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Kristen Bell Workout Routine and Diet Plan

5 ft 1 in, blue eyes, Kristen Bell is an American actress and singer. The petite actress is one of the celebs who are always in stunning curvaceous shapes. Credited with beautiful svelte figure, the hot actress has allured us with her performance in the movies such as Couples Retreat, Burlesque, Scream 4, Stuck in Love etc. Married to Dax Shepard, the Gossip Girl star got blessed with her first child, daughter Lincoln in March 2013.

To Kristen, being in enviable shape is not a matter of grooming her for her roles; she rather aspires to be in bikini-embracing figure, because it makes her feel awesome. More than anything, she values her own opinions, and her outlook certainly gets a boost when she watches her toned figure in mirror. Besides that, the charming actress who has also acted in myriad comedy shows and movies considers laughter as the greatest medicine ever. It not only takes away stress from your mind but also keeps you from wrinkles. The practical and realistic views about life have Kristen succumb to vegan diet plan and regular workouts.

Kristen Bell Diet Plan

Kristen Bell eating plan

Right from her childhood days, the actress has been averse to the taste and smell of non-vegan food items. She was always more inclined to vegan foods such as kale, broccoli, spinach etc. To make her journey from animal-based foods to vegan flawless, the immaculate beauty made countless healthy and judicious replacements such as; she swapped cheese with Daiya, which to a great extent is similar to cheese. The food items in-fact being lighter and tastier than cheese doesn’t make Kristen miss some of her favored non-vegan food items.

And to stay away from toxic materials of processed and refined foods, she has grown her own field and has planted copious fruits and vegetables there. With the consumption of homegrown veggies, no skepticism regarding the nutrient density of foods is left in her mind.

During her period of being a nursing mother, Kristen didn’t seem to look much frightened with weight. She handled it with patience and didn’t step back from feeding sufficient number of calories to her body, which a breastfeeding mother requires to consume. However, since the consumption of sugary and dairy products promote skin troubles in her, she steers clear from them.

After starting her day with nutrient packed smoothie, she incorporates foods such as banana, apple, spinach, kale, romaine, coconut juice, lemon juice etc. in her diet. The fab star religiously adheres to balanced and restrictive diet on the weekdays, and devours her loved foods on weekends. Along-with other foods, the sultry actress has reserved the consumption of sweet foods also to cheat days only.

Kristen Bell Workout Routine

Kristen Bell running workout

The actress having her well-being as her paramount fitness objective is in accord with workouts. She hits gym very often and practices varied workouts such as cardio workouts, strength training, SoulCycle etc. While sharing her experiences about SoulCycle, she shares, in the beginning; she had very petrifying and exhausting experience of working out with it. However, she adored exploring her body to new and more efficient ways of workouts. And before late, she began enjoying her session of workouts with SoulCycle.

Yoga and Pilates are the most trusted workouts, which give her freedom to execute workouts without being thoughtful about the availability of hefty equipment or space. She self-proclaims that due to workouts, she has been able to make her body more resilient and healthy than it ever was. Earlier, she used to get exhausted with little hiking, but cardio workouts have actually strengthened her heart and have made her capable enough to enjoy adventurous activities without being exhausted.

Healthy Recommendation For Kristen Bell Fans

Should you wish to acquire hale, slender, and sculpted figure like Kristen, make small yet significant changes in your diet regime. Your diet being predominant factor affecting your weight needs to be consumed with prudence. There are some high fat food items such as red meat, turkey, bacon etc. These foods being rich in trans fats are powerhouse of diseases.

Abrupt elimination of these foods from diet regime might trigger your cravings. So better option is, cut them in bony pieces and instead of eating them in fried form, eat them in steamed, poached, or broiled form. Apart from that, refrain from the consumption of salt and sugar and switch to natural herbs and spices instead. Not only would herbs and spices improve your taste, they will also rev up your metabolism.

In the same way, you can swap consumption of soda with diet soda, which is far more refined option of having soda. And when it comes to choice of junk foods, satisfy your yearnings with better foods. For example, prefer baked potatoes to fried potatoes, since doing so will keep you immune from intake of harmful trans oil. You don’t have to completely drive out your adored food items from your diet regime. With some modifications or swaps, you can catapult your body to optimum health.

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