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Kimberley Walsh Workout Routine Diet Plan

The singer, songwriter and former Girls Aloud star Kimberley Walsh says that she is quite normal and cannot be described as either fat or thin. Her stomach is also in a satisfactory condition as she used to do a lot of dance earlier. According to Walsh, no one wants to hear the truth but the fact is that for losing weight one must exercise regularly and eat the right food.

Kimberley Walsh Workout Routine

Walsh says that she has to sometimes drop her workouts because of a very hectic schedule. She likes to do her workouts and exercises at home. For running she goes outside her home. She does not like running on the treadmill. By running outdoors, she can see the world.

Kimberley Walsh Running outdoors.

She says that in her early years she only used to dance. At that time, she did not undertook any workout and never attended any gym. Kimberley started doing workouts after being approached by Puma to act as a Fitness Ambassador for its Body Train range.

Of all the workouts, she likes “free weights” the most. This is so because they help her tone the body and she feels highly satisfied after doing the workouts.

She believes that for staying fit, one must exercise regularly. Workouts help to maintain the shape of the body and create balance in life.

Walsh combines cardio-vascular exercises and resistance training in her workouts as this combination is a better combination as all the body parts and muscles are worked. She also does yoga and Pilates. These exercises help her to stretch out. These workouts make her feel more relaxed.

She maintains a mini gym at home. The gym has some weights, bars, steps and resistance bands. She works out on her own at the home gym and does not have a personal trainer for the purpose. For bottom area, she does lunges.

She also likes cycling a lot. It is a great way to keep the body fit. The singer had spent a lot of time cycling since her school days and enjoys doing biking with her kids, family and friends. Kimmi says that not many of the today’s kids like cycling, which is a bad thing.

Kimberley Walsh Diet Plan

Nutritionist Amanda Ursell has to say that Kimberley Walsh is not obsessed with any kind of food and eats everything in moderation. She says that it is good that Kimmi eats according to the pattern and eats her lunch, dinner and breakfasts regularly. Walsh also avoids many of the sugary drinks and instead satisfies her thirst with water. There are days when she intake some drinks full of sugar. But Kimmi soon gets back to the usual pattern.

Kimberley likes to snack and munches on nuts or bananas for instant energy. She also takes Vitamin C supplements, almost regularly.

The daily diet plan of Kimberley Walsh is given below. It lists the food items of Kimmi’s diet.

  • Breakfast – Porridge, honey and raisins.
  • Mid morning snack – Grapes
  • Lunch – Chicken and salad sandwich
  • Mid afternoon snack – Dates
  • Dinner – King prawns, pasta with chili and tomato sauce.

Kimmi believes that this diet plan is not the best of all. But, she lays more stress on the activities that a person does throughout his / her day.

Apart from the above diet plan, Kimberley also likes to have home cooked food. She cooks some food items when she is free. She likes to cook for her family and friends. Her favourite home cooked food products are muffins, cupcakes and brownies.

Walsh is a foodie. She does not follow diet plans which make the body weight go down. She does not recommend such weight loss diet plans and says they are not healthy.

With the proper exercises, her body is toning up. She is little worried about her bum though and would like it to be more firm. She finds counting of calories boring and does not indulge herself into it.

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