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Leighton Meester Workout Routine Diet Plan

Leighton Meester is an American actress and singer, who is best known for playing Queen Bee, Blair Waldorf on popular television series Gossip Girl. She is in a lead role in this show and looks amazing. Some of the credit goes to her fitness levels also. So, do you think she would be serious regarding her workouts and diets. Let us see.

Leighton Meester Workout Routine

Leighton Meester Workout Routine

Justin Falahi is the man (or you can say personal trainer…Duhhh) behind the toned body of Meester. They work together, when she is in Los Angeles. Falahi guides and motivates her regularly, which has resulted in great fitness levels of her. There are some things, which you may find weird also –

  • Don’t go to GYM – Yes, you read it right. They don’t go to the gym. Falahi and Leighton works out at the park or playground. They do running and warm up exercises there. For strength training and related ones, they find the park benches more useful, rather than gym machines. It may be because in the fresh air, you can exercise more freely and will never feel boredom.
  • No Counting – Again, while they are doing exercises, they never keep a check on the number of sets or number of repetitions. They just keep on performing high or low intensity (depending upon endurance levels) training sessions. Their only motive is to keep the heart rate up and body’s temperature raised. Hence, there is no fix routine or schedule for any exercise. This is really awesome as you would feel more accomplished than you actually did.
  • Relaxing Mantra – They know how to relax. As Leighton is busy most of the times. There’s hardly any time left for relaxation purposes. So, Falahi has a fix for that also. What he does is, he spend each and every single workout doing a 5 minutes meditation called “Mini Meditation”. This keeps her feel good the rest of the day and her stress is alleviated. This is also great for gaining control over your mind and improving memorizing and concentration power.
Justin Falahi Leighton Meester's Trainer
Justin Falahi – Leighton Meester’s Trainer

So, Falahi is able to fulfill all of the needs of Meester. He said that he knows Meester before she started filming for the Gossip Girl. She is a good friend of his from the past. So, he helped her when she required it. They started working out 2 or 3 days a week. Her main aim was to tone and shape the body. That doesn’t mean that she was overweight. The Gossip Girl wanted to have curvy body and high endurance levels. He has an approach towards his clients. Falahi analyses the body of his clients before he can start with them. This method of his is called “Body Type” analysis. In this was, the client gets what he / she requires.

Based on his own thesis or analysis, Justin made a workout session of 45 minutes for her, which focused on her balance and coordination exercise much, as she was weak in that area. And, yes, there was a meditation session also at the end. Soon, they started doing planks and push ups with exercise ball to concentrate on mid section of the body.

She also focused on her glutes also. For that, she opted for flamingo exercise like arms curling, torso tightening, legs kicking back, etc. There’s a one exercise for gluteal muscles (found in hips). Stand on your right leg, knee should be bent, and left leg is to be extended behind you off the floor. Now, incline forward and curl the right arm up. Finally, bring your left leg to the hip height.

Walking is good to maintain your calves muscles and Meester knows this very well.

Other than what is listed above, she occasionally goes for swimming and cycling. On being asked regarding her fitness levels, she said in the Cosmo UK edition –

“Exercise is fun when it doesn’t feel like exercise. Swimming, walking around a new city while travelling and cycling are all great.”

So, her exercise plan is as simple as possible and I am sure you will have no problem in following that.

Leighton Meester Diet Plan

Regarding diet plan, Justin says that you need to focus on eating right. He advices to eat natural raw food. Brown rice, unprocessed foods, fruits, whole grains, tofu are good for health. He further says, that calorie-wise eat less and do workout. Clean and simple.

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