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Kylie Bunbury Workout Routine and Diet Changes for Pitch

Kylie Bunbury is a game changer in new poster for "Pitch"
Kylie Bunbury is a game changer in new poster for “Pitch”

Pitch (2016-Present) is an unusual TV series that follows the life of a young female pitcher, Ginny Baker who gets drafted into the league and faces many hurdles due to her gender. Interestingly, the lead actress of the show, Kylie Bunbury had never even stepped on a diamond before she signed up for the show. Still, the actress managed to learn the game via hard work and hardcore training. She modified her workouts, her diet, and made many changes to her lifestyle to fit in the role. Was she successful? Certainly, she was. Let’s look at her fitness journey for the show.

Being Athletic

The diva admits that she was a fan of basketball, soccer and running the track while growing up, so she has no experience of baseball. Yet, she managed to pull off the role of a pitcher because she worked hard. She also credits her family history in helping her to be a good pitcher. Her father played professional soccer and her brother does the same too. As a result, it was a bit easier for her to catch on the sport.

Kylie Bunbury during the filming of "Pitch"
Kylie Bunbury during the filming of “Pitch”

Workout Routine

To be a perfect pitcher, the lovely lady trained on the field for 3 to 4 times a week. She also took up boxing for three days a week because she wanted to build her body strength. She spent at least two and a half months before the pilot to learn about how to be a good pitcher. She worked two or three days a week during production too. The focus was on building up her arm strength and grasping all the mechanics of the game.

Vital Changes

Apart from spending the time building her body strength, the pretty woman also spent time in learning about baseball. She did that by religiously watching the MLB Network and reading a lot of baseball books.

The Dedication

The Canadian-American actress was so dedicated to being a great pitcher on-screen that she barely had lunch. She always wanted to sneak in extra hours in doing sessions with her pitching coach, Gregg Olson. Olson is a former MLB relief pitcher who holds the credit of bagging the American League Rookie of the Year award in the year 1989.

Kylie Bunbury stretching on the field
Kylie Bunbury stretching on the field

A Genuine Compliment

Bunbury’s efforts were appreciated by everyone, including her trainer Olson. He stated that he signed up for the task without even knowing what to expect but she really put in a lot of hard work during training. He said that she is an athlete who often gets frustrated if she is not throwing well. In contrast, when the ball smacks against the catcher’s mitt, she sees it as the payoff for her hard work. She built the game from her efforts and athleticism. Oslon even called her amazing.

Kylie Bunbury for "Pitch"
Kylie Bunbury for “Pitch”

Diet Changes

The talented actress shared that she was eating really well during the weeks leading up to the launch of the show. It can be presumed that she needed to eat clean so that she could perform well on the field. After all, you can’t depend on junk food when you are training so hard, could you?

Diet Indulgence

Despite having an inclination to eat healthy, the TV star sometimes likes to indulge. She was recently spotted indulging in some not so healthy snacks, Lays and Cheetos.

Kylie Bunbury eating Lays
Kylie Bunbury eating Lays

Lifestyle Changes

Apart from workout and diet changes, she also made several lifestyle changes. It includes icing herself and taking Epsom salt baths on a regular basis.

Girl Power Vibes

The Twisted (2013-2014) actress appreciates the fact that her role is creating serious girl power vibes. She says that the appreciation of the show makes her feel that its woman’s time now. She feels really special to be a part of the movement and doesn’t take it for granted. On the contrary, she takes her role very seriously. She says women are capable of a lot of things and the show is just laying this fact out.

Kylie Bunbury at Teen Choice Awards 2016
Kylie Bunbury at Teen Choice Awards 2016

The Result

All the hard work and lifestyle changes proved worthy in the end for the actress. She is now throwing at speeds of 55-60 mph, which is great.

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