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Justin Gelband Fitness Tips to get ModelFIT

Slow down to Shape up Faster: Celebrity Trainer Justin Gelband gives away the missing variable to help you get ModelFIT

Justin Gelband

There is no quick fix, no pill or magical exercise to transform your body overnight. Celebrity trainer Justin Gelband, founder of ModelFIT who is responsible for the lithe, lean bodies of most of Victoria’s Secret angels and A-list Sports Illustrated models, usually introduces his workout methods by FIRST bursting the bubble of your illusions. Once you have made peace with that, you can finally start working on being your best beautiful.

Justin Gelband client

Training style and philosophy

A former competitive swimmer, Justin also grew up playing soccer and tennis. With a keen interest in sports, a bachelor’s degree in exercise science along with the guidance of an inspirational mentor he found in his swim coach Jim Woods, Gelband has developed the science of fitness into an art to particularly serve and empower women.

Amalgamating his experience from swimming, dance, Capoeira (a Brazilian martial art), mixed martial arts, boxing and Pilates, he creates custom workouts for all his clients depending upon their individual abilities.

Justin Gelband

How do his workouts help women?

Most women Justin claims to come across do not have the enthusiasm or the motivation to workout in the gym or lift weights. However, their lack of interest and anxiety about their body image seems to fade once they begin to feel more fluent with their bodies using Justin’s functional training methods.

Contrary to the popularity of high intensity interval training (HIIT), Justin emphasizes the need to slow down to develop a better mind body connection. A slow workout, described as “moving meditation” by Women’s Health UK, is what most of us need to recover our frazzled nerves from a past paced life of multitasking and deadlines.

Looking past your need to alter your appearance if you simply do something in the present moment to make yourself feel better, the positivity generated will radiate into your relationships and all other aspects of your life. But the initiative to make a change has to start with you. Justin reassures that it does not matter even if you are 50 pounds overweight, there is always a way to reach your objectives.

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How to get started?

Gelband insists that the foundation of the body lies in having strong hips, lower back and abdomen. Any movement that requires a display of balance, stability, strength or all three do requires core engagement. Hence, while creating custom workouts, Gelband depends upon the use of props like sliders, resistance bands, Bosu ball and Swiss ball.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of equipment free exercises that one can do anywhere even while traveling to switch off from worldly distractions to contract, stretch and bring awareness to every muscle group in the body. This is particularly of prime importance in today’s disorienting day and age since it has become very easy to lose touch with our body’s motions to throw us into misaligned postural patterns that shatter our body confidence and take away our edge in the long term.

Justin Gelband with Victoria's Secret models
Justin Gelband with Victoria’s Secret models

To release and expel the feeling of worn out fatigue, Justin Gelband demonstrated three deceptively simple though equipment free standing movements to PopSugar Fitness in the following video that can be performed anywhere, anytime to strengthen and stretch all the main muscles of your body. They are just what you might need to undo the ravages of an exhausting day.


Even the most popular exercises can be tweaked to slow down so that you cheat less with momentum and use more of your muscle. The following circuit performed three times a week along with HIIT training on weekends might help you get gym worthy results without making it to the gym.

Aim to perform at least 10-12 repetitions of each exercise. Go at your own pace but try to move with as much control as possible.

Lateral Plank Walk
Lateral Plank Walk
  1. Lateral Plank Walk: Wake up your sleeping core while simultaneously engaging your glutes, hamstrings, arms and shoulders by deliberately shifting your body weight side to side in plank position. A video demonstration with an added push up is provided below.


Mountain Climber
Mountain Climber
  1. Mountain Climber: Through a staple move of most high intensity bootcamp workouts, create a whole new level of awareness in your body by tucking each knee alternately right to your chest and holding it there for 3 seconds. Keep your bum lifted throughout as you swap knees keeping a slow, controlled pace.


Plank Twist
Plank Twist
  1. Plank Twist: Shrink your waistline by adding a twist to the conventional plank. Rotate your right hip and try to raise your right arm towards the ceiling. Switch sides and repeat. This exercise can either be done in the push up position or with forearms on the floor.


Squat Pushes weight overhead
Squat Pushes weight overhead
  1. Squat pushes: Holding even a light weight overhead while performing a squat is a total game changer. For starters, you will have to perform the movement a lot slower. The weight overhead or at least held with arms raised at a 90 degree angle to the body will fire the core and make it a full body exercise.


Squat Lunges
Squat Lunges
  1. Lunge with overhead weight: Lunges can be redefined similarly. Lift your arms overhead or 90 degrees to your body as you step forward to lunge keeping your knee in line with the toe of the front foot.

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