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Kyle Richards Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Kyle Richards workout

With ample assets, 5 ft 2 in, petite Kyle Richards owns an incredible curvaceous and toned figure. Mother of four daughters mainly credits sugar-free diet and circuit training for her slender figure.


She shares since she naturally has more fat at apt places, she is very likely to bulk up in those areas as soon as she gains extra pounds. After having struggled with the weight problem for a long time, Kyle lately resorted to liposuction to impart her body lean and toned look. Not to mention, she being totally flattered with the results contends, no matter how perfect diet you take and how regularly you execute workouts, you are always left with some shortcomings especially when you have to combat with the annoying signs of aging.

Let’s have a quick look at the diet and workouts secrets of Kyle Richards.

Kyle Richards 2014 Diet and Workout Plan

No Sugar Diet

Kyle considers her clothes getting tight as a wake-up call which instigates her to turn a watchful eye towards her diet. When she feels she is gaining unwanted pounds, she trims down the consumption of carbs and swears by very nutrient dense and wholesome diet. The ageless brunette banks on no sugar diet to maintain youthful glow on her face and body. Sugar being the sweet poison makes your body become a victim of myriad diseases.

Not only does no sugar diet help you shed unsolicited pounds, it also ensures optimum health for you. With the reduction in the consumption of sugar, you are very likely to witness a reduction in your waist size too. Aside from cutting back the primary sources of sugar, if you also pay attention to the foods having sugar hidden in them, you can melt away whooping pounds in very short period of time. The bombshell also steers clear from liquid diet which adds bountiful calories to your diet.

Weight Watchers Diet Plan

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is one of the many Hollywood celebs who are extremely overwhelmed with the flattering outcomes of Weight Watchers diet plan. She feels quite relieved and contented while moving along with the plan because it takes the burden of picking meals off her mind. Pre-packaged meals provided by the program take care of her nutrition needs and thus aid her maintain slender body. Apart from pre-packaged meals, she relies on green vegetables, whole grains, seeds, lean protein etc. and profusely incorporates them in her diet.

Regular Workouts

Along with consuming a balanced diet, Kyle is also regular in her workouts. She works out five days in a week. While two days in a week are devoted to power yoga, remaining three days of her are reserved for circuit training. She pricks, aside from making her body lithe, yoga also keeps her mind calm and stress-free.

Healthy Tips for Fans

Most of us keep consuming myriad such food items which cause nothing but loss to our bodies. And needless consumption of sugar is one of the eating habits which have become so common among us that we have turned almost blind eye towards the poison. Here are some of the harmful influences of sugar which you shall memorize to pursue your mind to restrain its consumption from your diet.

Enhancement in Cravings

Since sugar pacifies the reward center of your brain, you feel awesome and blissful for sometime after its consumption. That jovial feeling further instigates you to consume more of it and in this way, one vicious cycle is formed i.e. more you consume it, more you feel like having it.

Debilitates Your Memory

You might feel wondered to know the fact that sugar not only makes you physically weak, it also debilitates your mind. The study shows that people who consume sugar in great amount are very likely to suffer from poor memory in long run than those who keep its consumption restrained in their diet. Prolonged consumption of excessive sugar might elevate insulin resistance in your brain which might further make you suffer from Alzheimer’s disease.

Fosters Health Issues

We know that sugar causes increase in weight but very few of us might be aware of the fact that obesity gives room to myriad other diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, depression, and even cancer. It also elevates your chances to becoming victim of heart diseases. Diet opulent in sugar elevates triglycerides and trims down the count of lipoprotein in your body. Besides, your choice of foods too gets more inclined to sugary foods over nutrient-laden foods, so sugary foods only make you become a miserable human being.

Suppresses the Immune System

Sugar consumption in huge quantity messes with your immune system. When you drink one bottle of coke or any other soft drink, your immune system temporarily goes down. And the situation continues to be so for several hours. So, the people who keep consuming varied kinds of sugary foods myriad times in a day end up having a sluggish immune system.

Kyle Richards Diet Secrets 2018

Kyle Richards wearing DIFF eyewear in June 2018
Kyle Richards wearing DIFF eyewear in June 2018 (Kyle Richards / Instagram)

The diet secrets of the star haven’t changed much over time. She still eats a healthy diet, and her refrigerator is full of healthy stuff like fruits, berries, almond milk, organic milk, and kombucha teas among other things. She ensures that her kids eat berries on a daily basis because it’s rich in antioxidants. Dave’s Killer Bread is her favorite as it has low carbs and high amount of fiber.

Diet Plan


Scrambled eggs with corn tortilla and salsa or a diet protein shake. If she is making the breakfast for kids, she has fruit, eggs, and healthy toast.


A scoop of tuna on lettuce and turkey wrapped in romaine


Fish and chicken (especially Chicken Milanese)


The diva keeps a protein bar called ThinkThin in her purse to ensure that she doesn’t make a bad choice when she is feeling too hungry.

Kyle Richards showing Paris Hilton Unicorn Mist product in November 2017
Kyle Richards showing Paris Hilton Unicorn Mist product in November 2017 (Kyle Richards / Instagram)

The Pressure to Look Good

Richards admits that she still feels the pressure to look good on camera but also likes the fact that when doing reality TV, she can be herself. She adds that the pressure to look good is not the result of professional requirements but more of a personal thing because she wants to look good at all times as a part of her personal life as well.

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