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Kurt Cobain Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics

Kurt Cobain Quick Info
Height 5 ft 9 in
Weight 63 kg
Date of Birth February 20, 1967
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Date of Death
April 5, 1994

Kurt Cobain was an American singer, songwriter, guitarist, visual artist, and musician best known as the frontman of the rock band Nirvana. He served as the band’s guitarist, lead vocalist, and primary songwriter and is considered to be one of the most influential musicians in the history of alternative rock. Nirvana disbanded following Cobain’s suicide in 1994 and the band’s discography consists of albums and songs like NevermindIn Utero, BleachSmells Like Teen SpiritCome as You AreIn Bloom, LithiumSliver, Heart-Shaped BoxAbout a GirlYou Know You’re RightPennyroyal Tea, and Love Buzz. Kurt Cobain struggled with heroin addiction and chronic health problems such as depression during his final years and committed suicide on April 5, 1994. He was posthumously inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014, along with his Nirvana bandmates Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl. Also, he was ranked at number #20 by Hit Parader on their list of the “100 Greatest Metal Singers of All Time” in 2006 while Rolling Stone has included Cobain in its lists of the “100 Greatest Songwriters of All Time”, “100 Greatest Guitarists”, and “100 Greatest Singers of All Time”.

Born Name

Kurt Donald Cobain

Nick Name


Kurt Cobain at Live and Loud in 1993
Kurt Cobain at Live and Loud in 1993


Kurt Cobain was born on February 20, 1967.


Kurt Cobain passed away on April 5, 1994, at the age of 27, after having shot himself.

Sun Sign


Born Place

Aberdeen, Washington, United States





Kurt Cobain went to Aberdeen High School. However, he dropped out about two weeks before graduation as he didn’t have enough credits to pass out of high school.


Musician, singer, songwriter, guitarist, visual artist


  • Father – Donald Leland Cobain (Automotive mechanic)
  • Mother – Wendy Elizabeth Cobain (Waitress)
  • Siblings – Kimberly Cobain (Younger Sister), Chad Cobain (Younger Half-Brother), Brianne O’Conner (Younger Half-Sister)
  • Others – Leland Elmer Cobain (Paternal Grandfather), Iris Maxine LaBrot (Paternal Grandmother), Charles Thomas Fradenburg (Maternal Grandfather), Margaret Dawson Irving (Maternal Grandmother)


Alternative rock, grunge, punk rock, hard rock


Vocals and guitar


Sub Pop, DGC Records, Geffen Records

Net Worth

According to, his net worth was $50 Million at the time of his death.




5 ft 9 in or 175 cm


63 kg or 139 lbs

Girlfriend / Spouse

Kurt Cobain had dated –

  1. Tracy Marander (1985-1988) – In his struggling pre-Nirvana days, Kurt was in a relationship with Tracy Marander. He had met her during one of his visits to Olympia, Washington to attend rock concerts. They had moved in together and she used to work at the cafeteria of the Seattle–Tacoma International Airport to support them. She even had to resort to stealing food to feed themTheir relationship was often strained due to financial conditions as he refused to take up a job and would focus solely on his art projects. Also, her constant insistence that he finds a job served as an inspiration for the single, About a Girl, which was included in Nirvana’s debut album.
  2. Tobi Vail (1988-1990) – After separating from Tracy Marander, Cobain started going out with Tobi Vail, who was a drummer with the punk band, Bikini Kill. It is reported that he vomited during their first meeting as he was overwhelmed by the anxiety caused by his intense infatuation with her. This incident has been referenced in the song AneurysmDuring the course of their relationship, they would hold long philosophical and political discussions. Also, their attraction was based on their mutual affinity for creativity. However, their relationship waned as he yearned for the maternal comfort of the traditional relationship and Vail was well known for her modern sexist views in the punk scene.
  3. Courtney Love (1990-1994) – Cobain had first met Courtney Love in 1989 after his performance at a concert and they talked briefly. They got properly acquainted in January 1990 after having met at Portland’s Satyricon nightclub. There are some publications that claim Love and Cobain were introduced in May 1991 at an L7 and Butthole Surfers concert in Los Angeles. Initially, Love made advances but Kurt was evasive as he used to break off dates. Kurt would later reveal that he also liked her right away but was determined to hold on to his bachelor life for a little longer. Once they got together, they bonded through their drug use. After the completion of Nirvana’s “Pacific Rim” tour in February 1992, they got married in a low-key ceremony on Waikiki Beach in Hawaii. The ceremony was witnessed by eight individuals, including his Nirvana bandmate Dave Grohl. By the time, they got married Courtney was already pregnant and gave birth to a daughter Frances Bean Cobain in August 1992. In an interview with Vanity Fair, she revealed that she had taken drugs during her pregnancy as she wasn’t aware of being pregnant initially. The Los Angeles County Department of Children’s Services would later drag them to court alleging that their drug abuse made them unfit parents. They were very much together until his suicide in 1994.
  4. Mary Lou Lord (1991) – Kurt’s relationship with indie-folk musician and recording artist Mary Lou Lord was nothing more than a s%xual encounter, which had her performing an oral s*xual act on him on a parked bus in Boston’s Kenmore Square.
  5. Jane Crowley – Kurt Cobain was RUMORed to have had an affair with Jane Crowley, who was a model and photographer. However, their relationship has been dismissed as a mere urban myth by leading Kurt Cobain fan blogs.
  6. Kristen Pfaff (1993) – There were RUMORs that Kurt had an encounter with musician Kristen Pfaff in January 1993. She was best known as the bassist for alternative rock band Hole. Coincidently, they both died at the age of 27.

Race / Ethnicity


He had English, Irish, French, Canadian, Dutch, German, and Scottish ancestry.

Hair Color

Dark Brown (Natural)

However, he often dyed his hair different colors.

Eye Color


Sexual Orientation


However, in an interview given to The Advocate in 1993, he had said that he was “gay in spirit” and “probably could be bisexual”.

But, he had also revealed that “I am not gay, although I wish I were, just to p**s off homophobes”.

Distinctive Features

  • Long blonde dyed locks
  • Blue eyes
  • Lanky body frame
  • Raw and agonizing voice


Kurt didn’t have clear religious views. At one time, he identified as a born-again Christian. Then, he would go on to say that he hated Christianity. He also showed some interest in Jainism and Buddhism.

Best Known For

  • Being the frontman of the popular alternative band, Nirvana, which is considered to be one of the most important and influential alternative and grunge bands in the music industry
  • Being a famous pop and cultural icon
  • His well-documented drug addiction, mental issues such as depression, and fatal suicide, which has spawned several conspiracy theories

First Album

In 1989, his music band released their debut studio album, Bleach, under the Sub Pop record label. The album had mediocre commercial success but was well received by the critics.

Following the success of Nirvana’s second album, this album was re-released in 1992 by Geffen Records.

First Film

Kurt Cobain has appeared in the film 1991: The Year Punk Broke as himself in 1992.

First TV Show

In 1990, he made his first TV show appearance as himself on the talk show, Tonight with Jonathan Ross.

Kurt Cobain Favorite Things

  • School Class – Music
  • Food – Kraft-brand macaroni and cheese
  • Movies –  Paris, Texas (1984), Over the Edge (1979), and Rear Window (1954)

Source Clash Music, IMDb

Kurt Cobain Facts

  1. He started developing an interest in music at a fairly young age. By the age of 2, he was singing and at the age of 4, he started playing the piano and even wrote a song about his trip to the local park.
  2. He behaved quite badly in his youth and even bullied another boy, which prompted his father and his stepmother to take him to a therapist. The therapist, in turn, suggested that he would benefit from a single-family environment instead of bouncing between his father’s household and mother’s house.
  3. While he was studying in junior high school, his father got him into a wrestling team. Although he was a skilled wrestler, he hated the experience and even allowed himself to be pinned to sadden his father.
  4. At school, he had befriended a homosexual boy due to which he had to endure bullying. He later revealed that he loved hanging out with him because other people left him alone due to his association.
  5. After he dropped out of high school just two weeks before graduation, his mother gave him an ultimatum to find work in a week. A week later, he found his belongings and clothes packed in boxes.
  6. During his period of homelessness, he stayed with his friends and even found himself living under a bridge over the Wishkah River. Also, he occasionally sneaked into his mother’s basement.
  7. When he was 14 years old, he told his schoolmate that he would emulate Jimi Hendrix by becoming a rich, famous, and popular rockstar, and then would kill himself when he was young.
  8. In his teenage years in Aberdeen, he had devised a crafty way to get alcohol. He and his friends used to get an obese alcoholic man in a shopping cart and would wheel him to the liquor store. He used to get them beer and they used to pay for his whiskey.
  9. After dropping out of school, he jumped from one job to the other including working as a swimming instructor at YMCA. He also used to work at The Polynesian Resort, which was about 20 miles north of his hometown.
  10. Before he started the group Nirvana, he had auditioned to join the popular rock band, Melvins. He had also claimed in his interviews that the first-ever concert he attended was of Melvins.
  11. When he used to have free time on his hands, he would buy slabs of meat, take it to the woods, and would shoot at it with different guns.
  12. Before he found success with his music, he seriously considered joining the US Navy. He is even reported to have met a recruitment officer to discuss his enrollment.
  13. It has often been claimed that he started using heroin on a daily basis to deal with his chronic stomach pains.
  14. His father had got him enrolled in a Little League Baseball team. However, as a mark of his rebellion, he used to intentionally strike out due to which he didn’t have to play anymore.
  15. His first drug use happened at the age of 13 when he used marijuana. Later, he tried almost every kind of popular drug, including abusing large amounts of LSD.
  16. In 1993, just before Nirvana’s performance at the New Music Seminar in New York City, he suffered a heroin overdose. Courtney Love had to inject him with naloxone to bring him back to consciousness.
  17. The day Nirvana was supposed to perform on Saturday Night Live in 1993, he took heroin during a photo session and went off to sleep. Love had to splash water on his face to wake him up.
  18. In 2003, the prestigious Rolling Stones magazine placed him on the #12 spot in the list featuring the greatest guitar players of all time.
  19. In May 2006, the readers of the popular NME magazine voted him as the greatest rock ‘n’ roll hero of all time.
  20. In her 2008 interview, Courtney Love revealed that Cobain was offered the role of Lance in the cult movie, Pulp Fiction. Eric Stoltz was eventually cast in the particular role.
  21. While performing at a concert, he once saw a girl being groped in the audience. He immediately halted his performance, went to angrily confront the groper, and ordered security to throw him out.

Featured Image by Kurt Cobain / Kurim / CC BY-SA 4.0

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