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Lemon Detox Diet Plan – Rejuvenate Your Body and Mind

Lemon Detox Diet Plan

Devised by Stanley Burroughs, American Naturopath, Lemon detox diet plan is also known as Maple Syrup or Master Control Diet plan. It comes under one of the most popular fad diet plans. Though, the plan has been there for more than sixty years, but it became eminent and prevalent in the last three years.

Lemon juice used in the diet plan is a blend of maple syrup and cayenne pepper. Lemon being a complete fruit contains myriad vital nutrients such as calcium, potassium, sodium, vitamin C, vitamin B-6 etc. While maple syrup has incredible capacity to speed up your metabolism, cayenne pepper removes cancer cells, blockage in arteries, arthritic pain, and renders numerous other health benefits.

Many Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities have used the diet plan to deal with varied problems. Bollywood Celeb Tania Zaetta used the plan to rid stress, Hollywood singer Beyonce shed ten pounds by using the plan, and Hollywood singer Mariah Carey often uses the plan to detoxify her body.

How Lemon Detox Diet Plan will Work?

Having total duration of seven days, Lemon Diet Plan will mop all the toxins from your body, which get accumulated due to wrong or unhealthy eating habits, stress, lack of exercises or physical movement, and environmental pollution.

Initially, you might find it difficult to conquer your cravings but as you will move along with the diet plan, you naturally won’t feel like eating anything and the process would become effortless for you.

Benefits of Lemon Detox Diet Plan

The diet program will provide you numerous benefits both at psychological and physiological levels. Let’s have a look at them.

  • The plan can aptly be called revitalizer plan because it will rejuvenate you at all levels. You will get relief from depression and will feel an amazing and vibrant flow of energy.
  • You will melt massive weight just in fourteen days.
  • Since the diet program will sweep all the toxins from your body, you will get rid of acne, eczema, and other skin problems, and will get radiant and flawless skin.
  • Besides revving up your metabolism, the plan will purge you from digestion problems such as constipation, diarrhea etc.
  • Since detox process will cut all the toxins, which pull you back and make your body sick, the diet plan will strengthen your immune system.
  • The diet program will free you from several chronic and acute health problems.

Tips to Follow for Lemon Detox Plan

If you are looking forward to losing weight by using lemon detox diet plan, following tips shall help you in deciding how to go along with the diet plan.

  • First of all, your selection of days for going along with the diet plan plays significant role in deciding your success with the diet plan. Make sure that the week you choose for abiding by the diet plan is neither too free nor too hectic. Also, don’t stick to the diet plan, if you are away from your home.
  • You can save plenty of your time, should you prepare liquid diet for the entire day in the morning itself. You can do that by blending 12-14 tablespoons of lemon juice, 12-14 tablespoons of maple syrup, and half teaspoon of cayenne pepper in two liters of water.
  • Prepare fresh juice every day and keep the mixture immune from light.
  • Consume small amount of the syrup, whenever you feel hungry. Should you feel like consuming something after having syrup, you can consume plain water.
  • Prepare salt water flush for you in the morning. It’s very simple, you just have to mix one tablespoon of sea salt in one liter of water. After consuming the drink, you will experience movement in your bowel, which will last for thirty to sixty minutes. Since “salt water flush” will cleanse your bowel, you shall get rewarding results.
  • If you are animal food eater, you can prepare your body by switching to vegan diet some days before embarking on the diet schedule.
  • People addicted to coffee and soda, are recommended to abandon them and take supplements of vitamin B-5 to cure headaches, which they might get due to lack of caffeine.
  • Should you suffer from anxiety, exhaustion, dizziness, headache, nausea, diarrhea, constipation etc., you shall not panic. These are absolutely normal symptoms, which pop up when you practice fasting diet plans. They will disappear as you will move ahead with the plan.
  • Practice workouts or other physical activities, which can maintain your elevated heart beat for minimum twenty minutes. Doing so along-with fasting will make sure that you don’t shed muscles in the weight loss program.

How to Revert to Normal Diet Regime?

After spending a week entirely on liquid diet, your metabolism will become very slow. So after the end of diet program, don’t trade off to solid food items all of a sudden. Let your body understand what’s going on and let it come back on track little by little.

After finishing the course of diet plan, you can start your first day by inculcating orange juice. You can have vegetable soup on second day. Include broth on the third day and have one or two fruits on fourth day, in this way, gradually move on to more solid food items.

Drawbacks of the Lemon Detox Diet Plan

Nutrition experts and dietitians are not at all in favor of lemon detox diet plan, since they consider the diet plan very strict and unhealthy. Let’s find out what nutrition experts have to say about the diet plan.

  • You are not permitted to consume solid foods and have to be on liquid diet completely for seven days. Living on liquid diet, which is extremely low in calories implies making your body deficient in essential nutrients.
  • Though the diet plan claims to shave pounds from your body, but experts believe that you inevitably will see weight loss in short run. But there would be no fat loss in your body, you will rather drop weight due to water and muscle loss. As you will revert to your normal diet regime, you will gain weight more than earlier.

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