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Kamileo Ab Roller Wheel Review

Kamileo Ab Roller Wheel

During the summer, people enjoy going to the beaches. Everybody loves to look good in their bikinis and shorts. But many people become body conscious during this time and hesitate to wear swimsuits because it would show off their pot belly. Now is the right time to get a flat ab so that you can wear your favorite summer clothes and flaunt your beautiful body.

Ab is one of the trickiest areas of the body to get rid of body fat. However, it’s not impossible to do so. You can do the regular crunches and planks, but you won’t get faster result. The ab roller wheel has proved to be very effective in getting your abs into shape. It helps to build muscles throughout the body.

In order to get a six-pack ab, you no longer need to go to a gym. You can buy an ab roller wheel and workout regularly at home to get a six-pack ab. The ab roller doesn’t only work on the ab muscles; it also tones up your arms, legs, and back. Those who suffer from back pain can get relief by exercising with ab roller wheel.

Ab roller is inexpensive equipment and you will find various brands in the market. When buying an ab roller you have to focus on the materials being used in construction, the design, and other features as well. After surveying a number of ab rollers available in the market, we have picked up Kamileo Ab Roller Wheel. This ab roller wheel is affordable and has features that will help you to achieve your fitness goal within a very short time.


This is a compact and lightweight ab roller that is designed in such a way that it is easily transportable. It only weighs 4 pounds which makes it easier to put it in your travel bag whenever you are away from home. It can also be easily dismantled and then reassembled, so you won’t feel any hassle at all.

It is designed in a beautiful black and red combination which looks simply amazing. It comes with a total package of core sliders, jumping rope, resistance bands, and knee pads. It provides good support with core sliders which helps to engage your core muscles throughout the various exercise motions. The handles are ergonomically designed so that you don’t feel any strain on your wrists even after an intense workout. Unlike many ab rollers in the market which have one wheel, this ab roller has two wheels which provide better stability.

Build Quality

It is one of the best quality ab roller wheels you will find in the market today. It is sturdy and so will last for a long time even if you do intense exercise frequently. Its 2-wheel design provides better stability. The wheels are coated with ABS and PU materials that make less noise and provides more stability. The wheels are compatible to work on any surface whether it’s hardwood, vinyl or wood. The handles are ergonomically designed and covered with anti-slip resist, so your hands won’t slip due to sweat. They slide into a steel bar, making the equipment stronger.


The handles are designed in a way that they fit your hands perfectly. You will not feel any strain on your wrists even after intense workout sessions. The handles are covered with anti-slip resistant foam that gives perfect grip. The grips are also very strong and can support up to 331 lbs.


As it has two wheels, you will have better control of the equipment while rolling out and rolling back. This movement requires balance and the two-wheel design ensures a better balance. The handles are also designed in a way that you will find it easy to control the ab wheel during any movement. You get comfortable knee pads with it, so your knees won’t sore during the workout and you will be able to keep better control of the equipment.


Usually, the ab wheels work on the abdominal muscles. This equipment is more effective in toning your midsection than crunches, sit-ups or planks. You will also not have that uncomfortable feeling you have after doing crunches and other free hand exercises. You will feel less stress on your neck and other parts of the body. Along with the ab muscles, the ab wheel activates other muscles as well, particularly the side muscles which are very important for proper movement. It works on your arms, lower and upper backs, chest, hips, and shoulders as well. You can do many exercises with it like rollout, leg curls, push-ups, plank knee, etc.

Usually, the ab wheels have limited resistance as it uses the weight of the torso for providing the resistance your ab needs. You can add the resistance bands you get with the product to increase the resistance. You will need to attach one side of the resistance band to a fixed object and the other side to the ab wheel in order to increase resistance. This arrangement will also give you the opportunity to try out more varieties of exercises like resisted diagonal push-ups or resisted diagonal roll out.


You can buy this ab roller for about $39.74. Though the price may seem a little more than the other ab wheels in the market, if you consider the extras that you get along with it, the price is not high actually. You get a jumping rope, resistance band, sliders and knee pads that would have cost you extra if you bought them separately. No other ab roller wheel provides so many free accessories with this product. So, you will be a winner by buying this ab wheel.


  • It is very easy to assemble and the wheels won’t wobble like other products in the market.
  • The product is sturdy and so will last for a long time.
  • It has two wheels that provide a better balance.
  • You get 3600 knee protection and so your knees won’t hurt when you roll forward and backward. The knee pads are made of high-density EVA foam that provides comfort and a high level of protection during exercise.
  • The handles are ergonomically designed which provides comfort and flexibility. Your wrists won’t hurt after strenuous exercises.
  • You get lots of free accessories with it, like the resistance band, sliders, jumping rope and knee pads.
  • You get a nice booklet with it for free that contains the various workouts you can do with the ab wheel roller. It includes warm-up and goes up to the advanced level workouts.
  • You get one year warranty for this product.
  • You get 30-day unconditional money back guarantee which you rarely find with other products. The manufacturer offers a replacement if there is any defect with the product as long as you have bought it less than a year back.


  • The quality of the jump rope is not very good. It has plastic handles and won’t last for long.
  • The handles don’t have extra foam covering for better comfort like many other brands in the market.
  • The price of this product is higher than other ab rollers found in the market.

Final Verdict

You shouldn’t let your core loosen up. You should keep it tight and strong by exercising on ab wheel roller. You will not only have strong muscles and toned abs, but also you will have a better posture. The Kamileo Ab Roller Wheel is effective and affordable. It is the perfect solution for exercising at home and getting a great body. In the past, this ab roller has been a thing for fitness trainers and bodybuilders only. But now, it is used by anyone who desires a six-pack ab. This equipment is perfect for both men and women. It is particularly helpful for athletes and sportsmen.

This ab roller will engage your core, chest, back, and arm muscles thus will burn more calories than the normal planks and sit-ups. It will also engage the muscles that connect to the spine and the pelvis, which provides improved balance and core strength.

Overall, it will strengthen your body and improve your movements and athletic performances. As you continue working on the ab roller, you will become stronger and will be able to build up your strength progressively. That way you will be able to try out various new exercises and get better results. So, you should definitely buy this ab roller if you want to get the best body this summer.

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