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Julianne Hough Exercise and Diet Secrets

Julianne Hough is one of the most fitness-oriented celebrities. She has recently been associated with FitBit and she loves it. Julianne has very precise ideas about workouts, workout motivation, weight loss, and diet habits. She does everything she can to stay fit, not just physically but mentally as well. Apart from sharing some great fitness tips, the diva has also shared some wellness advice for fans. Do try them as they are quite easy to incorporate into your daily lives.

Julianne Hough going for a workout wearing black tank top
Julianne Hough going for a workout wearing black tank top

Mixing up the workouts

While having a chat with US Magazine, the TV personality shared that she loves to mix up her workouts. It helps her to shock her body and gain better results from every workout session as the exercises are not predictable or easy.

Workout Routine

The fashion apparel designer does not have a fixed workout routine. She does a lot of dance cardio activities such as Body by Simone or Tracy Anderson. She is also a fan of SoulCycle and loves doing CorePower Yoga. She also works out with a trainer named Astrid as the trainer is an expert on one-on-one strength training. She even works out on weekends by going for a hike as often as possible.

Julianne Hough working out her biceps with resistance band
Julianne Hough working out her biceps with resistance band

The stunner works out at least three times a week. She exercises 5 times a week too if her schedule permits it. In the past, she held complete power on it and when she wanted to workout. Now, she schedules it so that she can be held accountable. Julianne doesn’t workout if she has danced during the day, comes home late or feels very tired.

Workout Motivation

In the earlier days, the skilled dancer used to workout just because she wanted to look great. Now, she gets motivated for her own mental peace and mental health. She says that when she can’t workout, she feels bad. Hough also adds that when she works out, she feels better mentally as the workouts clear her mind. Exercises now mean not just looking good but being the best version of herself. Workouts help her to start the day on the right mood and they are fun too.

No Pre Bridal Workout

The actress is not doing or plans to do any pre-bridal exercises because she doesn’t want to look like anyone else on her wedding day. She just wants to be herself, not some skinny girl.

Julianne Hough posing for Cosmopolitan Magazine's February 2016 Issue
Julianne Hough posing for Cosmopolitan Magazine’s February 2016 Issue

Weight Fluctuations

The Dancing with the Stars (2005-Present) Alum often has weight fluctuations. She tries to distribute her weight equally as often as possible.

Favorite Body Part

The favorite body part of the would-be wife of hockey player Brooks Laich is her stomach because no matter how much weight she puts on, it remains free of the ugly rolls.

On Associating with FitBit

The star is very happy to be associated with FitBit because she considers it to be a super fun method of getting in shape. She says that the workout experience gets better when she can compare her performance with the friends and trainers.

Julianne Hough out in Studio City in May 2016
Julianne Hough out in Studio City in May 2016

Past Weight Struggles

The gorgeous woman was not so fit in the past. She explains that when she was 18 or 20, she quit dancing because she wasn’t a part of Dancing with the Stars anymore. At that time, her body was also changing from that of a girl to a woman. Then she decided that it can’t be like that. She told herself to eat healthily and sleep early. Things got better and now she thinks that she is better balanced than she was back then.

Starting the Day

The winner of Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Choreography (2015) starts her day by waking up early in the morning (around 6 AM), taking her dogs outside and walking with them.

Light Breakfast

The breakfast of the blue-eyed woman consists of just some juice and half a protein bar. She is a fan of Perfect Bar. Eating a heavy breakfast makes her too uncomfortable during her workouts, so she keeps it light. Her post workout meal consists of steamed eggs, avocado, tomatoes and one cup of tea. She is also a fan of PG Tips English Breakfast as it was her go-to option when she was growing up in London.

Julianne Hough making her food in the kitchen
Julianne Hough making her food in the kitchen

Meaning of Wellness

The singer also shared her views on wellness while chatting with NyMAG a few months ago. She thinks wellness is a lifestyle. It focuses more on the internal feelings of a person rather than how a person looks from outside. Wellness means feeling healthy from the inside and making your body and spirit strong. Julianne used to be an all or nothing person. She even used to be very conscious of every bite she ate and if she indulged in some wine, she used to go overboard and eat junk food because she thought she won’t be healthy anymore anyway. Now she is more sensible. When her body craves a glass of wine, she has it without feeling any guilt. Hough understands that her body needs it and it will not harm her much.

Wellness Struggle

The Safe Haven (2013) actress thinks that her two biggest wellness struggles are getting enough sleep and being consistent. She tries to get at least 8 or 9 hours of sleep every day as it helps her stay energized. Though she often skips sleep to be with her friends but she tries to balance it up. She also tries not to overindulge and be consistent towards her health goals. She feels a craving for sugar when she is tired and often skips workouts due to tiredness too. So, she tries not to get too exhausted.

Diet Secrets When Alone

When the natural blonde is alone, she sometimes becomes responsible and eats healthy food by cooking it herself. Her home alone diet is something like pasta, pizza, and wine. She is constantly trying to find fun ways to eat rather than just fueling her body.

Juice Up

Juicing is a good habit of Utah-born. She thinks that juicing picks up her metabolism. She uses healthy options like apples, carrot, kale, ginger, spinach, cucumber, celery, tomatoes and beets to create her own personalized juices by using a juicer she has kept at her home.

Healthy Tips for Fans

Do Workouts Anywhere

The Footloose (2011) actress suggests that people should adopt a habit of working out no matter where they are. Her brother, Derek Hough likes to workout throughout the day and she gets inspired by it. She suggests that when you are walking in the kitchen, do some lunges and squats, and when you are hanging out, you can do some abs workout. You can also put on some ankle and wrist weights when you are at home and lift your arms.

Remove Anxiety

The pretty actress wants you to let go of anxiety issues by doing something for yourself. Do something that relaxes your mind and body. It can be working out, painting or even swimming. Treat yourself as the number 1 priority, otherwise, you will just burn out.

Julianne Hough heading for a workout in her tight leggings
Julianne Hough heading for a workout in her tight leggings

Sleep Suggestion

The lovely lady also recommends going to bed early and rising up early in the morning for a better lifestyle.

Be Positive

The author of a fitness blog is also a big fan of staying positive. She thinks that staying positive, happy and inspired is a much better option than feeling self-conscious, negative and not so confident. You should choose to be happy every day and your life will be so much better. Try it from today and see the difference positivity brings in your life.

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