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Kangana Ranaut Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Flawless beauty, curly hair, young, and pretty actress of Bollywood, Kangana Ranaut seldom fails to look stunning. The sensational actress made boisterous and rocking entry in Bollywood with her debut film, Gangster in 2006. Having given heaps of commendable performances in myriad blockbuster movies such as Fashion, Once Upon a Time in Mumbai, Tanu Weds Manu, and numerous others, the natural beauty has been able to reserve a safer place for her in the hearts of zillions of her fans.

Emanating from a small town, the charming actress has always added spice in the media buzzes. The stunner being genetically lean was overly skinny, when she first appeared in movies. However, the inclination of Bollywood being more towards the voluptuous body, Kangana groomed her body to add curves to it. And now, the sensational beauty has got so accustomed of altering her weight that she molds it as per the requirement of her roles in the movies.

While sharing her experiences about weight, Kangana shares, she was very keen to make her body curvy right from her teenage. She in-fact tried to enhance her busts and butts with fatty foods, but she only ended up getting fat all around her body parts including the stomach. Since all her efforts to sculpt her body bungled, she finally gave up and accepted her body the way it naturally was. However, thanks to balanced diet and high impact exercises, Kangana is finally at peace with her body.

Kangana Ranaut gym workout

Kangana Ranaut Diet Plan

Kangana knew it; she could not flatter her body by being on rough eating habits. The immaculate beauty made dramatic changes in her diet regime and inculcated tremendous wholesome and highly nutritious food items in her diet regime.

Comprehending the fact that it’s hard for her body to assimilate proteins without adequate carbs, the glam actress does not undermine carbs and eats good carbs. Her meals being a proportionate amalgam of carbs, proteins, and fats consist of fifty percent carbs, twenty-five percent proteins, and twenty-five percent healthy fats. Porridge, oatmeal, veggies, protein shake, eggs, grilled chicken, tofu, dal etc. are integral parts of her diet regime.

Unwholesome foods such as sugary foods, processed foods, oily foods, junk foods etc. are as vital to be eliminated from the diet, as is the consumption of healthy foods. Being discreet about the fact, Kangana forbids unwholesome foods, and the influence indeed is reflected by her enviable figure and radiant skin.

Her diet being reliant on her workouts and fitness goal significantly fluctuates. However, whatever is her fitness objective, health being paramount to her, she seldom resorts to starvation diets for shedding pounds.

Kangana Ranaut Workout Routine

The gorgeous actress stays regular in her workouts. When it comes to her figure, she is quite arduous and doesn’t even shirk away from executing vigorous workouts. She hits the gym five times in a week, for one to two hours. And all her five days are directed to different body parts.

Kangana Ranaut gym workout

Under the supervision of her personal trainer, Leena Mogre, the sizzling hot actress practices interval training, strength training, cardio workouts, yoga etc. German set, pull-ups, push-ups, fartlek running, squats, external oblique, lower back exercises etc. are her ways of building up muscles and strengthen her calves.

She also dedicates forty-five minutes in a day to yoga to make her body supple and elegant. Besides shaping up her body, the fab actress also hones and mollifies her mind by meditating for ten minutes in a day. Being enthusiastic about dance, Kangana succumbs to dance when she doesn’t feel like doing regular workouts.

Healthy Recommendation For Kangana Ranaut Fans

Are you one of the fans of Kangana who seek to acquire magnificent and bikini hugging figure like her?

Well, you can have your sought after figure, should you eat what is right for you. Your body naturally is designed to catalyze fat burning process, should it get adequate stimulants such as healthy diet and regular exercises.

However, since it’s not easy to abide by these genuine methods, you might feel tempted to embrace quick ways of torching weight. For instance, while some girls simply stop eating and end up becoming a victim of anorexia, others embrace appetite suppressant such as coffee. In both the circumstances, you only invite troubles and diseases for your body.

Excess consumption of coffee might curb your hunger for some time but due to being acidic in nature, it is likely to cause bloating and constipation in you. Besides that, coffee hampers the absorption of iron and calcium in your body, as a result of which your body becomes deficient in these nutrients and grows sick.

Bottom line is, there is no short cut or magic spell, which can get your swift and perennial results. Unnatural ways can seldom get you curvy and toned body. You should endeavor to attain lean body by adhering to nutritious foods and regular workouts.

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