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Kate Middleton Post Baby Workout

Kate Middleton post baby workout

Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton got blessed with royal son on 22 June, 2013. The most awaited new prince has been named George. The very next day after giving birth to George, Kate gave her public appearance while holding her new born baby in her arms.

Duchess didn’t bother about her post pregnancy weight and exposed her royal baby in front of everyone. Proud duke and duchess were looking overwhelmed with the arrival of new member in the family.

Kate Middleton Workout Regime

Prince William’s wife took numerous exercises and yoga in her pregnancy and looked absolutely sensational throughout her pregnancy. Naturally blessed with athletic and slender body frame, the duchess seldom overlooked her body. Prior to becoming pregnant, she practiced all the cardio-workouts such as running, weight lifting, cycling, swimming, and yoga daily for hours. Kate reportedly is following special pregnancy fitness program to shed her baby weight. The duchess never alienated her from yoga, even in her pregnancy.

Kate Middleton Workouts in Pregnancy

Yoga instructor used to visit her once in a week at Kensington Palace and under his supervision, she practiced various yoga postures. It’s indeed helpful for pregnant ladies to practice yoga and other easy workouts at the time of pregnancy, since it purges them from several problems. Some of the benefits of doing workouts in pregnancy are-

  • During pregnancy, a lot of hormonal changes take place in women’s bodies. Their body excretes endorphin hormone, which causes mood swings. Yoga and workouts keep a check on the hormone and helps in making their mood cheerful.
  • An active mom is more likely to give birth to an active child. It’s a scientifically proven fact that the development of brain of child takes place in the womb of mother. Since the fetus can comprehend its mother’s activities, child’s learning process begins right in the womb of mother. So, by following a disciplined and brisk routine, moms can insert high values into their kid’s mind while they are still fetus.
  • Workouts in pregnancy don’t let the body gain extra weight and that makes it easy for moms to shed extra pounds after pregnancy. Besides making cardiac system fit, workouts ensure the strengthening of muscles.
Kate Middleton Prince Williams with son Prince George
Kate Middleton, Prince Williams with son Prince George.

Kate Middleton Diet

Health conscious Kate reportedly consumes fresh and healthy foods such as turkey or chicken, codfish, lean meat, fruits, vegetables, salad, salmon etc. Being prudent about her diet, she purges junk and unhealthy food and consumes a lot of dry fruits and nuts. Kate is a great lover of coffee but after being told to avoid caffeine in her pregnancy, she did maintain the distance. While forbidding coffee completely, she swapped it with tea.

How to Lose Post Pregnancy Weight

Becoming a mother indeed is a heavenly pleasure for a woman. However, bringing their bodies back in the same fit frame often fills them with agony. Here are some tips, which can help moms reduce their post pregnancy weight.

Healthy Nutrition

New moms certainly cannot jump to workouts within weeks after giving birth to their babies. Doctors also recommend that mums should wait for minimum six months before embarking on their workouts. Six months after pregnancy are very crucial because their joints become very supple after giving birth to baby and they are likely to get injured while doing workouts.

The best they can do is consuming healthy and balanced diet. Since 500 calories in a day get burned through breastfeeding, mothers can shed tremendous weight through breastfeeding. They need to consume healthy foods to speed up their recovery process.

Portion Meals

Portion meals are very vital for moms. They should keep them well-fed with nutritious food after every two hours. Besides providing fuel to their body, it also keeps a check on hunger pangs, which push them to consume unhealthy food.

Light Workouts

While having a jam-packed schedule with the baby, you can do only light workouts. Take an exhilarated walk while dragging your baby in the stroller. Apart from strengthening your muscles, dragging the stroller will also give you superb benefit of workout.

Yoga and Meditation

The whole messy day, cries of baby, and all the nurturing part might make the post pregnancy days very stressful for moms. Not only that, even the hormones released post pregnancy can adversely affect your mood. Sit comfortably for several minutes and meditate. You need to appease your body and mind for some time in a day. Besides bringing harmony between body and mind, meditation also promotes the release of stress relieving hormones.

Proper Sleep

Proper sleep is very crucial for moms, for sleep immensely helps your body in shedding extra pounds. Since your body gets command from mind to reduce weight only when it has received proper rest, prefer getting as many naps as you can. Preferably, align your routine with the routine of your baby.

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