Khloe Kardashian’s Revenge Body Trainer, Latreal Mitchell Shares Amazing Fitness Tips

Khloe Kardashian diet and fitness secrets are sought by almost every fan. In fact, she is the fitness inspirations of millions of people across the world. If she inspires you to do better in the gym too then, you will be delighted to read some amazing tips shared by her revenge body trainer Latreal Mitchell. These tips are simple, inexpensive and ensure that you live a healthier lifestyle. Read them here:

Latreal Mitchell with her dog Storm during a hiking session in October 2017
Latreal Mitchell with her dog Storm during a hiking session in October 2017 (Latreal Mitchell / Instagram)

Less Cardio

If you are exercising enough and not seeing the results you want, then maybe, you are doing the wrong stuff. Many people make the mistake of doing too much cardio and getting upset when they don’t see results. Don’t be among those people and spend just 20 minutes on cardio exercise.

You should also remember that doing more exercise won’t get you the results, doing the right exercises with right nutrition will!

No Exercise Breaks

People often stop exercising because they are on a holiday or they are traveling. You can avoid this mistake by ensuring that you exercise even on a holiday (you can do it early morning if you have a packed day). You should also take up room in a hotel that has a gym. Hiking while exploring a new city and traveling with some basic equipment like exercise bands & protein powder are also good ideas.

Latreal Mitchell in an Instagram selfie in October 2017
Latreal Mitchell in an Instagram selfie in October 2017 (Latreal Mitchell / Instagram)

Cheat Days are a Hoax

Be committed to a diet plan that suits your body and lifestyle but don’t call it cheating when you indulge a little. Indulging every once in a while is okay, and you should never feel guilty about it.

If you have a pizza with friends after a week of following a healthy lifestyle, don’t feel bad about it. Just be honest with yourself and don’t start having pizza every other day!

No Sugar

Avoid sugar as much as possible because in most cases, it is stored as fat as your body doesn’t know what to do with it. Learn to recognize sugar hidden in foods. Avoid such foods and you will be taking a big leap towards weight loss.

Vegetables Matter

Try to reduce the amount of meat you eat and replace them with fresh vegetables. Do not depend on convenient foods and learn to cook. Being vegetarian would be handy if you cook yourself as preparing a veggie dish is easier than preparing a meal with meat.

Supplements are Good

If your body is not getting enough nutrients via foods, you can try supplements like fish oil, probiotic, multivitamin, and digestive enzymes. Look for vegan protein supplements as they are safer and more reliable.

Lacey Stone, Latreal Mitchell, and Simone De La Rue (From Left) in a selfie in November 2017
Lacey Stone, Latreal Mitchell, and Simone De La Rue (From Left) in a selfie in November 2017 (Latreal Mitchell / Instagram)

Be a No-Nonsense Person

One thing Mitchell and Kardashian have in common is that they both live a no excuses lifestyle. They have a similar mindset, are equally driven, highly motivated and no-nonsense people. So, the biggest takeaway from Khloe Kardashian workout secrets is that you have to stay motivated to be fit every day!

Don’t be Obsessed

Being a bit obsessive about fitness is good, but when you overdo it, you might end up making yourself sick. Make sure you visit your doctor when you initiate a weight loss journey so that you don’t end up overtraining. Overtraining is one of the unhealthiest things you can do to yourself. You should avoid it as much as possible.

Signs of Overdoing

To see if you are overtraining, then here are a few signs that might help you recognize this bad habit. When you are losing too much weight or depleting your body, it’s a bad sign that will be visible when you look in the mirror.

Another bad sign is feeling exhausted when you exercise too much or don’t eat enough. Dry, dull and sallow skin is one of the signs that alert you that you are pushing too hard.  You should also realize that cortisol from excess exercise can lead to psoriasis or eczema. One more sign worth mentioning is that you will get sick more often than usual because your body won’t get enough nutrients.

Side Effects

Once you recognize the signs, you should change your habits immediately. If you don’t, you might end up with a broken-down body, you will be more susceptible to injury, and you will feel fragile. It’s all about finding the balance between a healthy lifestyle and taking care of basic needs of your body & mind!

Latreal Mitchell with her dog Storm Mitchell in December 2017 in the gym
Latreal Mitchell with her dog Storm Mitchell in December 2017 in the gym (Latreal Mitchell / Instagram)

Don’t be Addicted to Gym Only

The final piece of advice shared by the founder of Fitness Bunch Foundation is that you should keep your schedule in check. Don’t be hooked on hitting the gym multiple times a day. Instead, you should look for exercises that make you happy, be it taking your dog for a walk or hiking a new trail every other day.

You should also focus on being active throughout the day and try new exercise methods as often as possible. Hitting the gym three times a week, going for a spin class once a week and doing outdoor stuff the rest of the days is ideal. You can also enjoy a rest day if your body needs it!

Featured Image by Eva Rinaldi / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

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