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Lauren Goodger Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Learn how the former TOWIE star lost 4 stones in just 6 months

Lauren Goodger and boyfriend Jake McLean spend Christmas together on December 25, 2015
Lauren Goodger and boyfriend Jake McLean spend Christmas together on December 25, 2015

Weight Loss has become one of the recent obsessions of the celebrities all over the world. Every other celebrity is seeking to lose weight fast and many of them are getting results too. Some of them even launch their own DVD’s if they get success. The latest one to join the list is the pretty lady, Lauren Goodger who has achieved the feat of losing weight due to a new technique, she has used and is now seen flaunting the results every chance she gets. Have a look-see at her interesting weight loss expedition over here.

The Reason behind the Weight Loss

Earlier this year, Daily Mail reported that the former The Only Way Is Essex or TOWIE (2010-Present) actress had been following yo-yo diets for many years but her resolve to lose weight became deadly serious when unattractive images of her were splashed all over the media. In the images, she was wearing an orange bikini while enjoying a beach in Egypt.

When the images were taken, she weighed around 13 st and was too upset and embarrassed by the images. She even called herself beach whale.

Now, the diva thinks that she was huge at that time and she can’t even believe how fatty she looked then.

Many Weight Loss Attempts

Interestingly, this is not the first time the stunner has taken on a weight loss journey. She tried a Cambridge diet in 2012 when she was jibed about her weight issues. The diet included her to live mostly on shakes, porridge, meal replacement bars, soups, etc. as the plan aimed to reduce her calorie intake.

Lauren Goodger during a holiday in Egypt
Lauren Goodger during a holiday in Egypt

The next attempt happened in 2013 when the beauty used boot camps and juice diets to get to a size 10. Soon after that she started another weight loss journey in 2014 when she turned to expert trainer Richard Callender to train and shape her body. She even worked out four to five times a week and did varied exercises such as cycling, running, circuit training and swimming. She also took some serious diet measures like reducing alcohol intake and cooking every meal she ate. The result of the efforts was that she weighed 11 st 5 lb in September 2014. (which was very good, we must say)

Unfortunately, her efforts failed again and she gained a lot of weight (nearly 2 stones) which showed in her Egypt holiday and led to her body shaming.

The New Beginning

Lauren kicked off her recent weight loss journey in March 2015 by joining the Essex-based gym, Studio ELB that is managed by original Miss Galaxy Universe and her core team of elite trainers. She made a vital change this time. She shared the journey with her Instagram fans wherein she revealed what fitness measures she had been taking and also inspired her fans to do the same. She also stated that her hard work has ‘definitely made a difference’ this time around. (We just hope it’s true!!)

Lauren Goodger during a night out in London on December 25, 2015
Lauren Goodger during a night out in London on December 25, 2015

Her Determination

The TV personality was also determined to make her fitness journey work this time as she didn’t want to be a fat failure anymore.

Workout Routine

The workout routine of the popular star included intense gym sessions. The sessions comprised of variety of exercises from freestyle workouts with weights to intense sessions of lunges, squats and planks. She also hit the crosstrainer and treadmill on a regular basis. Training became a passion for the gorgeous star and she became a fan of training every day rather than following fad diets.

She also started believing that workouts help her to be better every day and there’s no quick fix or simple method if you really want results that stick.

Lauren Goodger shares a picture of her at the gym on Instagram on July 13, 2015
Lauren Goodger shares a picture of her at the gym on Instagram on July 13, 2015

Diet Plan

The diet plan of the talented actress has been simple. She is religiously following a clean and lean diet. Her main food sources are healthy protein-based that she buys from restaurants or Gyms Kitchen.

Diet Changes

Goodger also changed her diet habits and chose healthier options. She replaced her favorite tipple wine with slimline vodkas for good.

The Result

The result of the journey showed off soon as she lost 4 stones in just 6 months.

Her Views on Failure

In an Instagram post, the glamour model divulged her view on failure (which we think is worthy to be mentioned here). She stated that she had failed several times and used to to put fear into things that she wanted badly. She even defined failure. For her, failure is giving up, so if you fall backwards for a while then start again to perform better than before. Be strong with every failure and you will get all the results you ever wanted. After all, we all have to pay a price for everything we want. So failure is your price to achieve your heart’s desires.

On Being Fit Over Skinny

The media personality also shared her views on being fit vs. being skinny. She thinks that every girl should aim for being fit rather than skinny. Skinny does not mean being fit but being fit may lead to being skinny. It all depends on your body type. She personally prefers being fit over skinny any day. (And we really like that about her)

Lauren Goodger working out in King George's playing field in Brentwood
Lauren Goodger working out in King George’s playing field in Brentwood

On Inspiring Others

The columnist also feels great when women follow her healthy habits. She recently shared a message of a fan who started feeling more confident with her body because of Lauren. Lauren added that these sorts of messages and fan love help her smile and she feels great because she is helping other women become more confident in fighting their own battles of life.

Her Weight Loss Secret

In a recent chat with Daily Mail, the singer finally revealed the secret. Her secret is a new system known as bio-dynamics.

What’s that? We’ll tell you. Biodynamics means using powerful explosive movements that involve the big muscle groups in a body as they play a key role in burning off excess fat from a body.

This routine includes doing 5 minute-workouts for 10 times as they burn fat quickly and efficiently. They may tire you as you will work hard with them. The level and intensity of these workouts changes from person to person. People who have never exercised in life may find this routine a bit tough in the beginning, but things will smooth out if you keep at it.

More details of the exact workouts Lauren did can be found in the Lauren’s OMG! Workout DVD that you can buy here. The DVD will guide you through exercises like wood chopper, tuck jump, bunny hop and clam plank. The DVD is certainly useful as it topped the charts on pre-orders on Amazon before the release. Check it out now and let us know your honest feedback, won’t you?

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