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Leigh-Allyn Baker’s Diet Changes for her Sons

Leigh-Allyn Baker is one dedicated mom. She changed her own diet to meet the nutritional needs of her sons, both of whom are dealing with some health issues. Here we find out how she keeps everyone in her home healthy including her sons by following a good diet.

Have a look and get inspired to cut out the junk from your home’s diet too.

Natural Junk

The mother of two says that her kids stay away from chemical junk but do indulge in natural junk foods. When there is a birthday party, her sons get a cake, but it’s free of gluten, dairy, artificial colors and soy products.

Major Health Issue

Baker’s older son Griffin Samuel who is just 8 years old is a smart, creative and talkative boy, but he sometimes drops things or falls. He is suffering from developmental disorder dyspraxia. His health issue is the main reason why the entire family stays away from gluten, soy, dairy and artificial colored foods.

Diet and Healing

The American actress believes that having a set diet has been very beneficial for keeping her kids healthy. She says that scientists and doctors know that if you heal the gut, you can heal the brain. So, she is trying hard to ensure that her kids have the best atmosphere possible. She also hopes that the best atmosphere may ensure that neurons are fired in Griffin’s brain.

Positive Results of a Good Diet

The Kentucky-born explains that changing the diet has led to fruitful results with Griffin and Baker and the evidence of that is their blood work. She also adds that little Baker benefitted considerably as when she removed gluten from his diet, his struggle to speak (that has been there for about a year) ended.

The Side Effects of a Bad Diet

The voice artist says that her family is reactive to artificial dyes and food coloring. If they have such foods, a rash will appear all over their bodies.

The Signs

The wife of Keith Kauffman recently shared that Griffin didn’t begin showing any symptoms of a health issue until he was a little over 3 years. It was at that time they noted that he used both his hands for everything and didn’t use the dominant side like most people. He also showed struggles in balance and demonstrated muscular and fine-motor weakness. But he was excellent in areas like imagination, talking, creativity, communication, conversation and engaging with people socially.

Sometime later, his pre-school noted that he was facing difficulty in doing simple tasks like putting on his socks, shoes, and jacket by himself and it was suggested that he should be taken to an occupational therapist. He was accessed for two sessions that lasted nearly two hours each before it was revealed that he has dyspraxia.

The Reaction

Leigh says that she might never forget the moment she learned about Griffin’s diagnosis for the first time. She was so terribly hurt that she didn’t make a noise, but tears just rolled down her face as she silently cried.

Since then, she has constantly been fearful for what the future holds for him. She even hopes to learn that he will have a good future even if she has to gaze into a crystal ball for it because it will help her to relax a little.

The Best Possible Shot

Rather than hoping for a miracle, the Good Luck Charlie (2010-2014) star says that she has dedicated every little bit of the free time she has, to look for ways that can enhance Griffin’s brain function to let him have the best shot for his future possible.

Moving Forward

The Will & Grace (1998-Present) actress shares that she is moving forward in life and adapting to different situations because life never waits for anyone, it just keeps on going.

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