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Kelly Ripa’s Secret to Staying Healthy – Workout & Diet

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The breezy host of “Live with Regis and Kelly” look gorgeous and fit with her trim figure. Having the most impeccable beautiful face and perky smile, Kelly Ripa is a very busy wife and mom of three kids. Proving all those wrong, who believe that fitness can be maintained in early 20’s only, Kelly embarked on workouts in her late 30’s and dazzled everyone with her slender girlish figure.

Married to actor Mark Consuelos, Kelly certainly has set an example in front of all those busy women in their late 30’s. Mark inspired her loving wife to start workouts to purge her from all the fatigue and tiredness, which had incapacitated her.

This busy mum and wife explored her beyond her thresholds. Kelly doesn’t forget her doctor sister-in-law advice to her which she gave on the curiosity being shown to her by Kelly several years ago. Her sister-in-law suggested Kelly to start workouts, only when she wanted to look good from inside not just from outside.

Well, that’s really a modest thought!!!

Kelly Ripa Healthy Routine

Kelly being an early riser wakes up at 6.30 in the morning. She contends that rising up early in the morning fills her with vibrant energy. Her day starts with cappuccino made by Mark, her husband.

Anyhow managing one to two hours from her jam-packed routine, Kelly hits the gym seven days in a week. Right from brisk walking to running on treadmills, she practices a variety of cardio workouts.

Yoga, to her, is a way to relax her when she runs out of time. Fifteen minutes of yoga prepares the perky star to bear all the challenges of life with a radiant smile. She considers yoga the best fit for her body. More than physical fitness, Kelly considers yoga an amazing way to bring her mind to peace and release stress from the body.

Being a big fan of Soul cycle, Kelly considers it a superb way to unite body and mind together. While keeping the mind and soul away from the hubbubs of life, it rejuvenates the body at all the levels.

Kelly Ripa in Workout Wardrobe

Anna Kaiser, Kelly’s cardio trainer has all the words of admiration for this soap star. Anna feels that Kelly has wonderful energy and strength. The stunner being regular to her hybrid dance classes visits them three days in a week. Besides that, she practices cycling and running to provide her body diverse flavors of workouts.

Having firm faith in cross training, Kelly believes that customized and stagnant workouts are not healthy for our bodies. Change in workouts stimulates the metabolism of our body and increases its endurance power.

Kelly Ripa Diet Plan

While maintaining a proper balance between workouts and diet, Kelly includes Greek yogurt, leafy green vegetables, and fruits in her breakfast. Insisting on eating everything in moderation, Kelly feels that it’s vital to eat healthy to stay healthy esp. when you cross a particular age.

Having a family history of heart disease, Kelly includes fresh food in her diet, which is good for arteries.

Although Kelly insists on eating in moderation, she still finds herself unable to resist her love for French fries and white wine. These are her all-time favorites and she eats them without any regret.

Being not very rigid in her eating habits, she doesn’t like to have her breakfast without cheese. She seldom eats her breakfast prior to hosting her show since she feels uncomfortable and unable to focus on her show with full stomach. It’s only after hosting her show that she takes yogurt and granola in her snacks.

Her Suggestion to Women

Her generous advice to all those looking up to her is – Start your day early in the morning. Since you might feel idle even to take a walk, take the initiative of roaming inside your home in your living room if you don’t feel like going outside. Next day you will feel tempted to walk outside and you will gradually succeed in breaking the inertia.

Else, you can start with jumping squats; begin with five jumping squats. Once you will do that, you will experience a vibrant flow of energy, which will enhance your heartbeats and will encourage you to do more of them. She believes that women should endeavor to bring them out of their self-defined thresholds.

Kelly lives a smoke-free life and considers cigarettes the worst thing ever. It gets you so addicted that you have to strive hard to purge you from its harmful impacts on your body and mind. It merely makes you become a pitiable person. She strongly suggests all the youth to stay away from this disastrous thing.

Kelly Ripa’s Nutritionist Spills the Beans

We are sure that after reading about such great fitness habits and advice shared by the stunner, you probably think that she always knew what to eat and what not to eat. Well, there is a twist in the tale because according to Kelly’s nutritionist Dr. Daryl Gioffre, she did have some issues but she tackled them smartly. Here’s how.

Simple Appreciation

The celebrity nutritionist starts off by saying that she is one of the most balanced and healthiest people, he knows.

The Problems

Ripa was having a lot of unusual aches & pains in her joints during the nighttime when she approached him. At that time, she didn’t realize it was due to inflammation in her body. She also didn’t have the same energy that she had earlier, and it was a sign of acid build up

How to Recognize Acid Build Up?

The symptoms of acid build up are low energy levels, fatigue, inflammation, and detection of a chronic disease. If a person detects these, chances are he or she might be dealing with acid build up.

Acidic Foods to Avoid

A critical acidic food, the American star consumed was carbonated water. She was hooked on it to stay hydrated but what she failed to realize (like many of us do) is that it is one of the most acidic substances and can lead to inflammation (which it did in her case).

Preferred Alkaline Food

Now, the stunner is avoiding acidic foods and has developed a liking for alkaline foods. Her essential favorites are The Bloody Mary Smoothie, a quinoa burrito bowl, chocolate chia pudding, and avocado chocolate mousse.

Kelly Ripa with Mark Consuelos as seen in March 2016
Kelly Ripa with Mark Consuelos as seen in March 2016 (Kelly Ripa / Instagram)


The beauty still likes to indulge in coffee and rosé (wine), but she is having these in moderation. She prefers moderation over deprivation and never gives up the foods or drinks she likes.

The Change

It took her just 3 days to notice the change initiated in her life by the alkaline diet expert. All her pains and aches disappeared within this timeframe, and it made her believe that she was on the right track. She also had more energy for her workout sessions and hence, performed better after a few sessions with the celebrity nutritionist.

The 7 Day Cleanse

The author of Get Off Your Acid (2018) has also shared that she started off with his 7-Day Cleanse and she was so impressed with the results that she adopted alkaline diet (which she follows even now). One thing she likes the most about this lifestyle change is that you don’t have to count calories or limit portion sizes, you need to make better food choices.

These days, her diet includes food like beets, broccoli, bell pepper, cucumber, kale, kiwi, and excludes acidic foods like sugar, fish, and yogurt.

Add-on Tips

Now, if you are impressed by the expertise of Dr. Gioffre, you might want to know his thoughts on losing weight after 50 and avoiding bloating. To achieve the former, all you need to do is to eat alkaline foods 80 percent of the times and indulge in acidic foods just the remaining 20 percent of the time. For the latter, you should eliminate sugars, artificial sweeteners, grains, high fructose corn syrup, and dairy as they have high gluten that clogs up your digestive tract and makes your stomach gassy and bloated.

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