
Jourdan Dunn arrives at Balmain’s Party in Paris in 2017

Why Aren’t You Seeing Results?

If you are working very hard to stay fit and still not seeing results, the fitness guru advises that you must try hard to strike a balance between time and expectations. You should realize that getting fit is not a race, it’s a long journey. You will not get to see visible results in a month, so don’t quit. It is also vital to train consistently for a long time and make it a part of your lifestyle rather than training for achieving a body goal like the beach body. You should also not aim to look like a celebrity because if you try to achieve that, you will be disappointed and quit after some time. Be real, be true and you will get results over time.

Close Connection

Jourdan has stated that her family members are the most real people around her and she believes they will always have her back. When she is with family, she feels really comfortable and she is very close to her brothers and mother. (which is evident in their pictures!!)

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