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Karla Souza Workout and Diet Secrets for a Triathlon

Karla Souza is not just a fantastic actress, she is also a fitness enthusiast who likes to stay fit and show off her abilities. She recently participated in Nautica Malibu Triathlon and stunned everyone as she went through the complete race that included a 17-mile bike ride, half-mile swim, and four-mile run.

Here we are having a look at the workout and diet secrets that helped her perform exceptionally well. We hope it will inspire you to boost your fitness regimen as well.

Being Nervous

The beauty confessed that she was nervous before the day of this Triathlon because swimming in the ocean makes her feel panicky, no matter how much she has trained for the same.

Best Assistance

The diva also admitted that she had a lot of support from the Team Disney family as they provided her with someone who held her hand throughout this robust process. It was exactly what she needed because she had no idea about how her training process would be.

They helped her to get the right wetsuit, the right bike and shared some tips & tricks that made things more comfortable for her.

Morning Routine

The How to Get Away with Murder (2014-Present) actress starts her morning with journaling at 8 a.m. because it’s the perfect time for her to connect with herself. After that, she has a pitaya bowl or some acai for breakfast. The pitaya bowl is enhanced with organic almond butter, plant-based vanilla protein powder and a few bananas.

Amazing Motivation

Though the Mexican-American actress acknowledged that competing in the Triathlon was an intense experience, she went for it due to a fantastic motivation, i.e., the fact the fundraising from the event was supposed to help cancer patients. This motivation helped her to push herself, and she even visited Children’s Hospital Los Angeles occasionally.

Caffeine Fix

At times, she had to get up at 4.30 a.m. due to her morning shooting schedule. On those days, she used to stop by Alfred Coffee.

On the rest of the days, she prefers making her a homemade matcha latte. She prefers the latter because she likes knowing what’s in it.

She avoids adding sweeteners to it and goes for honey if she wants something sweet. Her caffeine preferences include two options, latte or cortado.

Workout Secrets

When she has the choice, she likes working out in a hot room because the heat helps her to stay flexible. Some of the exercise methods she prefers are yoga, CrossFit, and hip-hop.

Weekend Indulgence

The wife of a banker, Marshall Trenkmann enjoys some fresh catches from the Pacific Ocean on the weekends which he brings home. They have it together by baking, grilling or broiling it.

Diet Secrets

As the Triathlon allowed her to have more carbs, thanks to her tight training routine, she went for a 2 p.m. taco lunch. She also had the habit of putting red salsa, or hot sauce, pico de gallo on everything she had.

Beating the Odds

Apart from staying fit in everyday life and getting fitter for a Triathlon, the multilingual actress also believes in her heritage and being herself. She proved that by producing a film, Everybody Loves Somebody (2017) in which she plays the role of a cynical and successful OB/GYN who has given up on love and has a choice between an unexpected new romance and the affections of an old lover.

If you are wondering what was so unique about producing that film, then you must know that she went for it even after facing rejection because some people thought that the film was too intelligent for the Latin audience. She went ahead and produced the film despite the lack of support because she wanted to damage the wrong perceptions that many people have regarding Latinas.

Featured Image by Mingle MediaTV / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

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