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Kandee Johnson Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics

Born Name

Kandee Shayn Johnson

Nick Name


Kandee Johnson in a May 2016 selfie
Kandee Johnson in a May 2016 selfie (Kandee Johnson / Instagram)

Sun Sign


Born Place

Los Angeles suburb, California, United States


Former residence in South Lake Tahoe, Nevada where she started her YouTube career.

She moved to Los Angeles, California in 2016.




Kandee briefly attended a hair styling course but decided it is not for her because she liked make-up way more than styling hair.


Celebrity Make-Up artist, YouTuber, Blogger


  • Father – Barney Dean Johnson (Deceased, Business Owner)
  • Mother – Shannon Johnson née Rasmussen (Business Owner)
  • Siblings – Tiffany C Myers (Younger Sister)
  • Others – Byron Myers (Brother-in-law), Sydney Myers (Niece), Audrey Myers (Niece)


  • United Talent Agency (UTA)
  • Conde Nast Entertainment (CNE)
  • Awestruck network by AwesomenessTV Production Company
  • Maker Studios, Culver City, California




5 ft 7 in or 170 cm


63.5 kg or 140 lbs

Boyfriend / Spouse

Kandee has dated –

  1. Husband Number #1 – She left behind an amateur modeling career to get married at the age of 17. She had her first child, a son named Jordan Sannicks at 18. Kandee was miserable in a verbally abusive and controlling marriage. She added that her husband was keen on spending time with his friends rather than look after his wife and kid. Hence, the couple separated soon after getting married. Along with her son, Jordan, Kandee moved in to her parents’ house in Nevada. Her firstborn is an artist turned high-fashion International male model.
  2. Husband Number #2 – On her personal blog, Kandee confessed that she married her second husband just after a couple of months of getting to know him. After having her first child with husband #2, their mutual differences started to escalate that made them consider a divorce. About that time, she found out she was pregnant for the third time. She had a daughter named Alani and a son called Blake with her second husband and shares custody with him. He does not permit her to share images or make videos with the two kids on her official YouTube channel or blog.
  3. Unknown Boyfriend – Kandee dated a man for a few months that led to her fourth unplanned pregnancy. She vlogged a few moments of the day, she went into labor in January 2011 when she had her fourth child, a daughter named Elyse Kailani. The identity of the baby’s father is not known.
  4. Michael Castro – Singer / Songwriter, Michael met Kandee briefly at a public event and was completely smitten by her and started following her online. When Kandee called out to her Twitter followers to ask questions for a new video, Michael took that moment to ask her out for a dinner date. That got Kandee’s attention. Since Michael lived in Nashville, Tennessee halfway across the country from Kandee, the couple started communicating online. After a few months, Kandee was scheduled to cover a music festival near Nashville. Michael drove there for the couple’s first date. In September 2015, the couple announced their engagement. As of 2018, the couple is still together.
Kandee Johnson (Right) with her sister Tiffany Myers in April 2016
Kandee Johnson (Right) with her sister Tiffany Myers in April 2016 (Kandee Johnson / Instagram)

Race / Ethnicity

Multiracial, predominantly white although might have distant connection to Hispanic ancestry through her maternal line.

Her father has Swedish and Irish ancestry.

Her mother has Native American, Mexican, Spanish, Danish and English lineage.

Hair Color

Dark Brown (Natural)

But, she switches her hair to a rare and unconventional color every few months.

Eye Color


Sexual Orientation


Distinctive Features

  • Sharp facial features often further enhanced with make-up (Arched brows, sharp chin, slender jawline, high cheekbones, etc)
  • Frequently dyes her hair in unconventionally bright colors such as green, blue, pink, and red.
  • Carries a goofy sense of humor in all her videos.
  • Unconventional dressing and accessory style.

Shoe Size

8.5 (US) or 6 (UK) or 39 (EU) (via Kandeej)

Brand Endorsements

In collaboration with Too Faced cosmetics, Kandee was the face and promoter of make-up products in her name collectively called I want Kandee Collection (2017).

Kandee Johnson in a selfie in June 2017
Kandee Johnson in a selfie in June 2017 (Kandee Johnson / Instagram)



Best Known For

Her YouTube makeup videos in which Kandee transforms herself into a male / female celebrity, a real life or fictional male / female character such as John Snow, Drake, Bettie Paige, Edward Scissorhands, Ken doll, Barbie doll and many other characters.

First Film

She was cast in a supporting role of Brandi in an indie film Five Beans in a Cup (2003).

First TV Show

In 2014, Kandee was seen on the body art reality game show Skin Wars: Naked Truth.

Personal Trainer

  • During one of her videos, Kandee shared she has a history of fluctuating body weight owing to wavering discipline and commitment to healthy eating.
  • She has to consciously remind herself to not use comfort food as a crutch when life is difficult.
  • When Kandee has a solid momentum of dedicated discipline going for her, she starts her day with a hemp protein shake from Wholefoods along with a fish oil supplement.
  • She also adds a scoop of Maca powder to her protein shake or a smoothie that she might consume later in the day.
  • Kandee is very fond of Mexican cuisine and hence, prepares a lot of burritos and tamales for her meals.
  • She also makes it a point to consume a lot of fruits, vegetables, and salad. Kandee prefers Acai berry smoothies in the summer due to its high antioxidant content.
  • Being a single mother of 4 children, Kandee usually gets her full body workout at home on most days. She relies upon either workout DVDs ordered online or YouTube exercise videos.
  • Kandee finds running extremely therapeutic and goes out for a run whenever she can find the time.
  • For further guidance, she reaches out to other LA-based female fitness experts such as Natalie Jill to learn bodyweight moves that guarantee a full body fat burn.

Kandee Johnson Favorite Things

  • Sports Shoe Brand – ASICS
  • Perfume – Comptoir Sud Pacifique Vanille Extreme, Incanto Shine by Salvatore Ferragamo
  • Ice Cream Flavor – Coffee, Ben & Jerry’s Heath Coffee Crunch now known as Coffee Toffee Bar Crunch
  • Time Of The Day – Mornings and Nights
  • TV Show House Hunters reality show
  • SongDon’t Stop Believin’ by Journey
  • Quote Make today better than yesterday, frequently said by Kandee’s father
  • Actor Will Ferrell
  • Movie Elf (2003)
  • Color – Turquoise, Yellow, Orange, Pink
  • Food – Comfort meals such as Macaroni & Cheese, Steak & Mashed Potatoes, Pasta, Bread & butter, Pizza
  • Pick Up Line Are you Google? Because you are everything I am looking for.
  • Role Model In The Beauty Industry – Kevyn Aucoin, Priscilla Ono
  • Make-up Artists – Mimi Choi, Linda Halberg
  • Hairstylist – Matt Conrad
  • Fruit – Pineapple (But, Kandee is allergic to that fruit)

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Kandee Johnson in a mirror selfie in February 2018
Kandee Johnson in a mirror selfie in February 2018 (Kandee Johnson / Instagram)

Kandee Johnson Facts

  1. Kandee started working at the age of 16.
  2. At 17, she signed up with a modeling agency but gave up on modeling soon after because she got pregnant with her first child.
  3. As a teenager, she aspired to be a fashion designer or an actress.
  4. One of Kandee’s many talents is that she can play the piano.
  5. She is a germaphobe.
  6. Her biggest pet-peeve is a squeaking Styrofoam.
  7. Kandee stated that some of her weaknesses she had to improve upon were being a people pleaser, avoiding confrontation and the inability to say NO.
  8. She has encountered a lot of hate after becoming a YouTube success. There is a dedicated discussion forum to criticize Kandee on
  9. She is extremely afraid of heights, snakes, and frogs.
  10. Kandee is dead against swearing / using cuss words and consuming drugs. She avoids popping pills even when ill and relies more upon homeopathy for her health.
  11. People tend to presume she is rather short from her YouTube videos and are often surprised to find out that she is 5 ft 7 in.
  12. She has always slept on the right side of the bed since childhood.
  13. To support her children as a single mom, Kandee faced a tough life. She constantly had to travel to LA from Nevada for work. At the age of 31, when Kandee was on a work trip, she was charged with child endangerment for leaving her 12-year-old son unsupervised.
  14. Read her blog @ and @
  15. To find out more about the beauty influencer, follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and her Vlogging.

Featured Image by Kandee Johnson / Instagram

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