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Kendall Jenner 2017 Workout and Diet Preferences

Kendall Jenner eating food
Kendall Jenner eating food

Kendall Jenner is one of the super successful models of the world. She has achieved a lot of fame in a short period of time. Though there is no doubt that she worked hard for the body she has got, but it is also a fact that she is genetically blessed. Here we try to explore her workout and diet preferences by learning about the workout she likes, the workout app she uses, the food she keeps with her always and her diet indulgences. Keep reading to know it all.

Workout Preference

While it is a known fact that the glamor model likes to workout with her personal trainer Gunnar Peterson, only a few people know that she likes to exercise her abs the most.

She loves when her trainer kills her abs. When she has worked out her abs right, even laughing hurts them the next day. That’s a sign for her which says she is doing the exercises right.

Workout App

The young model has confessed that she uses a free app known as Instant Abs trainer to tone her abs when she is not working out with Gunnar. This app has hundreds of toning and strengthening moves that you can do anywhere. Sometimes, when Kendall is watching TV, she thinks that she should be doing sit ups and crunches at that time. And then what? She actually gets off the couch and does them.

Kendall Jenner after a gym session in Los Angeles in November 2016
Kendall Jenner after a gym session in Los Angeles in November 2016

The Pink Wall

Jenner is open to changing her life in a lot of ways to stay fit and healthy. One of the unusual methods she adopted recently was to paint her wall pink so that the color could have a calming effect on her mind and suppresses her appetite. The exact shade of pink she now loves is Baker-Miller Pink. It has been scientifically proven that this color will calm you and suppress the appetite.

Kendall Jenner with Kim Kardashian
Kendall Jenner with Kim Kardashian

The People She Admires The Most

The brunette recently admitted that she admires her sisters the most as they are cool, independent and hardworking. She also thinks that her sister, Kim Kardashian is the smartest person she knows. She also likes Angelina Jolie a lot.

Sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner in the gym
Sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner in the gym

Food Preferences

The LA resident has a very simple approach towards grocery buying. She avoids buying foods in bulk because she rarely remains at home and has to travel a lot. If she buys products in bulk, they would be wasted as she isn’t always there to eat them. So, she just buys some essentials like fresh fruits that she can carry around and enjoy when the mood strikes.

She also likes having cereal and milk handy so that she can have a quick breakfast before a busy day. She also stocks up on bottled water as water keeps her healthy too. For grocery shopping, she usually visits Gelson’s. Kendall grew up shopping at the one in Calabasas and she considers their bakery, Viktor Benês to be the best.

Diet Indulgence

When the hottie is in a mood to indulge, she has everything we all like such as pasta, pizza, burgers and even some chicken wings.

Kendall Jenner at Paris Fashion Week 2017 wearing Balmain red dress
Kendall Jenner at Paris Fashion Week 2017 wearing red Balmain dress

No Plastic Surgery

The TV personality is very firm about the fact that she hasn’t had a plastic surgery. A few weeks back, it was speculated that she had a plastic surgery, but the brown-eyed beauty denied all the rumors. She says that as a model she would never go for face restructuring as it doesn’t make sense. She also added that people often forget that she is a person with real feelings too. Her everyday life is mostly like a normal person and people should start appreciating this fact.

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