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LannaPremium 2 Tone Thai Fisherman Yoga Pant Review

LannaPremium 2 Tone Thai Fisherman Yoga Pant

Whether you are a beginner or a dedicated yogi, it is important to wear the right attire when going to yoga classes. If you wear the right yoga pant, then there will be less distraction and you will get the maximum range of motion. In the past, men used to wear a t-shirt and shorts when doing yoga. But, now the options have increased. There are leggings and different types of pants available for doing very comfortable yoga. Here, we are going to review the LannaPremium 2 Tone Thai Fisherman Yoga Pant.


This pant is available in great colors. It comes in 2 tones and you can choose dark green/light green, charcoal/burgundy, red/black, or dark blue/light blue options. The pant has a very unique style which you will love. The pant is loose and roomy. The length of the pant is just above the ankle, so you won’t fall while doing yoga poses by stepping on it. The waist is wide and has a belt that you can tie for a better fit. It is found in one size that will fit all. There is a hidden pocket in the leg where you can store mobile, keys, and other accessories. This pant is appropriate for yoga sessions as it allows free movement and you can stretch and bend without any obstacle. You can wear the pant for meditating and lounging at home as well.

Build Quality

This pant is made from handmade cotton which makes it durable. It is hand-sewn in Thailand. The material is lightweight and feels great on the skin. It is breathable, so you won’t sweat much even after an intense yoga session. The stitches are of high-quality, so the pant won’t tear even after so much stretching and bending. The wide waistband and keeps the pant in place. You will feel very confident and comfortable wearing these stylish yoga pants.


It comes in one size which will fit all customers. It measures about 56 inches around the waist. The length of the pant is 42 inches. Whether your size is XS or XL, these pants will fit you perfectly. The pant is ankle-length, so it makes it convenient to wear during yoga classes. If you find the pant to be too long, then you can fold it from the top to adjust the length accordingly.


The fabric of the pant is so soft that it feels very comfortable even if you wear it for a long time. It’s airy and loose; therefore, it won’t come in your way when you are in your yoga session. It is easy to wash and maintain.

Ease of Use

It is very convenient to wear pants. You only need to step into the pant, pull the waist to one side, and wrap the extra fabric available around the front. Then tie the belt from the rear. You can easily adjust the length of the pant by folding the top of the pant.


This pant is airy and it will flow and move when doing yoga poses. So, it won’t restrict your movement in any way. You can do the difficult inversions quite easily wearing these pants. As the pant is ankle length, it won’t go under your feet and cause an accident while doing various yoga poses. This pant feels soft and is appropriate to wear in any weather condition. This pant is versatile and you can use it for yoga and other purposes as well. You can use it for meditation or other activities and also wear it when you go out for a cup of coffee.


  • The two-tone of the pant looks very attractive.
  • The colors and style are unique.
  • It is made of high-quality fabric which makes them soft and durable.
  • The fabric is very comfortable and you can wear it in any season.
  • As the pant is airy, you won’t feel hot during summer and won’t sweat much.
  • Your sweat will dry out quickly as the pant is breathable.
  • The waistband is wide and there are ties for extra protection.
  • The length of the pant is up to the ankle which makes it convenient to do the various yoga poses.
  • The pant is stretchy and has a lot of room to allow free movement.
  • There is a pocket for keeping mobile, keys, and other accessories.
  • It is versatile and so can be used for other exercises also.
  • It is affordable.
  • If you are not satisfied with the pant, then you can return it for free. The manufacturer will also bear the shipping charges.


  • The color of the pant may fade after a few washes and the color may bleed as well.
  • The ties are not that long to stay secured in the waist.

Final Verdict

If you don’t like those body clinging pants or leggings, then you must buy these yoga pants. Yoga needs freedom of movement and this pant will provide you all the room to perform your yoga poses comfortably and conveniently. You won’t have to worry about showing your skin or any restrictions due to the fabric or pattern of the pant. The pant is airy and flows along with your yoga poses. So, there won’t be any obstacle when performing yoga.

As the fabric is soft, you will feel very comfortable wearing it even in summer. You won’t sweat much and even if you do, the sweat will dry off quickly. You can do an intense yoga session with it and give your best performance. The waistband is wide giving the ultimate support so that the pant stays on its place. The ankle-length pant provides ease of movement. As the pant won’t come in your way, you can focus on your yoga poses rather than worrying about your pant. You should buy one today and see how these pants can improve your performance at the yoga classes.

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This yoga pant has a unique design and comes in amazing colors. You will feel very comfortable wearing it for your yoga sessions. LannaPremium 2 Tone Thai Fisherman Yoga Pant Review